"The book is a film that takes place in the mind of the reader." ~ Paulo Coelho

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Inkling Explorations // July 2016

This month I am joining up with Heidi Peterson's Inkling Explorations, a monthly link-up for story lovers. I know it's really short, but it's my first one!!!

This month's selection is: A scene with a traveler arriving home in book or film.

I have chosen a scene from the movie, Willow. 

SPOILER ALERT!!! If you have not see the movie Willow, I recommend that you don't read this since it will give things away.

A little background:
Willow is a movie about a nelwyn, Willow, who finds a baby who will lead to the downfall of the evil Queen Bavmorda. 

Mostly this scene is music and pictures, but I will do my best to explain.

After a lot of adventures Willow, bids his friends good-bye and he starts home.

Everyone in his village thought he was long dead when, he rides into town. At first, people are confused then they start to say,"Is that Willow?" They realize he is home and a hero!
He is going along when, he sees Kaiya, his wife, walking in town. "Kaiya!" He yells and scrambles down from his pony.

She looks up and sees him. "Willow!"

They run and embrace. Willow looks up when he hears, "Daddy! Daddy!" His two children come running and then they all hug.
Thank you so much Heidi! This was so fun!! Go check out her blog HERE.

I hope you all enjoy reading this!


Saturday, July 23, 2016

Book vs. Movie: The BFG

Hello Everyone!
I just saw The BFG a few days ago and I'm so excited to review it for my first review!!! So let's get going! It might seem a little weird how I'm doing it, but I haven't had much time to think about ways of doing it without spoilers.

The BFG (The Movie 2016):
Based on The BFG by Roald Dahl
I can see that they put a lot of work into it. It has lots of double meanings to it that are really fun to look for especially spiritually, for me. I really enjoyed seeing the story I really like on screen. A few of the scenes were sort of confusing for me (compared to the book). Besides the fact that they took out one of MY FAVORITE parts of the book!!! But I recommend it. I know that some of the names of the characters are creepy, but READ THE BOOK FIRST. Always.
Costumes: 9, They were pretty good to me, one or two characters could have had better I think.
Script: 8, In some ways I think they could have been closer to the book, but they wanted to make sure that you got the idea.
Directed by: Steven Spielberg
Produced by: 
Steven Spielberg,
Frank Marshall,
Sam Mercer
Screenplay by: Melissa Mathison
Music by: John Williams
Mark Rylance as The BFG √ Perfect!
Ruby Barnhill as Sophie * Eh, I thing my little sister would have been better. She was rude and too tall!
Penelope Wilton as Elizabeth II √ For the year they put it in. For the book *Eh,WAY to old.
Rebecca Hall as Mary √ Good!
Rafe Spall as Mr Tibbs * Could be older
Jemaine Clement as the Fleashlumpeater * Too skinny
Michael David Adamthwaite as the Bonecruncher √ Great!
Adam Godley as the Manhugger * Too skinny!
Jonathan Holmes as the Childchewer √ Great!
Paul Moniz de Sa as the Meatdripper √ Great!
Chris Gibbs as the Gizzardgulper √ Great!
Bill Hader as the Bloodbottler * TOO SKINNY!
Daniel Bacon as the Butcher Boy / Pretty good.
(Sorry there are so many, they're all important!)
Good Quotes: Let me think about this.
Story: 5 I know, It's harsh, but, they took out MY FAVORITE part of the book! But not just that, they took out and ADDED things (I really don't like it when they do that).
Overall rating: 8


The BFG by Roald Dahl (The Book 1982):

I want to thank my sister for making me read this. It's one of my favorites!!I just think this is a wonderful and inspiring story everyone should read! That's all I can say about it (for now).
Characters: 10! This book has such great characters for you to love and hate!
Elizabeth II
Mr. Tibbs
Words: 10! I mean, If you have ever read a book by Roald Dahl you will know what I mean. He uses such words that are so fun to say and use!!
Storyline: 9! Death is mentined a few times. This is such a fun book!
Overall rating: 9.5!

The BOOK wins!!!
This was so fun to review, read, and watch! I hope you all will read it and then see it too!!


Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Hello movie and book fans!

Hello Everyone!
"The world is a stage, a stage is a world of entertainment!" (Hold the word entertainment)
This is going to be a blog all about movies and books. So there will be lots of recommendations. I will mostly have movie and book reviews, but other things too. I will try to not have any spoilers. If there are, I will warn you. In the comments I am always open to suggestions.

I will be using lots of quotes so go ahead and guess where they are from! These are just my opinions, feel free to tell me yours! For each movie I will have a rating system that goes like this.

MOVIE EXAMPLE: Everything is either 1-10. 10 is the best.
Some kind of movie.
(I also might have some history on the movie or book.)
Costumes: 6
Script: 4
Actors: 9
(If I think there could be better actors I will put them here.)
Good Quotes: "And I keyn't stan' 'em." (Sorry, I couldn't find any other way to get the accent right.)
Story: 2 ( I really like it to be original or if they are doing something based on a book, I will rate it on how close to the book it is.)

And for books pretty much the same but with:
BOOK EXAMPLE: 1-10. 10 is the best.
Book name.
Characters: 7
(I will probably list my favorite)
Words: 3
(I like authors who use lots of words.)
Story line: 9
(This is completely based on how I liked it. Tell me your opinion too!)

As I go along with this blog I might add more to the critiquing, but this is what I could come up with right now. Also, I'm very strict on bad language so if there is any the rating will go down.

Thanks so much for reading! I really enjoyed writing this post and I hope everyone enjoys reading it! By the way, I probably will be using pictures and since I don't own any copyrights If you find your picture, let me know so I can fully credit you or I can have it removed.



"If you want a happy ending, that depends, of course, where you stop your story." -Orson Welles