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This is a page for me to put movie trailers on movies that I am excited to see and upcoming blogathons. Check these out!

Upcoming Movies:

Hello, Goodbye, and Everything in Between (2022)
I am not a particular rom-com fan. Nor a YA romance fan. But, this has Jordan Fisher. I can't pass up Jordan Fisher!!!
Release date: July 6th, 2022

Thor: Love and Thunder (2022)
Did I have things holding me back from looking forward to this movie? Yes. Mainly, how I am not a fan of Thor. Well, until recently. I've slowly become to appreciate him. Anyway, this teaser dropped and I'd forgotten how much I love the dynamic between Thor and the Guardians, so, yep, I'm ready.
Release date: July 8th, 2022

Persuasion (2022)
I think the color-blind casting/non-traditional casting is cool! It seems to be trying to be funny, though, like the 2020 Emma.. Jane Austen is so funny, she doesn't need slapstick to amplify her. All in all, I'm excited to see it. I like the actors for Anne and Wentworth!
Release date: July 15th, 2022

Zombies 3 (2022)
I admit, I really enjoy DCOMs every once in a while. The sequel to this series (well, the first one. Which is number 2. Yes, we in fandoms are confusing) was a bit lackluster, but the first one is one of my favorites. This looks like it will be a whole other level of strange, but still...
Release date: July 15th, 2022

Purple Hears (2022)
After Cinderella (2021), I am a fan of Nicolas Galitzine, so you can bet I will be watching this. Yes, this isn't really a trailer, but a clip, but it's all I've seen.
Release date: July 29th, 2022

Pinocchio (2022)
Now, I've heard a lot of rumors about a live-action Pinocchio for years. And all of them were wrong. I was not expecting to see Tom Hanks in this trailer. What even.
Release date: September 8th, 2022

See How They Run (2022)
I saw the play of this live a few years ago and it was one of the funniest things I've witnessed. In the trailer, Saorise Ronan already made me laugh more times than I can count on one hand. We're off to a good start!
Release date: September 20th, 2022

The School for Good and Evil (2022)
I remember when these books were all the rage. You couldn't go in Barnes and Noble without seeing them everywhere. It's a really cliche premise that has been done before, but I was intrigued. Maybe I'll just watch the movie and see what happens... You guys know my obsession with fairytales, so it's probably right up my alley.
Release date: September 2022

Strange World (2022)
Disney's annual feature film! This looks a little thrown together because we hadn't heard anything about it, but it looks ridiculous in the best ways. The characters look epic and relatable!
Release date: November 23rd, 2022

Roald Dahl's Matilda the Musical (2022)
I am a huge fan of the 1996 movie because I've been watching it for forever. It's about time for a remake, though, so I'm really excited they're changing it up and making it a musical! I know people who are familiar with it, but I'm not. Emma Thompson's transformation to the Trunchbull is crazy! Way to go costume and make-up department!
Release date: December 2nd, 2022

The Lost Girls (2022)
Louis Partridge as Peter Pan. That's all that needs to be said. The most perfect thing ever!!! I cannot wait!!! The trailer really creeped me out, but I am on the edge of my seat in a good way.
Release date: 2022

Enola Holmes 2 (2022)
There is really nothing known about this yet, but I'm SO EXCITED because I loved the first movie so much. In fact, it wad my favorite watch of 2021.
Release date: 2022

Knives Out 2 (2022)
I had heard whispers about this, but apparently it's actually happening?? Ahh!!
Release date: 2022

Wonka (2023)
You guys should've seen the texts that my sisters and I were sending each other in our frenzy. We have been watching Willy Wonka for as long as I can remember, and while I am not as big a fan as they are, we are all so excited for this movie.
Release date: March 17th, 2023

The Little Mermaid (2023)
Lin-Manuel Miranda is writing the songs. LIN-MANUEL MIRANDA. Need we say more?? I've never been a fan of The Little Mermaid (1989) (though the Live version on Disney+ for the 30th anniversary was fun), but I have high hopes that this is going to be better. I love the idea of Halle Bailey as Ariel! Melissa McCarthy as Ursula? Awkwafina as Scuttle? This can't come soon enough!
Release date: May 26th, 2023

