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Wednesday, November 30, 2022

The Give Thanks for ...... Tag! // Movies Edition

Hello friends!

Happy late Thanksgiving! I hope you are all doing well! School is threatening to do me in for good, but besides some especially down days, this semester has been incredible. I am thankful for this corner of the world to return to whenever I need a break from real life!

Something that I am thankful for every day is story. The ability to convey emotions and messages to others through fictional worlds is so important to me, and I can't wait until the day that I get to do those things. For now, I'll just talk about my favorites.

You guys know how college works for Movies Meet Their Match: whenever I get time to write I either do a Top Ten post or a Tag. Today is the latter. Last year I filled out Hamlette's Give Thanks for Books Tag, and because that was so fun, I want to do it again. But this is Movies Meet Their Match, so movies time!

This was the image from last year.

(These are the rules from last year, but they probably still apply)
The Rules:
1. Thank the person who tagged you. (That would be me...)
2. Fill out the tag. 
3. Share the tag graphic in your post. 
4. Tag four friends.
5. Provide a clean copy of the tag for easy copying.

The Questions:

G -- A movie you're Grateful to a friend for recommending

Most times the world says a movie is generally "good" and I don't usually have people tell me that I should watch a movie based on whether I personally would like it. Except my family. And when it comes to my family, its not so much a "recommendation" as a "forcing me to watch it". But hey, I'm grateful! A few that come to mind are (that I was not going to watch anyway and they really had to make me...):

How my mom made me watch: Gandhi (1982) and Belfast (2021).
How my dad made me watch: Charade (1963) and The Great Escape (1963).

I -- A movie that fires your Imagination

Willow (1988). Guys, I want to write so much fan-fiction for this world because it really gets me going. Which is why I'm so pumped for the series coming out TODAY! Though I probably won't watch it until after finals. I just have to avoid spoilers for that long...

V -- A movie with a Vivid setting

Raya and the Last Dragon (2021). The setting was one of my favorite parts of this movie! Dragons are one of my favorite elements in fiction, so I was already sold by that, but how the WHOLE WORLD is based on dragons? Like, each clan is a different part of a dragon?? I love it so much and it is definitely inspiring my current WIP...

E -- An Encouraging movie

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013). It inspires you to live your life and admire the world. Finishing watching this movie, my sister and I felt so full of warmth and were ready for anything.

T -- A movie that Taught you something

Amazing Grace (2006)? I can't even pinpoint one thing that I've learned from this movie because the entire film taught me everything. It taught me about history, and compassion, and bravery, and justice, and standing up for what's right, and determination, and faith, and love. All in all, this movie puts in a good day's work.

H -- A Happy movie

I love that this question immediately prompted me to think of movies that a bawl during. Because the happiest movies to me also have gut-wrenching moments. But, I decided not to talk about those, but to find a movie with minimal crying (which is hard for me). Then I came up with two. One that makes ME happy (not that it would make everyone else happy...) and one that is pretty happy for anyone (while also making me cry only a tiny bit).

The one that makes me happy: Flipped (2010). If you don't know my love for this movie, just stick around for a few seconds. This movie is one of my all time favorites and I am saturated with joy whenever you get me started on it. It's adorable and life changing, and I wear the stupidest grin on my face the entire time I watch it.

One that is happy for anyone: Babe (1995). Aka one of the cutest movies of all time.

A -- An Amusing movie

I don't know if you guys are going to judge me for this, but I don't care because Kung Fu Panda (2008) is one of the funniest movies I've ever seen. It never fails to make me laugh and put me in a good mood.

N -- A New-to-you movie or director you discovered this year

Los Lobos (2019) directed by Samuel Kishi. This movie was so incredible. I cried a lot. Even thinking about it makes me fall apart inside.

K -- A fictional character you feel a Kinship with

Luisa Madrigal from Encanto (2021)

The thing about tags is that they give you guys a sneak peak into what fictional stories are currently taking up residence in my brain. All those stories are working hard on writing their own posts, I just haven't gotten around to it. All that is to say that I probably have a post about each of these movies planned in my brain. So you'll hear more about Luisa later. But for now know that "Surface Pressure" was my anthem all summer and helped me through it.

