"The book is a film that takes place in the mind of the reader." ~ Paulo Coelho

Monday, December 31, 2018

Memorial 2018

At the end of each year that I have had this blog, I do a memorial for actors and authors that were close to my heart, who we lost in that year. This year it will be a little different, it won't just be actors and authors.

Ursula K. Le Guin: Author
October 21st, 1929 - January 22nd, 2018
She has written so many books, but I have only read two of them. I read A Wizard of Earthsea just when I was starting this blog. I was very confused when I read it, but thinking back on it I think I would love it if I reread it. I have also read Catwings. It is very short, but very sweet. I look forward to reading more of her fabulous ideas.

John Mahoney: Actor
June 20th, 1940 - February 4th, 2018
Though he was best know for his work on Fraiser, I know him mostly for voice roles. They include: Antz (1998), The Iron Giant (1999), Atlantis: The Lost Empire (2001), and Atlantis: Milo's Return (2003). Though, just year I saw him in the movie Flipped (2010), and that is by far my favorite role of his, hence the picture being from it. He brings Chet Duncan to life with his wise pieces of advice. It is one of my favorite movies, and I will always remember his part in it.

Patrick F. McManus: Author
August 25th, 1933 - April 11th, 2018
My dad has probably been reading me his stories for a long time, but I first remember hearing one of his stories in 2012. We were going through a hard, and little bit scary, time, with a family member in the hospital and the rest of us staying in a hotel. My dad pulled out one of his books and we were able to laugh. Ever since then, I have heard so many of his stories. It seems like any time we are in a hotel my dad pulls one of his books out from his suitcase and starts reading. I will miss hearing new ones, but I will always cherish the times it has made me laugh.

Ellen: My grandma.
1920 - May 2018
She was one of the strongest women I know. Mentally, and physically. She had determination. She fought in World War II, and had her own business for a long time. Up until a few years ago she lived across the street from us, and every Sunday after church we would go see her and she would feed my sisters and I juice and chocolate. About 2011/12 we would go over every evening and watch Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune with her. I was surprised when she was 92 she answered a Jeopardy! question correctly when no one playing did! She loved to play cards and she won quiet a bit when we played with her. I miss her a lot but, I know she is better know because she had stopped walking and had been in a lot of pain. Thank you to everyone who prayed for her and for my family, we really appreciate it.

Stan Lee: Comic Book Creator
December 28th, 1922 - November 12th, 2018
Even though I have read quite a few comic books, I don't think I have read any that he wrote, but I always enjoy seeing his cameo appearances! I have seen him "appear" in: Iron Man (2008)Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014) [this was the movie that my dad first pointed him out to me, and said how he is in every Marvel movie, so it will always be my favorite of his cameos], Doctor Strange (2016)Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017)The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement (2004), and Big Hero 6 (2014). I look forward to looking for him in other movies!

William Goldman: Author
August 12th, 1931 - November 16th, 2018
Though he wrote a lot of things, he said this: 
"I don't like my writing. I wrote a movie called Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and I wrote a novel called The Princess Bride and those are the only two things I've ever written, not that I'm proud of, but that I can look at without humiliation." 
Those happen to be his two works I know. Well, I've only seen part of BCatSK, but The Princess Bride is so nostalgic for me! I really appreciate that he wrote it.

Ken Berry: Actor
November 3rd, 1933 - December 1st, 2018
It is no secret that I am a fan of the Herbie movies. And what I really love about Herbie Rides Again is his performance. He just makes the whole film! I cannot wait to see his other movies. Thank you, Mr. Berry.

Did you know any of these people? Do you have a favorite work or part of theirs?

This is my last post for 2018! It was such an amazing year! Each year just keeps getting better and better, so I cannot wait to see what 2019 will bring!


Sunday, December 30, 2018

Movie Review: Incredibles 2 (2018)


I know, it is still in the twelve days of Christmas, so should I be reviewing another Christmas movie? Well, I was going to review my favorite Christmas movie ever, but I was enjoying it so much while watching it I forgot to make notes... So maybe you'll see my review of that next year (no, not in the next week [yikes!], next December).

"So what are you going to review today?", you ask. Well, I was thinking about all the times I have reviewed a movie the same year it came out...

Once. My very first review.

"What!? That's crazy!", you exclaim. Yes, I know. Therefore, I will do it today! And yes, I know that this came out over six months ago, but we are still in the same year! And I reviewed the first one this year, so that is another bonus. I am very organized here, ish.

Though, it is weird that this came out 14 years after the original.

"You're too late. 14 years too late..."

Sorry, I couldn't help myself!

My guarantee: On ALL of my reviews there are NO spoilers unless I give you warning.