Snow White 
Snow White is one of my favorite fairytales. So much so, that my first novel I ever wrote was a retelling of it. There have probably been too many of these, but I DON'T CARE. I love it. And Gal Gadot as The Evil Queen?? Ack!!!
Release date: TBA

Upcoming TV Series:

High School Musical The Musical The Series: Season 3 (2022)
Guys, I became addicted to this show in April. Hardcore. So, I am looking forward to this! (Even though season 2 broke me. IT BROKE ME). Concerning things in this trailer: No Big Red or Sebby (I bet both of them have to work and can't go! Oh no! And the campers are not allowed phones so they can't contact them!), and E. J.'s hair is horrendous. I can't wait, I can't wait, *starts singing* I can't wait!
(Gina looks fabulous. But what's new there?)
Release date: July 27th, 2022

Andor (2022)
I'm nowhere near caught up in the Star Wars universe, but I still want to watch this. The thing is, I really struggled with liking Cassian in Rogue One (2016), but I love Diego Luna. So, I'm really excited for this because I think it will help me to love him!
Release date: August 31st, 2022

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power (2022)
I know there are some controversies surrounding this show, but there was awesome archery in the trailer so I am totally watching it. I also am not the biggest fans of the movies, so I don't feel the loyalty to watch them and only them. Don't get me wrong, the movies are fantastic, but I haven't been raised on them. In fact, I used to be freaked out by them, so I've come a long way. I just am interested in seeing a new look at the world!
Release date: September 2nd, 2022.

Willow (2022)
I have loved the original movie for as long as I can remember. In fact, I talked about it all HERE. I was doubtful when I heard they were making a series, but my fears were put aside when I learned it is a sequel instead of a remake! It sounds like it will be a lot of fun. I bet Elle Bamber is going to play an older Elora Dannen...
They. finally. released. the. trailer. It's May, and I've only been waiting all year. I dig it!! The green magic stick thing is not my favorite aesthetically, but I am so into everything else. It looks like we get an older version of Sorsha, but I want to know where Madmartigan is!!
Also, if you guys haven't seen the teaser they released in 2021 of "Meet the Cast", then you should. It never fails to make me laugh!
Release date: Episodes start streaming November 30th, 2022

Loki: Season 2
I don't know when this is coming out, but I know they are filming it! After the last season (which I didn't really like at first, but have grown to love) I am so pumped for this! In the meanwhile, I just make fan videos of it on my YouTube channel Movies Meet Their Match. Here, check it out! But there are SPOILERS for the first season, so only watch it if you have seen that!

Upcoming Books:

Escape from Mathebos - by Sarah Rodecker
Release date: September, 2022

The Red Bard of Roche: Book 2 in the The Red War Annals - by Helena George
Release date: December, 2022

My Rock and My Refuge: Book 4 in the Once Upon A Western series - by Rachel Kovaciny
Release date: 2022

Upcoming Blogathons & Events:

Hosted by The Classic Movie Muse,  July 8th-11th! You'd better bet I'll be joining in because this claims the spot as my favorite movie of all time!

The Legends of Western Cinema Week 2022!
Hosted by Hamlette (Hamlette's Soliloquy), Heidi (Along the Brandywine), and Olivia (Meanwhile, in Rivendell...). This fun week is July 25th-29th!

Hosted by Taking Up Room, September 23rd-25th!

Thanks for reading! Is there anything you are looking forward to? Any books or movies that you are super excited for? Let me know and we can be pumped up for them together!

Chloe the MovieCritic


  1. I am SO EXCITED to see "Murder on the Orient Express"! There are a bunch of great movies coming out this year--"Spider-Man: Homecoming" (only three more days!), "The Last Jedi" (YAY!!!!), "Thor: Raganork" ( I definitely did not spell that right, and I'm not sure if it's exactly coming out this year), "Wonder" and another one that I can't remember. :) Love your blog!

    1. Yes! "Murder on the Orient Express" is one of my favorite books by Agatha Christie so I'm excited to see how they do, and it is directed by Kenneth Branagh another bonus.
      They have and are turning out a LOT of superhero movies this year! It will be fun to see which is best. :)

      Thank you so much for checking my blog out Allison!


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