S -- A movie you want to Share with others

Something about old movies makes me watch to watch them with other people. Probably because there is something so nostalgic and comforting about them? Okay, technically I haven't seen the whole movie (I missed a lot of the beginning), but I'm going with You Can't Take It With You (1938). It touched me when I saw it a few years ago and I've wanted to watch it again with as many people as I can because I think it has great messages. And I know NO ONE who has seen it. 

(Y'all should be happy that I don't want to share the saddest movies. I do, but I just don't list them here. This one did make me cry, though.)

I probably can't tag anyone with this version I have concocted, but if you want to do it, consider yourself tagged! Like, if you're procrastinating school work...

Clean Question List
G -- A movie you're Grateful to a friend for recommending
I -- A movie that fires your Imagination
V -- A movie with a Vivid setting
E -- An Encouraging movie

T -- A movie that Taught you something
H -- A Happy movie
A -- An Amusing movie
N -- A New-to-you movie or director you discovered this year
K -- A fictional character you feel a Kinship with
S -- A movie you want to Share with others

Thank you so much for reading! Tell me my dear readers, how has the last month been for you? Only a few more weeks for me and school is done for the semester! I'm so ready, but I'm sure I'm going to miss it once I get home.

What are some stories you are thankful for? Why? Give me all the reasons! And if you've watched anything recently that you think I would enjoy, let me know!

I'm thankful for all of you, my readers. Hang in there.

Chloe the MovieCritic

Monday, October 31, 2022

Top 10 Movies that Give Me Autumn Vibes

Hello, friends! Happy Halloween!

Feat. me jumping out of nowhere.

This semester has been absolutely wild so today scrambling to get at LEAST one post this month in. How have your lives been? Let's chat!

I don't know if you guys know this, but the word "vibes" is one of my favorite words. I think it's awesome and evocative of the perfect thing. It is a trend around the blogging world to recommend our favorite stories that perfectly fit a season, and I believe autumn is the most popular. That's because the weather is ideal for cuddling up and experiencing stories while also being reminded of the time of year that it is. In fact, recently I've seen both Samanthawise Gamgee and Sarah Seele post about books that are the epitome of fall. Check out 5 Books Which Should Be Read In October and Books for Autumn.

I'm going to do the same thing today. Except...


Because this is mainly a movie blog. (Sorry, Sam).

By the way, anyone have a guess for my Halloween costume this year? It's not Wanda, but it is Marvel.

When I told my younger sister I was going to do this, she couldn't believe it. In fact, she told me:

Well, I think it's a good idea. In the past I did not have extended experiences of fall, so I may have laughed at the idea of an autumn aesthetic. But, two years of living in a new place and seeing INCREDIBLE fall weather with gorgeous leaves and the sun beating down on it all...I'm a changed person. So I'm going to talk about it.

I had planned to do this a few days ago, but then yesterday I watched a horror movie and nearly made myself switch subjects. Again. I won't tell you how long it took for me to think of this in the first place, so no way am I changing now. But, I will add a rule for myself: avoid anything that takes place around an autumnal holiday. Examples:
-How To Kill a Mockingbird (1962) has a pivotal part of the story happen around Thanksgiving, so obviously it is going to feel like an autumn movie. Though, you wouldn't expect how much of a black and white movie would do that to you until you've seen it...
-How Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2004) is the most autumnal of the Harry Potter series, but it also seems that stuff happens around Halloween? Like the cool choir version of "Double, double, toil and trouble?" I could be making it up... Does anyone else think it is implicitly Halloween in that movie? Also, I typed up many musings on Arsenic and Old Lace (1944) before I realized that it takes place on Halloween, dash it all. You'll get those thoughts at some future date.
-How Coco (2018) and The Book of Life (2014) take place on Dia de Los Muertes. Even though I love those and they absolutely SCREAM fall to me, they are disqualified because the story is vital to November 1st. You should still watch them.

Mwahaa, out of context quotes.

I'm going to be talking about 10 movies because I think it is a delightful number. But I also have honorable mentions because I'm bad at making decisions. I'll say all of those then get into the 10 themselves, building up suspense and leaving the best for last...

