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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Inkling Explorations // August 2016

I am doing my second Inkling Explorations!

This month's selection is: A description of a lady's dress in literature

I am doing a passage from the book, Little Town on the Prairie, by Laura Ingalls Wilder:

(SPOILER! If you have not read Little Town on the Prairie, do not read this! It will give things away!)

      "They all stood back to back to admire. The gored skirt of brown cashmere was smooth and rather tight in the front, but gathered full around the sides and back, so that it would ample for hoops. In front it touched the floor evenly, in back it swept with a graceful short train that swished when Mary turned. All around the bottom was a pleated flounce.

      The overskirt was of the brown-and-blue plaid. It was shirred in the front, it was draped up at the sides to show more of the skirt underneath, and at the back it fell in rich, full puffs, caught up above the flounced train.
      Above all this, Mary's waist rose slim in the tight, smooth bodice. The neat little buttons ran up to the soft white lace cascading under Mary's chin. The brown cashmere was smooth as paint over her slopping shoulders and down to her elbows; then the sleeves widened. A shirring of the plaid curved around them, and the wide wrists fell open,showing a lining of white lace ruffles that set off Mary's slender hands."

Once again, thank you Heidi! Go check her blog out HERE!
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Friday, August 26, 2016

Movie Review: The AristoCats

Hello Everyone!
Today I am doing a review on one of my little sister's favorite movies, The Aristo Cats, a 1970 disney cartoon.

The Aristo Cats (1970):
The Aristo Cats (1970)
Sorry about the photo, it's not accurate

The Aristo Cats is a movie about four cats who belong to a rich lady in Paris set in 1910, one day the wake up a long way from home, out in the country! They need to get home so they take on the help of an alley cat, Thomas O'Mally, and two geese, Amelia and Abigal. When they get home there is another surprise waiting!
Costumes: 7, There aren't very many costumes because it is mostly about cats. But the few that are there are very nice.
Script: 9 "Bottoms up! ...Deeper!"
Crew: 10, they did a wonderful job, just think of drawing all those pictures!!
Directed by: Wolfgang Reitherman
Produced by:
Winston Hibler
Wolfgang Reitherman
Story by:
Ken Anderson
Larry Clemmons
Eric Cleworth
Vance Garry
Julius Svendsen
Frank Thomas
Ralph Wright
Actors: 10, very good voice talents especially O'Mally.
Phil Harris as Thomas O'Mally "Come to think of it O'Mally, you're not a cat, you're a rat."
Eva Gabor as Duchess
Hermione Baddeley as Madame
Roddy Maude-Roxby as Edgar
Gary Dubin as Toulouse
Liz English as Marie
Dean Clark as Berlioz
Sterling Holloway as Roquefort
Charles Lane as Georges Hautecourt, "Of course Madame, how could anyone forget him?"
Pat Buttram as Napoleon
George Lindsey as Lafayette
Favorite Characters:
Thomas O'Mally
Georges Hautecourt
Marie, Toulouse, Berlioz
The Great Catsby trailer (The Great Gatsby x The Aristocats)
Music: 10, the music is very good. My favorite song is Thomas O'Mally Cat
Music by: George Bruns
Quotes: 9, "Wait a minute, I'm the leader I say when we go...Here we go."
Story: "The Aristocats" is based on a story by Tom McGowan and Tom Rowe.  I had no idea about this fact, I have been watching this movie since, well, pretty much since I was born and I only saw this fact the last time I watched it, if you could read the story first that would be great!
Fun Facts: This is the last animated film to be approved by Disney himself.
Questions: Why didn't Edgar wait? In one scene Edgar says, "Millions of dollars" but since it is in Paris, France, so shouldn't it be Euros?
Overall Score: 8
Quiz: What is Edgar's license plate number?

Thank you so much for reading!!


Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Movie Quote Game!

Hello Everyone!
Today I am making this quote game where I will have a few different quotes and you will try to guess 1. Where it is from. 2. Who said it. I might have a few that there are a few people going back and forth. You can post your answers here or email me at queen13movie@gmail.com The answers will be out in a few days. So, have fun!

1. "They must have let us go. It's the only explanation for the ease of our escape." "You call that easy?!"

2.  "No more rhyming now, I mean it!" "Anybody want a peanut?"

3.  "And I keyn't stan' 'em."

4.  "You have eight more years of grammar school then four years of high school then four years of college." "...That's over thirty-seven years of school! I'll be bald and wrinkly by then!"

5. "Thanks for stopping by and throwing my bird!"

6. "Anyone can cook!"

7. "When I was a little girl, the docter told my mother that I could grow up to become a very dangerous  criminal, so they made me do things with my right hand and now I'm never sure."

8. "Wilson!"

9. "You didn't slay the dragon?!" "It's on my to-do list!"

10. "If I fake it, I don't have it."

Thank you so much for reading! I can't wait to hear your answers!


Friday, August 19, 2016

Movie Review: RIO!

