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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Movie/Series Review: Robin Hood BBC: Season 1, Episode 2: "Sheriff Got Your Tongue?"

Welcome back for the second episode of the Robin Hood BBC watch-along!

How it works:
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In my reviews for this series, I am only going to list the top ten featured characters in that episode.

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Robin Hood BBC: Season 1, Episode 2: "Sheriff Got Your Tongue?" (2006):

Based on the Robin Hood legends:
"This is our forest too, I think you'll find."
In this episode, Robin of Locksley gets his new nickname, "Robin Hood", and he becomes and outlaw, "And not a very impressive one."
In Locksley, Vaisey can't find Robin so he goes into desperate measures, someone better talk soon.
"I was not planning to come to the forest."

Genre: Action, Adventure, Period Drama.
Costumes: 7, once again, I'm not sure that all of them fit into the time frame. And in a few parts some people are sort of in their underclothes.
My favorite: Sorry it's sort of a weird picture.

Script: 9, "Oh! Big words, scary."
Directed by:
John McKay
Created by:
Dominic Minghella
Foz Allan
1. Jonas Armstrong as Robin Hood
2. Gordon Kennedy as Little John
3. Sam Throughton as Much
4. Lucy Griffiths as Maid Marian

5. William Beck as Roy
6. Keith Allan as Vaisey, Sheriff of Notingham
7. Joe Armstrong as Allan a Dale
8. Harry Lloyd as Will Scarlet
9. Juliet Seal as Alice
10. Richard Armitage as Guy of Gisborne

"What is it with men and glory? Glory above sense, glory above reason?"

Music: 10!
Music by: Andy Price
Quotes: 9, "Excuse me, I think you'll find that isn't fully cooked!"

Storyline: 7, In this episode the Sheriff orders tongues to to be cut out, we don't actually see it, but we get close, "That is nasty, that is brutish!". Also there is some fighting and death.

Good For: Robin Hood fans.
Overall Score: 8!
"All right, all right,you've made your point."

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  1. Pretty sure I saw this one too. The Sheriff is all kinds of crazy in a way that makes me laugh aloud a lot.

    1. "La, de-da, de-da." Yes, the Sheriff has some great lines and face expressions!


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