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Friday, April 16, 2021

TV Series Review: Julie and the Phantoms: Season 1, Episodes 7-9

Good day, everyone!

Today I’m finishing out reviewing my new favorite show Julie and the Phantoms! If you’ve been here the last few months then you know how crazy I am about this show from my reviews of episodes 1-3 HERE and episodes 4-6 HERE. Today is especially exciting because while I’m sad about not having an excuse to talk about it after this, I will be talking about my ultimate favorite episode! When I say this is my favorite I’m not kidding.

This show is only on Netflix and we are all hoping that it will get renewed for a second season. I’ve never seen a show with more potential for a second season so it rightly deserves it! I want more people to know about it because like Reggie always says, “Tell your friends!”

I’ve seen the whole show three times since January and my little sister and I are planning to watch it again soon. I’m grateful for the recommendation from both Lia and Rachel and now want all of you to have the same experience! I hope that I can convince you by the end of this post if you haven’t seen it before. Enjoy!

My guarantee: On ALL of my reviews there are NO spoilers unless I give you warning. These reviews are fully free of spoilers for these episodes as well as ALL other episodes in the show. Because of that I’m going to be vague in the descriptions for them (and not have spoiler free pictures) because they are the final episodes and I want you guys to have ALL of the surprises without any clues when you watch it. I’m just here to tell you any content and how much I love these episodes so you are convinced to watch it in the first place.

Julie and the Phantoms: Season 1, Episode 7: “Edge of Great” (2020):
Based on: the Brazilian show, Julie e os Fantasmas (2011-2012).
Julie is planning to perform at her house for her friends, but keeps drifting out of reality into daydreams. She and the other characters are trying to sort out their feelings for each other. Will they accept the circumstances or keep denying them?
‘“Do you have any idea of what you’ve done?”
“Yeah, I do. I’ve defended every kid who’s never been believed. Some could say that I’m a superhero.”’
: Family, Drama, Musical, and touches of Fantasy.
Length: approx. 27 minutes.
Script: 10. No bad words.
Crew: Directed by: Kabir Akhtar. Written by: Dan Cross, David Hoge, Nora Sullivan, & Leilani Downer, based on the series by Paula Knudsen, Tiago Mello, & Fabio Danesi.
“...But being seen really isn’t their thing.”
Starring (Listing the 10 most important characters in each episode):
1. Madison Reyes as Julie.
2. Charlie Gillespie as Luke.
Jeremy Shada as Reggie. 
4. Owen Patrick Joyner as Alex.
5. Jadah Marie as Flynn.
6. Booboo Stewart as Willie
7. Sacha Carlson as Nick.
8. Carlos Ponce as Ray Molina. (Best dad ever!)
9. Sonny Bustamante as Carlos Molina.
10. Savannah Lee May as Carrie Wilson.
Costumes: 10. Everyone’s style is so apparent here! I love it. It’s so unique to each character. There is this one part where I burst out laughing every time because of a hairstyle of Luke's, but it is pretty cool.
Cinematography: 10. Everything with the ghosts is just splendid. The scene with “Perfect Harmony” is gorgeous and throughout it is brilliant.
Cinematography by: Jon Joffin.
“Kill it on the dance floor!”
(I wish I could find a gif for the little dance move accompanying this because it is the best).
Music: 10!! I’m squealing while writing about this because I love it so much. I can’t stop listening to the soundtrack! This episode has two songs which are so awesome. “Perfect Harmony” was actually written by Madison Reyes and Charlie Gillespie! They wrote it while filming the show then showed it to Kenny Ortega and he loved it so much that he put it in! Not only can they sing and act, they can write!
The other song is “Edge of Great”. THIS SONG. Where to even begin? It is my favorite song in the entire show and one of my favorite songs of all time. It checks all the boxes by being inspiring with phenomenal lyrics as well as having a fantastic melody. In addition to that the scene where it happens is laced with amazing drama! That sounds really weird, but once you see it you’ll know what I mean. My sister and I love analyzing everything that happens in the scene! It shows why you shouldn’t skip the show and only listen to the soundtrack because it’s different! Like most things they recorded the songs beforehand for the soundtrack, but they actually full out performed during the show and didn’t merely lip sync. Oh, did I ever mention that all of the actors play their instruments? That never fails to astonish me! In this episode during “Edge of Great” there are some guitar riffs that Charlie Gillespie asked to throw in there during filming which are one element that makes the song how incredible it is. Since they had already recorded the song they didn’t update the soundtrack so if you just listen to it you don’t get it. I am a little bitter about this if you can’t tell.
Music by:
 David Lawrence, Madison Reyes, Charlie Gillespie, Alana DeFonseca, David Amber, & Andy Love.
Quotability: 10! This episode is hilarious and that is because of the amazing dialogue. Not a day goes by where I don’t quote or reference some part of this! The “oozing chemistry” part is genius! At this point I could probably tell you the whole dialogue without a problem because I love it so much.
‘“Why, he is just too cute!”
Content: 10! Where else can you get such quality content that is so clean? There is nothing to complain about here. Character go through some physical pain, but it is not violently graphic.
Originality: 10! These episodes are short but so much is packed in to every single one. I adore what they did with all of the characters and their relationships. It has such a creative punch!
Good For:
 Anyone who loves music, anyone who has lost someone, anyone looking for a good show.
Age Range: I know that my description made it sound like something only teenagers would be interested in, but nothing is farther from the truth! I can’t think of something more perfect for all ages! Please don’t be fooled by the fact that it is rated G by thinking that it can only be enjoyed by little kids. That is entirely false!
Overall Score: 10! Guys. GUYS. GUYS! It is perfect. There are no flaws with this episode, it is just wonderful.
Worth watching?: Anyone can answer this for me at this point. OF COURSE! In all ways!
Will I watch again?:
 Story time: The second time my sister and I saw this show we watched episode 6 and this one together on the same day. The very next day we went to continue watching the show and we watched this episode and episode 8. We watched it two days in a row and didn’t get tired of it. I’m not joking, I could watch this episode every day and not be bored of it.
Bonus thoughts:
You’ve probably all guessed it now, but this is my favorite episode. I keep staring at this screen trying to find a way to tell you how much I love it, but I can’t think of anything that conveys my feelings about it without screaming a million adjectives. This episode has so much heart! It is funny and comforting and brings me joy on so many levels. The dynamics between these characters are jaw dropping with their complexity and meaning. This is my favorite episode of my favorite show ever. What else can I say? I think it’s a “great” choice.