Incredibles 2 (2018):
"Done properly, parenting is heroic work. Done properly."
Taking off from where the first movie ended, two super parents are trying to raise there kids, who also have super powers, and make everything "normal". When a business tycoon approaches them, Helen, Elastagirl, starts doing superhero work to try to convince people that supers should be legal again. She finds her self against the "Screenslayer", the villain who is just one step ahead of her. Meanwhile, Bob is taking care of the kids, and has to especially watch Jack-Jack, the baby, who seems to have many different powers!
Genre: Action, Animated.
Length: approx. 118 minutes.
Costumes: 7. This mostly is for the way that some of the people are drawn. And there is nothing exceptional.
Script: 10, no bad words!
Directed by: Brad Bird.
Produced by: John Walker, & Nicole Paradis Grindle.
Written by: Brad Bird.
Holly Hunter as Helen Parr / Elastigirl. "Make your mark."
Craig T. Nelson as Bob Parr / Mr. Incredible. "It's not my fault they changed Math!"
Sarah Vowell as Violet Parr.
Huckleberry Milner as Dashiell "Dash" Parr. "It defines who I am."
Eli Fucile as Jack-Jack Parr.
Bob Odenkirk as Winston Deavor.
Catherine Keener as Evelyn Deavor.
Samuel L. Jackson as Lucius Best / Frozone. (He is my favorite superhero ever!)
Michael Bird as Tony Rydinger.
Brad Bird as Edna Mode.
Sophia Bush as Karen / Voyd.
Phil LaMarr as Krushauer and He-Lectrix.
Paul Eiding as Gus Burns / Reflux.
Jonathan Banks as Rick Dicker.
Isabella Rossellini as The Ambassador.
John Ratzenberger as The Underminer.
Cinematography/Animation: 8, I've been reading and watching a lot of videos on how they do all the animation, and it is a lot of work! I am giving them a lot of credit for that, but I don't like some things about the way they've drawn some of the people, some of them were drawn a little bit differently.
Cinematography by: Mahyar Abousaeedi, & Erik Smitt.
In this scene, I am Dash. To a "T". It drives my sister crazy...
Music: 10! I love it!
Music by: Michael Giacchino
Quotes: 9, "I'm used to knowing what the right thing is."
My sisters and I quote this whole scene all the time!
Storyline: 10, Warning, there is some intense action and some very suspenseful bits (my heart was racing!), but nothing bad!
"Turns out saving some one's life makes a good impression."
Good For: Superhero fans!
Overall Score: 9!
Bonus thoughts: I actually liked this better than the first one! Which is very rare for a sequel!

Thanks for reading! Did you like the first one, or this one better?


Thursday, December 27, 2018

Movie Review: White Christmas (1954)


Merry Christmas! As it is the third day, I think it's about time I review a Christmas movie! Today I will be reviewing one that is very nostalgic, one that I have been watching for as long as I can remember!

My guarantee: On ALL of my reviews there are NO spoilers unless I give you warning.

White Christmas (1954):
"Vermont should be beautiful this time of the year with all that snow."
After World War II ends, a former private, Phil Davis, convinces a former captain, Bob Wallace, into becoming a "dynamic duo" singing act. "For an old friend in the army" they end up helping the Haynes sisters, Betty and Judy out of trouble. Judy and Phil work together to try to get Betty and Bob to fall in love. They end up in Vermont where Phil and Bob's former major general owns an inn and is feeling down. They bring their show up to bring in some business and try to cheer "Old" Tom up.
Genre: Musical, Christmas.
Length: approx. 120 minutes.
Costumes: 7, There are some "skimpy" ones in the show biz, but other than that they are great.
Costumes by: Edith Head.
My favorite: It has changed so often! My favorites used to be all of Judy's dresses, but currently they are all of Betty's dresses!
Script: 9, "Once I figure out what that means I'll come up with a crushing reply."
Directed by: Michael Curtiz.
Produced by: Robert Emmett Dolan.
Written by: Norman Krasna, Norman Panama, & Melvin Frank.
Bing Crosby as Bob Wallace. "You're a lonely, miserable man."
Danny Kaye as Phil Davis.
Rosemary Clooney as Betty Haynes.
Vera-Ellen as Judy Haynes.
Dean Jagger as Major General Tom Waverly.
On the left.
Mary Wickes as Emma.
Anne Whitfield as Susan Waverly.
Johnny Grant as Ed Harrison.
Percy Helton as Train conductor.
Herb Vigran as Novello.
Cinematography: 8, there aren't a lot of outdoor scenes, but the set scenes are pretty impressive.
Cinematography by: Loyal Griggs.
Music: 10! On of my favorites is "Snow!"
Music by: Irving Berlin.
Quotes: 9,
'"How much is 'wow'?"
"Somewhere between 'ouch' and 'boing'!"'
Oscars won: It didn't win any, but it was nominated for Best Original Song for "Count Your Blessings Instead of Sheep."
Notes: Though the movie title is "White Christmas" the song first came out in the movie Holiday Inn. It won an Oscar there.
This is probably one of the most famous scenes!
Storyline: 8, there is smoking, and a few suggestive things.
Good For: Musical lovers, Christmas movie fans.
Overall Score: 8.5
Bonus thoughts: As I said that my taste in costumes has changed, so has my taste in songs! My favorites are now "eh", and my old least favorites are now my actual favorites.