Honorable mentions:
The Bridge on the River Kwai (1957) (but this may be just because I watch it in fall? I admit, I have a hard time separating those. The weather seems to be quite warm in this movie), The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society (2018) (can't decide if this is spring or fall),  Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron (2002), and Tolkien (2019) (I literally talked about it in a whole--albeit short--post HERE). 

Starting at number 10:

10. Lo Que Arde (2019) (aka Fire Will Come).

I probably can't talk about this because I just saw it for the first time the other day, and therefore unlike most of the other movies on this list, I've only seen once. BUT I was so overwhelmed by the fall aesthetic that it has to go on this list. It's 10, so don't pick on me too much.

Guys, I had trouble paying attention to what was going on in the story (which was not good because I was supposed to be watching it for a class and then my homework was to comment on the story) because I was thinking "PRETTTTTTTTY" during every shot. I wanted a warm beverage and to cuddle up and just LIVE in the autumn of this world forever. 

Then it rudely changed to spring/summer (and other...). But, the majority was still fall, so I'm counting it! It's my blog, I can do what I want! The fact that it made me want to enter this world when I was operating on minimal sleep (from almost pulling an all-nighter to finish a project) is impressive.

I couldn't find ANY good images of the gorgeous fall scenery, so you'll just have to believe me. Or watch it yourself.

"Fencing, fighting, torture, revenge, giants, monsters, chases, escapes, true love, miracles..."

All that tells me that it's perfect for fall. The weather in this movie feels crisp, doesn't it? So many things could happen if they aren't stopped, and something about that tension fits this season.

I think I've said enough. If you guys aren't convinced, let me know. Point me in the direction of someone who hasn't seen this (Maybe Tessa Dickinson?) and I'll launch into something eloquent.

MC, why are you including an animated movie when talking about aesthetics? Because animated movies are fantastic and you can't argue with me on this. This is one of my favorite movies to watch for Halloween--even thought it has nothing to do with it--because it is spooky and filled with spirits and just makes you feel like it is the dying of a season as there is suspense to escape it all. It is absolutely brill (sort/slang for brilliant. No one ever gets it when I just say that).

Studio Ghibli has a movie for every single season, and this is 100% the one for fall. Howl's Moving Castle (2004) could also be argued to fit here, but my sisters and I agree that that is more of an August movie. Here is animation at its finest.

There is rippling water, but you also get a chill in the air anytime you leave the hot bath house and despite its chill you prefer that to working your life away. Y'all, it's magic. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, you should check it out.

This movie is one of my absolute favorites, so I will talk about it at any occasion I can. Today's excuse is how it shines out autumn from every scene. So many epic quests take place in the fall, don't they? That's because it's too hot to do anything in summer and too cold in winter? I don't know. I personally would probably go on an adventure in the fall, too. It kind of puts a time limit on your journey because you want to get it done before it turns too cold, and one can always think back on how warm home is. That's what you call motivation to keep going.

In addition to that you can wear cool outfits and feel awfully accomplished as you make it across the barren land.

I'm going to stop trying to convince you guys with my words and instead just show pictures of the pristine fall vibes.

There is some snow in this movie, so it's more late fall, when you are starting to get some snow. You know? Winter means DEEP snow, not light stuff. When they go up into the mountains you can really feel the change and it's so cool.

Not going to mention it not going to mention it not going to mention it AND THEY'RE MAKING A SERIES. I am counting the days, friends. I am so psyched. 

I'm not familiar with Australian weather, so this could be happening in what we call spring here in the States? I don't know. But, regardless, it makes me think of fall.

There is the comfort of a ranch amidst the ruggedness of the wilderness. Danger is present, hanging on the edge of a cliff, you know, so stakes are high. But then you go drink tea or coffee around a fire. The stampede of horses. The thrill of heights. The mountains are darkly welcoming.

MC, how many times are you going to have a version of this picture on your blog? As many times as I want because it is one of my tippy top favorites. I love these two and will never get over them.

Usually westerns feel dry and dusty, but this has an earthy feel that is totally autumnal. I know it has snowy in the title, but I don't think we ever see snow? That's because it's not what it's about, people. It's about horses. And darling Jim.

5. Fly Away Home (1996).

Have I never mentioned this movie on this blog? Time to fix that! The first time I watched this, I think it was in summer, but it has such a fall feel that I was immediately transported to that season. And so that is how it lives--what's the new phrase younglings are using nowadays?--rent-free in my mind.