Julie and the Phantoms: Season 1, Episode 8: “Unsaid Emily” (2020):
Based on: the Brazilian show, Julie e os Fantasmas (2011-2012).
Julie wants to do something for the boys and ends up learning more about Luke’s past. What she doesn’t know is that they are all keeping a secret from her about something going on right now. How long before the truth gets out?
“You can’t get rid of me, I’m like the crazy glue of best friends.”
 Family, Drama, Musical, and touches of Fantasy.
Length: approx. 24 minutes.
Script: 10. Free of bad words!
“It looks like somebody fell asleep watching Ghost Hunters and Chopped.”
(This was funny because I can’t tell you guys how many times I’ve fallen asleep while watching Chopped!)
 Directed by:
 Kabir Akhtar. Written by: Leah Keith, Dan Cross, David Hoge, & Nora Sullivan  based on the series by Paula Knudsen, Tiago Mello, & Fabio Danesi.
Starring (Listing the 10 most important characters in each episode):
1. Madison Reyes as Julie.
2. Charlie Gillespie as Luke.
3. Owen Patrick Joyner as Alex.
4. Jeremy Shada as Reggie.
5. Jennifer Juniper Angeli as Emily.
6. Michael Ryan as Mitch.
7. Jadah Marie as Flynn.
8. Booboo Stewart as Willie
9. Sacha Carlson as Nick.
10. Carlos Ponce as Ray Molina.
 9. Subtle differences convey how characters are feeling and it is so well done.
Cinematography: 9. The cinematography of one scene in particular is outstanding. As usual, the characters being ghosts are really well done!
Cinematography by: Jon Joffin.
Music: 10. I need to take a deep breath before I can get any cohesive thoughts. “Unsaid Emily” is one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard in my life. It will take you on a wild emotional ride!
Music by: David Lawrence, Michelle Lewis, & Dan Petty.
 9. The lines in here hit me deeply, even the ones that aren’t in song! This is a more serious episode, but there are still lines in here that lighten the mood when needed.
‘“What’re you doing?”
“I needed a pick-me-up and hanging with Ray always does the trick.”
“...Does it? Okay...”’
Content: 10. Heartbreaking, yes, but clean, too! A+ to all of the writers and crew.
As I mentioned in my other two posts (so I should mention it somewhere in this post, too), Alex is shown to be homosexual. It is represented very well. I couldn’t think of any better way! It is all clean and I really like his relationships with people because he is so sweet.
Originality: 10. I feel like everyone who watches this did not think it was going to go where it went. It was so unexpected in the best way! Love it!