Hello Everyone!
I had to do a post today because I have been blogging for a month! So also in the spirit of the 2016 Olympics, I present to you:

This is a really fun movie! I know, I say that every time but I'm not sure what else to say. Anyway, This movie really wows you when it begins because it is a lovely scene that makes you smile and want to dance! It is the story of the last two blue macaws, (one CAN'T FLY), on earth chained together in (guess where), Rio De Janeiro! There are somethings that aren't really realistic (example [SPOILERS] when all the lights go out, how skinny the geese are, and how in the world can Pedro fly?) but it is want makes it funny. In animated/cartoon movies like this, always watch every ones EYES. They are quite "matching" in this movie.
Costumes: 5, let's just say that Rio is known for several things and scanty costumes are one of them. But most of the costumes are okay.
Script: 7 There are some weird jokes in here, but overall VERY funny! 
"Wow! You're actually communicating!"
"I did not get that at all."
Crew: 9, I don't know what they are like but, they did a great job!
Directed by: Carlos Saldanha
Produced by:
Bruce Anderson
John C. Dokin
Screenplay by: 
Don Rhymer
Joshua Sternin
Jeffery Ventimilia
Sam Harper
Story by:
Carlos Saldanha
Earl Richey Jones
Todd Jones
Music by: John Powell
Music: 10 You can't help but bop along! The music goes so well with this movie, I think they really captured the essence of Rio! They did a great job!
Favorite Song: "All the Birds of a Feather."
Cast: 9
Jesse Eisenberg as Blu, "That's my boy."
Anne Hathaway as Jewel
Jemaine Clement as Nigel
Leslie Mann as Linda
George Lopez as Rafael
Jamie Foxx as Nico
Quotes: "Is there a spider on my back!?" "....Leaf."
Story: 10, this deserves a 10, one of my reasons was that after all that time Linda could let go. And... It is a great movie!
Overall Score: 8!
Thank you so much for reading! Let me know what YOU think! 


Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Book Review: Santa Cruise by Carol and Mary Higgins Clark

Hello Everyone!!!
I'm so sorry I haven't posted anything in awhile, I've been super busy, and it's summer! I did get this book finished though. Also, what do you think about my new template? I have a poll going, but I'm sorry it isn't working, I'll try to get it to work. Anyway, enough chit-chat, I present to you,
Santa Cruise, by Carol and Mary Higgins Clark:
Sorry about the picture, I couldn't get a better one.

This was the first book I've read by Carol or Mary Higgins Clark and I thought it was surprisingly good. It also is really fun to watch the names of all the characters. It is fun because it is from several different people's views, and even so, I had no idea what was going to happen.
The Santa Cruise is the first voyage of the ship the Royal Mermaid with the new owner, Randolph Weed, it is a free cruise for 400 good-doers "...a select group of people who have in their own unique way made the world a better place this past year." Everything seems alright after an "interesting" launch when, is there someone uninvited on board?
Characters: 8
My Favorite:
Randolph Weed
Alvirah Meehan
Jack Reilly
Ivy Pickering
Fredricka and Gwendolyn Dietz
Quotes: 6
"All of a sudden, walking off the ship didn't seem like such a bad idea."
Words: 6 deduction on bad word.
Storyline: 9 Once again, this is how I like it, tell me your opinion too!
Overall score: 7
Thank you so much for reading!!


Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Movie Review: Singin' in the Rain

"Good Mornin'" Everyone!!
Today I am reviewing one of my favorite movies of all time, Singin' in the Rain!
For anyone who has seen this movie I don't know how it couldn't be a favorite.

Singin' in the Rain (1952):
This is a really fun movie that is great for everyone! Once again, this is one of my favorite movies of ALL TIME, so make sure to tell me your opinion too!!! 
This movie follows the actor Don Lockwood (Gene Kelly) and the movies going from silent to "talkies"! That is all I am going to say for now!
Genre: Musical, Romance.
BONUS: What shape is Lena Lamont's beauty mark?
Costumes: 9 There are some really nice costumes in here.
Favorite Costume: Lena's with the "Flowers"
Script: 10! There are so many great quotes in here!!! "Cos, call me a cab!"

Directed by:
Gene Kelly
Stanley Donen
Produced by: Arther Freed
Screenplay and Story by:
Betty Comden
Adolph Green
Gene Kelly, "Dignity, always Dignity."
Donald O'Connor
Debbie Reynolds
Jean Hagen
Millard Mitchell
Cyd Charisse
Favorite Actor: Donald O'Connor, I like the that his blue eyes really appear on screen.
These are the best actors for this movie!! They are doing the play version of it in our town and I can't go see it because how could you picture a different Lena Lamont, or Cosmo Brown!??
Music: 10!! 
Favorite dance number: Wow, this is really hard, I would have to say, I can't decide.
Good Quotes: 10! "Alright, you're a cab."
Story: 10! There are a few weird parts in the "Broadway Rhythm" section. Anyone who has seen this probably agrees with me. Tell me what you think!!!
Overall rating: 9!

Now, "I will rip myself away from you!"
Have a glorious day!

"If you want a happy ending, that depends, of course, where you stop your story." -Orson Welles