There is a good dose of spring because there are eggs and baby geese (I swear, I can't think of what they are called. Help, anyone?), but autumn takes over all of that. This is on the edge of breaking my rule because it passes through Halloween and we see the characters carving pumpkins, but I don't think there is any dialogue during it? Anyway, it is not a plot point, so we are saying this is in the rules.

The father-daughter bond, the haunting lyrics of "10,000 Miles", soaring through the air, the honk of geese and roar of machinery. This checks all the boxes. Vibes are intact for sure.

4. The Illusionist (2006).

The genius of this movie's plot is...it's so good I don't have words for it. It is haunting in every way. The cinematography plays with lights and tints of colors that twist your mind. It looks at the past and unravels mysteries while at the same time making them larger than ever before.

From this and the next two movies on my list you could conclude that I just associate mystery with fall. You are absolutely right.

There is betrayal and ghosts and a detective trying to figure it all out. I really can't say anything about it because everything impacts everything else, but if you love jaw-dropping and complex things, this is for you.

Splendid, SPLENDID, I repeat. I applaud this movie endlessly. It's one of my dad's proudest moments that he was the one who introduced it to me and how much I love it.

(There is a scene in this movie that I really would prefer not to be there, so I close my eyes. Just warning you guys so you don't go into it without that knowledge)

3. Nancy Drew (2007).

NANCY DREW. I watched this movie a few years after it came out (2011, I think?) and it has been in my favorites ever since. It never gets old even though I know the mystery inside and out.

So, as I was saying, there's a mystery, but also school and fall in the city. And a girl who is trying NOT to solve a mystery, because that keeps putting her in danger. Nancy gets rude death threats and prank calls all the same. It is the kind of weather that you can ride around in a convertible in, but also have scarves and jackets. There's a creepy old house that is almost a museum, but is seeping mystery out of its seams. There is school drama and giving in to the want to discover the puzzle.

It's classy and fun and I love it. It has Ned and Corky in addition to Nancy and oh boy is there a bitter winter wind between them... Such dorks!

From the first few minutes of this show, the aesthetic is hammered into us. If mysteries are so important to the fall atheistic, so are foreboding mansions.

Sweaters and warm beverages and darkness and donuts and fear and muddy footprints and fire and violins.

This mystery is set from a different perspective than any other I know. I feel like most fall movies to me have a slower pace, but not this one. This one is rapidly changing as secrets are always at the risk of being exposed. Maybe it's Benoit Blanc's drawl that makes this feel like autumn? Maybe it's the knives? Maybe it's the ivy climbing the side of the house along with people? Maybe it's the family reunion and grief aspect of it all? Maybe it's the battle of greed vs. justice?

The filmmaking and the story tie it together so that this is 100% fall. 

This is my face every time I watch this movie.

And now for the number one...which is probably never as surprising as I have built it up to be...

Guys, at this point my blogging is me just seeing how many times I can talk about the same thing and get away with it. How many times have I mentioned that this is the ultimate fall movie? I know at least once, but quite probably more.

Yet another big, beautiful house, but more than that, it's being trapped inside of it. Then breaking out into the world beyond. A world with parks. And melancholy pianos and a vespa with wings. A world where a scarf can give you the ability to do everything you've ever wanted to. 

Yes, this is on the list for the scarf. And the coat. Which I talk about constantly. I'll know you get the point when you all tell me that you've seen it. Then I'll give it a break until next fall.

And yes, I am aware that the movie has a Halloween scene. And it is kind of a big turning point. But I don't care I'M PUTTING IT ON THIS LIST (that's a lie, as I do care very much because it's one of my favorite scenes because it is so adorable and just everything I love in a story). The WHOLE movie has a feel of autumn before that, so it just makes sense they added a Halloween scene. I started this whole post to talk about this movie and forgot about the Halloween scene (how could I!?) so we're plowing forward.

This is a movie that I've actually made it a habit to see every fall. Because it is that perfect. Autumn is a season of change, and the change in this movie is so personal because it's about how you see the world and people. That is the beauty of this season, and it is a masterpiece painted here.