Good For: Anyone who loves music, anyone who has lost someone, anyone looking for a good show.
Age Range: It’s rated G so it’s good for any and all ages. I feel like teens and adults are more hit with the significance of things in this episode than teeny tiny kids, but it is still great for them.
Overall Score: 9.5!
Worth watching?: Goodness gracious, yes. This episode has it all! 
Will I watch again?:
 Am I emotionally ready to see it again? Probably not any time soon. Is that going to stop me from watching it a million times? Nope. I love this episode and can’t wait to see it again. It’s the shortest one in the whole season so I only wish there was more!
“This is an interesting little relationship we have here.”
(Also known as the moment when all of our hearts stopped beating)
Bonus thoughts:
I’m not going to say a lot because I am wary of giving spoilers, but you all need to watch this. The whole season built up to it really well and everything happened at the right time. At the risk of sounding crazy, I have to say that I love the struggles that everyone goes through.

Julie and the Phantoms: Season 1, Episode 9: “Stand Tall” (2020):
Based on:
the Brazilian show, Julie e os Fantasmas (2011-2012).
Luke, Alex, and Reggie try to arrange to get a final chance to finish what they have to do. Together with Julie, what can stop them? One person may have something to say about that...
“Who you calling ‘boy band’?”
Genres: Family, Drama, Musical, and touches of Fantasy.
Length: approx. 35 minutes.
Script: 10. No bad words!
Crew: Directed by: Kenny Ortega. Written by: Dan Cross, David Hoge, & Nora Sullivan  based on the series by Paula Knudsen, Tiago Mello, & Fabio Danesi.
Starring (Listing the 10 most important characters in each episode.):
1. Madison Reyes as Julie.
2. Charlie Gillespie as Luke.
3. Owen Patrick Joyner as Alex.
4. Jeremy Shada as Reggie.
5. Jadah Marie as Flynn.
6. Sonny Bustamante as Carlos Molina.
7. Carlos Ponce as Ray Molina.
8. Booboo Stewart as Willie.
9. Steve Bacic as Trevor Wilson.
10. Savannah Lee May as Carrie Wilson.
Costumes: 10. There are some sweet threads here, not going to deny it. Everyone looks amazing in all of their outfits!
‘“How’d you know our sizes?”
“That’s your question!?”’
Cinematography: 10. The ghostly visual effects reach their peak here! Just everything about them are great. Talk about quality!
Cinematography by: Jon Joffin.
Music: 10. The last songs of the season do not disappoint in any way, shape, or form! All the plot threads coming together made for an excellent finale. I'm begging you at this point, watch it as soon as possible!
Music by: David Lawrence, Jakub Vanyo, Alana DeFonseca, & Vincent Alfieri.
Notes: The scene with “You Got Nothing to Lose” almost wasn’t filmed! It has such an important event that I can’t imagine what it would’ve been like without it. I’m glad they went through with it!
Quotability: 10. Guys, the lines here are i c o n i c. I am speechless.
“Stop saying the bus drove itself!”

