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Sunday, April 25, 2021

Movie Review: Willow (1988)

Hello, everyone!

We all have films that we were introduced to when we were very young and have stuck with us ever since. Today I’m going to be talking about just such a movie so I’m very excited! Are you looking for a movie where someone goes on a journey to keep people safe in a dangerous world? All you have to do is read on!

My guarantee: On ALL of my reviews there are NO spoilers unless I give you warning. This is spoiler free in its entirety!

Willow (1988):
Queen Bavmorda is searching everywhere for the child who, according to a prophecy, is going to bring about her doom. This baby is Princess Elora Danan and she ends up in the Aldwin village. The villagers are scared she will only bring them trouble and give one of the Aldwins who found her, Willow Ufgood, the task of taking her to the border where the Daikinis live. He meets some who are willing to help like Rool and Franjean, some with questionable motivations like Madmartigan, and some out to kill the baby, like Queen Bavmorda’s daughter, Sorsha. He needs to find the enchantress Fin Raziel as his magic isn’t strong enough to grant any protection. What lengths will Willow have to go through to make Elora safe?
“All creatures of good heart need your help, Willow. The choice is yours.”
Adventure, Drama, Fantasy.
Length: approx. 125 minutes.
Script: 10. I am very sure that there are no bad words.
Crew: Directed by: Ron Howard. Written by: George Lucas & Bob Dolman.
Warwick Davis as Willow Ufgood.
Val Kilmer as Madmartigan.
Joanne Whalley as Sorsha.
Not gonna lie, this sword might be the most terrifying weapon ever.
Jean Marsh as Queen Bavmorda.
Patricia Hayes as Fin Raziel.
Kevin Pollak as Rool.
Rick Overton as Franjean.
Pat Roach as Gen. Kael.
Gavan O'Herlihy as Airk Thaughbaer.
David Steinberg as Meegosh.
Julie Peters as Kiaya Ufgood.
Mark Vande Brake as Ranon Ufgood.
Dawn Downing as Mims Ufgood.
Ruth Greenfield & Kate Greenfield as Elora Danan.
I'd been searching for photos to use for a few minutes then I looked at the photos that I downloaded and they were almost all of Elora. She is so stinking cute! I can't handle it!
Billy Barty as High Aldwin.
Phil Fondacaro as Vohnkar.
Tony Cox as Vohnkar Warrior.
Robert Gillibrand as Vohnkar Warrior.
Mark Northover as Burglekutt.
Maria Holvöe as Cherlindrea.
Michael Cotterill as Druid.
Sallyanne Law as Mother.

7. There are a few times when someone isn’t wearing a shirt or much clothing besides that, but that’s all.
Cinematography: 8. There is nothing too special. You can tell the special effects are a very much what were happening in the 80s and some are terribly cringy, but I like how minimal they are compared to nowadays. Here I’m also counting how much I love the overall aesthetic and vibe of the movie.
Cinematography by: Adrian Biddle.
Music: 10. I can’t scream enough about how much I love this score! I always forget how good it is, yet every time I hear it swell, I’m swelled up with happiness! It is the epitome of adventure music.
Music by: James Horner.
Quotability: 10. My sisters and I have been quoting this line, and many others, for years (you really need to hear how it is said to get how hilarious it is, but I did my best with typing what it sounds like):
‘“We go that way!”
“No, we go that way!”
“That’s what I saidah!”
: 6. There is one rather suggestive line, but other than that this score is because of the violence. There is a war going on so battles, fighting, and death are to be expected. In addition to that, it’s scary. There are some gruesome and terrifying creatures (dogs, trolls, other monsters) as well as some frighting dark magic. Both Willow and Fin Raziel have good magic which is a great contrast to Queen Bavmorda’s horrid ways so I’ve never minded it.
: 10! Everything about this plot is so good and creative. Quests are iconic and this one is fully unique! The use of magic is well done and the world is teeming with possibilities!
Good For: anyone who wants an epic adventure!
Age Range: I don’t remember the first time that I watched this. It has always been a movie that I’ve seen! Granted, I remember being freaked out a few times and hugging a friend’s dog for comfort while watching this, but at the same time I knew how everything turned out. It is rated PG and that’s fine, but I think this depends on the personal tolerance level of the person watching it. It almost always depends on that, but this is an extra special case. I would say unless it was someone like my sisters and me who were raised on it, maybe 10 and up. It might even be more PG-13 by today’s standards.
Overall Score: 9!
Worth watching?:
Yes! I feel like I’ve been saying this with everything I’ve reviewed recently, but it has so much HEART. It’s about courage and doing the right thing and those are lessons well worth remembering.
Will I watch again?: Count on it! I last saw this in October, but I feel like seeing it again already! Maybe the next time I see my older sister.
“Oh, she’s so cute!”
(Do you know who’s cute? Mims and Ranon! They are the most adorable kids EVER!)