Well, there you have it! Have you seen this movie? Any thoughts on it?

Thanks for reading, and Merry Christmas!


Saturday, December 22, 2018

Cake Flavorited Book Tag


I was tagged all the way back in March by Erudessa. Yikes, I had no idea it had been this long. Well, it's about time I answer it! Thanks Erudessa! Go read her answers HERE.

(None of these images are mine.)

Cake Flavored Book Tag:

1. Chocolate Cake (a Dark Book you absolutely love).
Dark? I don't read that many dark books. This will require some thinking.

I don't think this is exactly what they mean by"dark book", but it is a murder mystery, so I'm calling that pretty dark.

Death on the Nile - by Agatha Christie. This is so complex!

2. Vanilla Cake (a Light Read).

The Sign of the Four - by Arthur Conan Doyle.
"You call that light reading?"
(Sorry, as soon as I read the question this scene came to mind.)

3. Red Velvet (a book that gave you Mixed Emotions).
Every book ever?

Liesl & Po - by Lauren Oliver. I like it, but not? I'm really not sure.

4. Cheesecake (a book you would Recommend to Anyone).

(This is weird because I don't really like cheesecake, oh well.)

Peter Pan - by J. M. Barrie. It is so much fun!

5. Coffee Cake (a book you Did Not Finish).

Well, I have more options for this than you would think...

The most recent one was Angela's Ashes - by Frank McCourt. Yuck! If you like your sanity and peace of mind never read this.

6. Carrot Cake (a book with Great Writing).

Anne of Green Gables - by L. M. Mongomery. Yes, yes, yes!!! My favorite book ever! I love all of Ms. Mongomery's descriptions. (No, I did not choose this because someone in the book gets called "carrots".)
I found this on Google, and it might be my new favorite cover!

7. Tiramisu (a book that left you Wanting More).
All of the Rooglewood Press Contest books! Five Glass Slippers, Five Enchanted Roses, and Five Magic Spindles. I can't wait to read Five Poisoned Apples!

8. Cupcakes (a series with 4+ Books).

The Lunar Chronicles - by Marissa Meyer. I just read them, so they have been on my mind. I like them, but I'm not sure if I love them yet.
I haven't read Fairest yet, but all the others!

9. Fruit Cake (a book that wasn't What You Anticipated).
Johnny Tremain - by Esther Forbes. I didn't think I was going to like it, but it was good!

10. Lamington (favorite Australian Book).


I don't think I've read any Australian books, sorry! (That are currently published. Maybe in a little while I can answer this question! If you are looking for an awesome blog by an Australian, check out Quill Pen Writer, written by the fabulous Melissa Gravitis!)

(I was trying to make the question the color of the cake, but it didn't really work, sorry!)

I tag:

Whoever wants to do this, because I don't know who already has. Sorry!

Thank you to Erudessa for tagging me! And thank you so much for reading! Have you read any of these books?


Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Finish the Lyrics Game - Musical Edition ~ ANSWERS

Hello, all!

Last week I posted a game, and I am here to post the answers today! I do admit that I might have gotten a litttle hard with some of these...

Thank you so much to all of you who guessed! I had a lot of fun making this and I hope you all had fun, too!

5 points per correct: word, song title, and movie. It had the same word blanked out many times, I'm giving you only 5, because if you could 1 you could get the others1


1. "A gentle breeze from Hushabye Mountain softly blows o'er Lullaby Bay, It fills the sails of boats that are waiting, waiting to sail your worries away."

Song title: "Hushabye Mountain"
Movie: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

2. "With my high starched-collar and my high-topped shoes, and my hair piled high upon my head, I went to lose a jolly hour on the trolley and lost my heart instead."

Song title: "Trolley Song"
Movie: Meet Me In St. Louis

3. "Look down, look down, you'll always be a slave. Look down, look down, you're standing in your grave."

Song title: "Look down"
Movie: Les Miserables

4. "Moses supposes his toeses are roses, but Moses supposes erroneously."

Song title: "Moses Supposes"
Movie: Singin' in the Rain (My favorite movie!)

