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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Book Review: Santa Cruise by Carol and Mary Higgins Clark

Hello Everyone!!!
I'm so sorry I haven't posted anything in awhile, I've been super busy, and it's summer! I did get this book finished though. Also, what do you think about my new template? I have a poll going, but I'm sorry it isn't working, I'll try to get it to work. Anyway, enough chit-chat, I present to you,
Santa Cruise, by Carol and Mary Higgins Clark:
Sorry about the picture, I couldn't get a better one.

This was the first book I've read by Carol or Mary Higgins Clark and I thought it was surprisingly good. It also is really fun to watch the names of all the characters. It is fun because it is from several different people's views, and even so, I had no idea what was going to happen.
The Santa Cruise is the first voyage of the ship the Royal Mermaid with the new owner, Randolph Weed, it is a free cruise for 400 good-doers "...a select group of people who have in their own unique way made the world a better place this past year." Everything seems alright after an "interesting" launch when, is there someone uninvited on board?
Characters: 8
My Favorite:
Randolph Weed
Alvirah Meehan
Jack Reilly
Ivy Pickering
Fredricka and Gwendolyn Dietz
Quotes: 6
"All of a sudden, walking off the ship didn't seem like such a bad idea."
Words: 6 deduction on bad word.
Storyline: 9 Once again, this is how I like it, tell me your opinion too!
Overall score: 7
Thank you so much for reading!!



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