Debate with me! If you think one of these movies isn't fall themed at all but SPRING or one of the other seasons, then let me know! I will say, for me winter means there must be snow. Therefore, anything slightly dreary but without snow is automatically fall. Are any of you surprised that Penelope (2006) is number one? My sister wasn't at all.

I just started watching Stranger Things for the first time to give me a boost of fall, so what else should I watch?

Thanks for reading! You've made my day. I hope you all are doing well! Let me know what you've been up to! Here's to all the treats and none of the tricks!

Chloe the MovieCritic

Monday, September 26, 2022

My Ranking of all the Into the Woods (2014) Songs

Hello, friends!

Who's in the mood to listen to musical songs? If you know me, I'm always in the mood. Though it has to be the right kind of musical, as the standard "musical theater" formula bothers me. Someone who was a genius at writing musicals in a meaningful and dynamic way was the one and only Stephen Sondheim, who passed away last year. He wrote the absolutely fabulous Into the Woods. If you have no idea what that is, then I am thrilled to be able to enlighten you because fairy tales are the absolute best. They are my favorite storytelling formula. But what does Into the Woods have to do with fairy tales? Everything.

Originally premiering in 1987, Into The Woods is a connection and mix of classic fairy tales. The Woods are not the safest place, as there are wolves and giants about. But, a Baker and his wife have to go because they are sent there by a Witch to break a curse. They have three nights to find four ingredients, or they will never have a child, and the Witch will never be beautiful again. Surrounded by fairytale characters it shouldn't be too hard to find a cow as white as milk, a cape as red as blood, hair as yellow as corn, and a slipper as pure as gold. Right? Well, as each story crosses the paths of others, they get mixed up and realize what their wishes will cost.

This story beautifully mixes magic, self-discovery, wonder, wishes, and consequences.

But, now that you know what it is, you should go watch it. At least, you should stop reading this post at once because SPOILER ALERT. I will be talking about all of the songs in this story and why I love each of them, which will lead to details about what I like about each one and its vital placement in the story. I know you don't want to go, but you have to though. And then you'll understand why want to rhyme everything now.

Hello little friends who stayed.

I should give you some background on my experience with Into the Woods. It is one of my mom's favorite musicals (she loves Sondheim and does not like Andrew Lloyd Webber or Oscar and Hammerstein). When our library got the 2014 version, she plopped us down and had us watch it. My sisters and I were obsessed. I love it tremendously. I've also seen a live production of Into the Woods, and I LOVED it, but it was very different. For the movie, they cut the "Agony Reprise" and the character The Mysterious Man, and I'm not mad about it. It helps distinguish each one for me, because those changes make it very different. Today I'll just be talking about the movie. I always forget how much I love it until I watch it, then, WOW do I love this movie. It's stunning visually in addition to everything else, so get ready for a burst of photos and gifs. As usual, I went overkill and downloaded 33 pictures. And then I had to chose. Which gave me a lot of torment especially for one song. You'll see.

The track I'm listening to on Spotify mixes the soundtrack and score, so it's hard to sort out the two. I officially count 16 songs on the soundtrack. But, some of them are very close together, so I'm combining them, and therefore am ranking 13. This isn't to say the songs aren't original--far from it!--but to say that some of them go so well together that you can't separate them for any reason. Especially when they flow nicely into each other. I don't want to break my own heart by going between them. Let's get into it!

13. Any Moment/Moments in the Wood

This is last because I hate Cinderella's Prince so much. Which, you're supposed to. He's a very well written character. I mean, the line "I was raised to be charming, not sincere" is reverberated in society so much, that every time I hear it, it hurts. Still, he goes last. "Moments in the Wood" has a good lesson, but at this point in the musical I am very sad and I just can't deal with it.
"This is ridiculous! / What am I doing here / I'm in the wrong story!"
Anyway, it's about realizing what you have and stopping "wishing"--a huge theme of the musical. One should look for the best and can wish and dream, but realize what your wishes take.
"Just remembering you've had an "and" / When you're back to "or" / Makes the "or" mean more / Than it did before"
It's about how making decisions gives things value.

12. I Know Things Now

Starting now, I love all of these, so having them ranked high vs. low speaks nothing of their quality. They are all so well done! Only my personal preference.