10. Characters go through more physical pain which is terrible but not glorified. It is important for the plot but not overused. Ack, guys I can’t even stress how I love how clean these episodes are!
Originality: 10. Utterly marvelous, guys! It is new and inventive and powerful.
Good For: Anyone who loves music, anyone who has lost someone, anyone looking for a good show.
Age Range: This is ideal for any and all ages! It is enjoyable in all ways so anyone could relate to the characters.
Overall Score: 10! It is kind of unbelievable how good it is, I know, but trust me on this one!
Worth watching?: Too bad you can’t see the tears streaming down my face that say “DEFINITELY!”
Will I watch again?: Why do I have this question when the answer is so clear? Absolutely! I can’t wait. The last time my younger sister Fiona and I watched it impacted us more times than before so it gets better and better with each rewatch.
Bonus thoughts:
THE CHARACTERS ARE MASTERPIECES. I loved seeing each of them on their journeys! I love Julie, Luke, Reggie, and Alex all so much! They are my new fictional family. I don't want to mention specific side characters for the sake of spoilers, but I do want to say that Flynn is awesome. Also, Carlos is adorable! This episode speaks for itself. I can’t do any better, so you should just watch it and be prepared to be blown away. It wrapped up the whole season in the best way. We are all eager for more inspiration and another season!

Fiona and I have no other favorite story, so we can be a little biased. Our older sister probably likes it more reasonably, but what is the point of enjoying things halfway? We don’t demand that everyone feels the same way that we do about it, we just want you to have the opportunity to receive the blessing that watching this show has been for us! Best part of 2021 so far for us and it will continue!

There you have it! I’m a little tired as I had serum injected into me yesterday (I’m trying to make it sound like I’m Captain America but in reality I just got a vaccine) so I’m blaming any grammatical mistakes that I have on that. I have been at this all. day. long. since my brain is working that slowly and usually I would be really annoyed with that, but it's Julie and the Phantoms! I'm so happy to think about it so much!

Thank you so much for reading! Please tell me if you want to watch this show now (If you do it will make my day)! Has anyone new seen it? Let’s talk! What is your favorite episode? Does anyone love episode 7 as much as I do? Who else wants to see season 2?? Have a great rest of your day!



  1. Great review! I love this show so much, and I'm not even sure I would've watched it if it wasn't for your reviews.
    I think I cried during both of the last two episodes because they're both so emotional.
    Woah. That's so cool that Madison Reyes and Charlie Gillespie wrote "Perfect Harmony."
    I do the same thing when I love a show or movie or book. I just watch it over and over and over again.
    I definitely want a Season Two as soon as possible.

    1. Thanks, McKayla! It makes me so happy that I was able to convince you to try it and that it was worth your time! I can't stop smiling!
      Yep, it's hard not to! The music, lines, and acting all create such deep feelings. It's incredible!
      Yeah! They are so talented. I can't wait to see if they contribute anything to Season 2 (when there is one officially which there has to be!). I could gush about it all day but I'll stop now. Are you planning on writing any posts about it??

  2. I haven't watched this one...but it sounds like something I would enjoy! (Maybe once we finish Marvel and the BBC Sherlock. XD XD)

    Also, CONGRATS on getting your vaccine! Will you be able to start doing normal things again soon?

    1. Sam! Yes! I think you would love it. Once you watch the first episode you'll be hooked! (Aha, yeah, you've got yourself into some big universes there. XD Take your time and enjoy them to their fullest! :D)

      Thank you!! After I get my second shot my family plans to take it easy over the summer just to be cautious of different varieties, but then after that! This is the beginning of the end!

  3. Need to watch this one at some point.

    1. You won't regret it! It is so short that it will be over before you know it and you'll be eager for more like the rest of us!

  4. Edge of Great is my absolute favorite song! (And I think I did notice that guitar riff you mentioned.) It's the best and I want a season two so bad. You and I will have to go on a mission to convert the world to JATP fans.

    1. High five! It is an absolutely BLAST! (All my heart goes to those guitar riffs! So good!) I agree it is the best! Rachel, we've got a hard task ahead of us, but we can do it! Woohoo!

  5. i actually have episode 7 memorized.... its my favorite :D


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