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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Book vs. Movie: The BFG

Hello Everyone!
I just saw The BFG a few days ago and I'm so excited to review it for my first review!!! So let's get going! It might seem a little weird how I'm doing it, but I haven't had much time to think about ways of doing it without spoilers.

The BFG (The Movie 2016):
Based on The BFG by Roald Dahl
I can see that they put a lot of work into it. It has lots of double meanings to it that are really fun to look for especially spiritually, for me. I really enjoyed seeing the story I really like on screen. A few of the scenes were sort of confusing for me (compared to the book). Besides the fact that they took out one of MY FAVORITE parts of the book!!! But I recommend it. I know that some of the names of the characters are creepy, but READ THE BOOK FIRST. Always.
Costumes: 9, They were pretty good to me, one or two characters could have had better I think.
Script: 8, In some ways I think they could have been closer to the book, but they wanted to make sure that you got the idea.
Directed by: Steven Spielberg
Produced by: 
Steven Spielberg,
Frank Marshall,
Sam Mercer
Screenplay by: Melissa Mathison
Music by: John Williams
Mark Rylance as The BFG √ Perfect!
Ruby Barnhill as Sophie * Eh, I thing my little sister would have been better. She was rude and too tall!
Penelope Wilton as Elizabeth II √ For the year they put it in. For the book *Eh,WAY to old.
Rebecca Hall as Mary √ Good!
Rafe Spall as Mr Tibbs * Could be older
Jemaine Clement as the Fleashlumpeater * Too skinny
Michael David Adamthwaite as the Bonecruncher √ Great!
Adam Godley as the Manhugger * Too skinny!
Jonathan Holmes as the Childchewer √ Great!
Paul Moniz de Sa as the Meatdripper √ Great!
Chris Gibbs as the Gizzardgulper √ Great!
Bill Hader as the Bloodbottler * TOO SKINNY!
Daniel Bacon as the Butcher Boy / Pretty good.
(Sorry there are so many, they're all important!)
Good Quotes: Let me think about this.
Story: 5 I know, It's harsh, but, they took out MY FAVORITE part of the book! But not just that, they took out and ADDED things (I really don't like it when they do that).
Overall rating: 8


The BFG by Roald Dahl (The Book 1982):

I want to thank my sister for making me read this. It's one of my favorites!!I just think this is a wonderful and inspiring story everyone should read! That's all I can say about it (for now).
Characters: 10! This book has such great characters for you to love and hate!
Elizabeth II
Mr. Tibbs
Words: 10! I mean, If you have ever read a book by Roald Dahl you will know what I mean. He uses such words that are so fun to say and use!!
Storyline: 9! Death is mentined a few times. This is such a fun book!
Overall rating: 9.5!

The BOOK wins!!!
This was so fun to review, read, and watch! I hope you all will read it and then see it too!!


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