This song speaks so much to growing up. Life is exciting, but scary. Don't fear it or be foolish with it, but be prepared.
"Isn't it nice to know a lot! / And a little bit not"
I also love the way it is filmed, because compared to the elaborate set pieces for everything else, it speaks to a childlike imagination. Shadows are a big part of stage productions, so I like how they worked it in while going on a new route.

11. Stay With Me/The Witch's Lament

This one is heartbreaking. Don't get me wrong--Rapunzel makes the right decisions for her safety. I just pity the Witch because she's doing everything wrong. You can see how much she thinks she loves her "daughter", she is struggling with letting her go, something every parent needs to do. I would love to read or watch a story about more of her backstory, because there is a lot there!

She's so wrapped up in her appearance, she doesn't even consider her actions as being harmful. It is her downfall. Love is not always protection, but freedom. There is a middle ground between isolation and banishment when it comes to how you connect with your children. Don't do either of those.
"Children can only grow / From something you love to something you lose"
This is partially true, but not something to despair about. This is the end goal! To release them into the world! It can be hard, but it is a moment of celebration! That's the beauty of a good musical, where the themes are so written in that they set up perfectly to be resolved. Which is just the case here.

10. Finale/Children Will Listen (pt. 2)

Part 2, MC? Why are you combining so many songs, but splitting this up from whatever part 1 is? I didn't chose the titles, okay? I just think these two are very, very, very different. This is more akin to the opening, but with a different vibe. I mean, I don't know if others even consider this a song because we never see anyone sing it, it is just there for the credits. But, I'm not anyone, and as the author of this blog I am deciding on this.

The whispering nature give such a theater ambience, I love it. I get shivers from it! It perfectly wraps up and encompasses the whole story.

9. Finale/Children Will Listen (pt. 1)

As I talked about before, should I separate this from the previous one? Probably not, based on how I'm combining so many others. But, to me, they are very different.
"Sometimes people leave you / Halfway through the woods"
Sometimes songs break me. Frequently.

As a writer especially, the idea of capturing everything in story speaks to my soul. It is nurturing the future. You don't have to be good or bad, but just calm. That can be enough for the people you are taking care of.
"Careful the wish you make, / Wishes are children / Careful the path you take, / Wishes come true. / Not free."
This is my opinion for all the songs, but this one especially makes me vote this as James Corden's best role. Because he makes me cry.

I don't know what to say besides that it is magnificent.

8. Hello, Little Girl

I love how differently it is from what you think when it starts. It's so jazzy! Peppy flutes and frivolous things compared to the warbling melody Little Red Riding Hood sings while she's struggling with following rules. It's almost a parody or satire? Look at these lines:

"There's no possible way / To describe what you feel / When you're talking to your meal!"

Out of context that would be horrifying. And it is, but in rich layers of metaphors for life. Who are the wolves? There is so much to this song, I love it.

7. Prologue: Into the Woods

Someone who stumbled across this on Spotify would probably be terrified and run for their life. Purely because it is 14 minutes long. Yes, sometimes setups take awhile. Plus, there's a lot of narration here.

The way each of the characters are introduced with their desire and obstacles is writing 101. For some, it gives glimpses into something, leaving us eager for more. Like:
"When bang! Crash! A lightning flash! / Well, that's another story, never mind, anyway"
Wait, what? I want to know more about the Witch! She's also talked before kings and queens? What are the other ways she's tried to break the curse? Tell me all of it!

I love that Jack's Mother is the one who starts us on the classic line explaining the title of the musical itself. Then, everyone proceeds "Into the Woods", and it is fantastic.

That's the word you can think of after 14 minutes, MC? Fantastic? Yes. It describes it perfectly, okay?

6. It Takes Two

I think this song is really sweet. It talks about balance and partnership and equality and care. And it's that time of night where I can only think of adjectives and the word "and" instead of writing actual descriptions. It's just what we need at this point of the movie, and I think it's darling.
"It takes care / It takes patience and fear and despair / To change"
One has to have a goal and work towards it, and through that work our lives rotate and change. It is quite beautiful, because we are always ourselves, but stronger.