For the blogathon:
This is my entry in Heidi at Along the Brandywine’s Of High Stakes & Daring Deeds Epic Story Month! This has been going since April 5th and will continue to May 14th, so there’s plenty of time to join in on the fun!

You know how so many people love The Lord of the Rings? I’ve read the books and watched the movies and I enjoyed it a lot, it’s just not my favorite story in the universe. But I completely understand that feeling of adventure and awe in a fantastic and epic story! That exact same feeling is what happens in me every time I watch this movie. I love it so much! I have been watching it for as long as I can remember and it never fails to fill me with joy and expectation! I know that it sounds pretty absurd, but it's awesome. It was written by George Lucas, guys!

The characters carry the story which is the best! Willow is an absolute sweetheart. I love him and his family so much. He doubts his potential and feels like an impostor but he is trying to find bravery as he just wants to protect the ones he loves. And speaking of people he loves, the way he cares for Elora is so precious! I love them. Even the short time we see his best friend Meegosh shows how much he cares.
Madmartigan. What to say about him? I think he might have been my first experience with a morally grey character! He tries to be all tough and be the “greatest warrior”, but he really is soft and cares. One of my favorite parts is the whole “blackroot” scene.

(I won’t talk about Arik because too much because he and Madmartigan don’t get along, but long story short, I love him, too.)

I’m going to pause and talk about these names for one quick second. They are so cool! My sisters and I love to randomly say, “Meegosh”! Hearing “Queen Bavmorda” sends a chill down my spine every single time! Her fierce daughter Sorsha is always trying to prove herself and it works so well with the competition between her and General Kael. Sorsha also just has the best lines.
Rool and Franjean add in some perfectly timed comic relief. These two best friends are hilarious and get into so much trouble. What else can you expect from Brownies?

This is an epic if you are ever looking for one, and it is my favorite.

(Did I go overboard on the photos? Maybe I tiny bit. Sorry, but I love this movie!)

Thanks to Heidi for hosting this! Check out the rest of the party (including a giveaway!) HERE.

Thanks for reading, dear friends! Has anyone else seen this? I would love to chat about it. What were the first examples of morally grey characters that you ever saw? What is a movie that you know by heart and can’t imagine a time without it? Talk to you soon!



  1. Great review! I don't think I've ever seen this movie, but it sounds familiar to me for some reason. Maybe one of my friends has seen it? I'm not sure.
    There are SO many movies that I know by heart. Like I've said before, if I like something I tend to re-watch it, so there are a lot that I have memorized.

    1. Thanks, McKayla! Hmm, maybe you've seen part of it before? If it was that or one of your friends you should become more familiar with it and give it a go! It's so fun.
      I'm sure! Usually I have that with movies that I've been watching for my whole life, but there are some that I've only seen in recent years yet have them memorized, like The Last Jedi.

  2. My family and I keep meaning to watch this and never getting around to it! But I really, really want to!

    1. It's a little scary for tiny kids, but I think you would dig it! It has so much fantasy goodness with quests and the fight of good vs. evil!!

  3. I've heard about this movie, but never watched. I think it's on Disney+, so I may watch it soon.

    1. Disney+ is planning on remaking it into a full series which would be so cool!

  4. Ah I've heard of this one! It sounds so interesting. I didn't know it was written by George Lucas, but that makes a lot of sense, haha.

    1. Right? It does explain a lot. How many hundred times have my sisters and I watched this? Only last time did we read the credits and see that it was him. We promptly started screaming.

  5. Haven't seen this one in forever, but I remember loving it.

    1. I thought that you would be down for this one, and I was right!


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