5. "'Cause you're a dead man walking, thinking that's your only option. But you can flip the switch and brighten up your darkest day!"

Song title: "Come Alive"
Movie: The Greatest Showman

6. "But, oh, if we call the whole thing off then we must part. And, oh, if we ever part, then that might break my heart."

Song title: "Let's Call the Whole Thing off"
Movie: Shall We Dance?

7. "And it won't make one bit of difference if I answer right or wrong, when you're rich they think you really know."

Song title: "If I Were a Rich Man"
Movie: Fiddler on the Roof
This was the movie I saw for the first time right before I posted this!

This was a little hard because I really wanted to use this song, but either all the words would be blanked out, or it would be too easy, so I choose the hardest.

I'm giving 10 points for this anyway.

8. "Too long we've been rusting, needing so much more than dusting. Needing exercise, a chance to use our skills!"

Song title: "Be Our Guest"
Movie: Beauty and the Beast

Everyone got this correct!

9. "Ha-ha-ha! Ho-ho-ho! And a couple of tra-la-las! That's how we laugh the day away in the merry old land of Oz!"

Song Title: "Merry Old Land of Oz"
Movie: The Wizard of Oz
Sorry that this one is blurry!

10. "Ya got Trouble, folks, right here in River City. Trouble with a capital T that rhymes with P that stands for pool!"

Song title: "Ya got Trouble"
Movie: The Music Man

AGirlWithIdeas - 130
Lia - 105
Olivia - 100
Fawnabelle - 95
Elanor - 70
Rakayle - 55

Thank you once again for all playing!


Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Finish the Lyrics Game - Musical Edition

I haven't had a game since June 2017. Wow, yikes. Well, it's about time! Last Saturday I watched a famous musical that I had never seen before and have been singing the songs ever since. Because of that, I decided to have a song game!

Here is how it works:
I will have a line with blanks in it. You need to fill in the blanks, name the song and tell me what movie musical it is from!
5 points per correct word, song title and movie.
10 bonus points if you guess which one I just saw for the first time.
I will post the answers next week.
Post your answers in the comments, for now the comments will be on moderation so nothing is spoiled for the other players.
Use your memory! I know you can do it.


1. "A gentle breeze from _____ _____ softly blows over _____ _____, It fills the sails of boats that are waiting, waiting to sail your _____ away."

2. "With my high starched-collar and my high-topped shoes, and my hair piled high upon my head, I went to lose a _____ hour on the _____ and lost my _____ instead."

3. "Look _____, look _____, you'll always be a _____. Look _____, look _____, you're standing in your _____."

4. "_____ supposes his toeses are roses, but _____ supposes _____."

5. "_____ you're a dead man walking, thinking that's your only _____. But you can flip the switch and _____ up your darkest day!"

6. "But, oh, if we _____ the whole thing _____ then we must part. And, oh, if we ever part, then that might _____ my heart."

7. "And it _____ make one bit of _____ if I answer right or wrong, when you're _____ they think you really know."

8. "Too long we've been _____, needing so much more than dusting. Needing _____, a chance to use our _____!"

9. "Ha-ha-ha! Ho-ho-ho! And a couple of tra-la-las! That's how we laugh the day away in the _____ _____ _____ _____ _____!"

10. "Ya got Trouble, folks, right here in _____ _____. Trouble with a capital T that rhymes with P that stands for _____!"

See you with the answers next week!


Saturday, December 8, 2018

The 10 Day Movie Challenge - Day 10


I can't believe it is the last day of the 10 Day Movie Challenge! It seems like I just started. I definitely had a lot of fun.

I first saw this on: Hamlette's blog, Jessica's blog, and DKoren's blog. Go see what their picks were!

The 10 Day Movie Challenge!:
How to do it: Choose an image from a film that has impacted me in some way and post it without a single explanation. 10 days, 10 movies, 10 pictures, no explanations!

Day 10:

I'm not sure if I'm allowed to tag people because I stole this, but I'm tagging a few anyway. You definitely don't have to do this if you don't want to, I just would be interested in seeing your picks!
I tag:
June & Joze
Fawnabelle Baggins
Victoria S.
Skye H.
And anyone else who wants to!

Thanks for reading!


Friday, December 7, 2018

The 10 Day Movie Challenge - Day 9

I first saw this on: Hamlette's blog, Jessica's blog, and DKoren's blog. Go see what their picks were!

The 10 Day Movie Challenge!:
How to do it: Choose an image from a film that has impacted me in some way and post it without a single explanation. 10 days, 10 movies, 10 pictures, no explanations!

Day 9:

"If you want a happy ending, that depends, of course, where you stop your story." -Orson Welles