5. On the Steps of the Palace

In the dressing room of the show I am in (read to the end to hear more about that), some people were listening to musical songs (as one does) and this came on. Someone asked, "What's this from?" and I basically shrieked "INTO THE WOODS".

Do you guys have "driving songs"? Like, often when you're driving a long distance a specific song will come into your head? For example, mine are "Lane Boy" by Twenty One Pilots (are we surprised? No) and "Bad Liar" by Imagine Dragons (which I always turn into "Bad Driver" accidentally.) Anyway, the point is that this song is my mom's "driving song". Which, since my sisters and I learned about this, we have loved to "turn on". When there is silence in the car for a while one of us will start singing, "He's a very nice prince". We think we're hilarious.

This song is so high because besides being a great ear worm, it is so relatable.
"I know what my decision is / Which is not to decide"
Honestly, same. I do not like making decisions, so I would probably do the exact same thing. All of these stories are about discovering oneself, but I feel like Cinderella takes especially big strides. And I look up to her for it.

4. Your Fault/Last Midnight

I'm not going to say too much about this one, because I actually want to write a whole blog post about it. Yes, a blog post about a song. And how incredible the writing and storytelling are shown through it. Stay tuned.

Meryl Streep's voice is incredible here. That is all (for now).

3. Giants in the Sky

This song is probably one of the most vocally amazing. It expresses such a sense of awe and wonder and is different than any others. It gives me a rush of emotions: homesickness while being welcomed and nostalgic, the thrill of adventure, loneliness, relief, and joy.
"The roof, the house and your / Mother at the door. / The roof, the house and the world you never thought to explore"
It's this kind of writing that makes me wordless. I get a physical heartache that simultaneously empties and fills me while listening to this song. It's truly gorgeous, and I don't know a single other song that does that to me.

2. Agony

Seriously, MC? This is at this place because it is so funny. It is one of my absolute favorite scenes in the whole movie because they went 200%. The cinematography only heightens the hilarity.The whole competition nature of it makes me die of laughter as each brother tries to best the other. 

This is one of my favorite lines: 
"You know nothing of madness until you're climbing her hair."
Can't deny that.

This sums up the scene perfectly.

This is not technically canon, but I believe Rapunzel's Prince is so much better than Cinderella's Prince. If you watch, I think he is trying to keep up with his brother, but his heart is different. I love him a lot and will not be taking comments and criticism at this time (actually, please, tell me all the thoughts). I love seeing this song performed because the audience cannot help but be into it.

I can't fight it and I don't want to.

But most importantly:

1. No One is Alone

Guys. This stinking song makes me cry every single time. It is such a comforting song and at the same time gives you so much perspective.

""I wish..." /"I know""
You are not alone and neither are the people around you. Your opinion is shared. Everyone is trying to do their best. Sometimes we, or the people we love, fall short. We should not discard them, but recognize them. Recognize the life that brings and takes away. We learn from them, and are formed them, so we should honor them, even when--and especially if--we are different.
"While we're seeing our side / Our side / Our side / Maybe we forgot / They are not alone"

She's been hosting this for five years! And it's my first time joining in! Unbelievable! And I'm late! Even with my best time management and planning skills being put into place, I couldn't fight it.

I had planned to write a review of this instead of talking about the songs, but...time this fall has been very rare. I'm in a student production at my college of a musical that was on Broadway and it is exhausting. I'm only in ensemble, so I can only imagine how all the leads feel. It is super fun, and would definitely recommend, but know that blogging diminishes to the way side. Maybe next year I'll write about what I'm in now...

Because of this milestone of five years, I would like to mention my five favorite characters in the musical. At first I was only going to talk about my five favorite songs, but I thought it would be more fun for you guys to get a ranking of all of them.

Anyway, the top five characters:

The Baker
Little Red Riding Hood
The Baker's Wife

Reading through my rankings, I think you guys can guess why I love these characters the most. If not, please ask, as I will love to tell you all about it!

Remember, this is just my opinion, so please tell me all your own thoughts below! Do you guys love "Agony" as much as I do? Can you describe how "Giants in the Sky" makes you feel?

Thank you to Rebecca for hosting! Make sure to check out the other participants HERE or HERE.

Thanks to all of you for reading! What are some of your favorite musicals? Have you ever been in one?

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