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Friday, April 30, 2021

The Narnia Tag!

 Good tidings my people!

Today is the last day of April, so May is almost upon us! Is it just me, or does May scream NARNIA? The snow is melting, flowers are starting to bloom, creation and adventure is everywhere, overall Aslan is on the move. Sure, I know that most people think of March or April in what I just described, but where I live the snow doesn’t usually melt until May and flowers definitely don’t come out before Mother’s Day. It can be like this in the earlier months, but we all know that it is an illusion and it is going to snow again.

(Which I am the cause of because I am Jadis the White Witch and proud of it.)

Since I am in such a nostalgic mood for Narnia, it is the perfect time to fill out a tag! This tag was bestowed upon me by two of my favorite peeps: Olivia @ Meanwhile in Rivendell and Sarah Seele @ Sixty Something Trees. Thanks, you two! You both know my love for Narnia so I appreciate it greatly.

I’m taking a small moment to mention that there are SPOILERS AHEAD. If you haven’t read ALL SEVEN BOOKS of the Chronicles of Narnia, then read no further! The Chronicles of Narnia is my favorite book series of all time, so I really don’t want the marvelous surprises taken away from you.

1. Thank the person who nominated you
2. Rate your degree of “Narnia fanatic” (nostalgic, serious, maniacal)
3. Answer the questions below
4. Tag 5+ bloggers
5. Have fun!

Scale of Fanaticism:
1. Nostalgic Fanatic: You read the book and/or watched the movies as a child and the word Narnia gives you a warm feeling.

2. Serious Fanatic: You rediscovered the wonder of Narnia after you were older and have read the books and watched the movies.

3. Maniacal Fanatic: You have lived Narnia from childhood, hid in closets on more occasions than is healthy, have read and watched all the movies including the BBC version.

I protest! This isn’t fair! Anyone who knows me would tell you right away that I am a Maniacal Fanatic, but according to this I wouldn’t be because I haven’t seen the BBC version. Trust me, it’s not for lack of trying! I want to see it so badly but I haven’t had a chance.

I basically live and breathe Narnia. It fills me with an unimaginable joy every time I think of it. So I am breaking the rules and am calling myself a Queen Fanatic. You can surmise what that means.

(Note, at first I was disappointed that there were only seven questions, but then I realized that’s because there are seven books so I highly approve)

1. Who’s your favorite Pevensie sibling?

I feel a wee bit called out as Olivia said that we in the Narnia fandom tend to not pick favorites, saying that all of them are the best and wonderful in their own way. Which is so try, man! They are the best! But, Olivia chose a favorite so I must too. I’m admitting something that I have never admitted before (besides to my sister a few weeks ago). I actually do have a favorite Pevensie.

Any guesses?

I feel like this Pevensie is the least appreciated of all of them.

I have seen people specially take time to mention all three of the others, but people say that this person is just kind of there.

That isn’t true. This character is one of the most amazing characters of all time and I relate to this person in a million ways.

They are all precious, but I have to admit this one is my favorite.


People talk about how Edmund the Just has a heart-wrenching redemption arc. People talk about how Susan the Gentle was mistreated and deserved a better ending. People talk about how Lucy the Valiant is so pure and has a goodness and faith that exceeds all things.

I agree with all of those statements 100% and don’t want to down any of them because I love them all and wouldn’t change them for the world.

I just have a special place in my heart for Peter the Magnificent and it’s probably the fault of movies and William Mosley because they were my introduction to the world and I’ve been loving it ever since.

‘At the name of Aslan each one of the children felt something jump in its inside.....Peter felt suddenly brace and adventurous.’

Just read or watch The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Everyone is always looking up to Peter and asking him what he thinks. He has to plan an army for crying out loud! He just wants to take care of his siblings and do the best for them. He is so humble, too! He was never cruel to Lucy when they all thought that she was making Narnia up, then as soon as he found out it was real he was sorry and asked for her forgiveness.

In Prince Caspian I feel so much for him as he has the responsibility of guiding them all to where Caspian is. He is the leader and has to make big decisions which are usually having to split a vote. My favorite part of the whole series is the glorious scene where he apologizes to Aslan for having lead the group wrong and Aslan says to him, “My dear son.”

My heart can’t get any fuller.

Peter is my precious son and I will love him a bit more than the others for my whole life.

(I am also super bitter that in the movie they made him and Caspian hate each other because in the book both are so respectful of the other and it is the best dynamic. But other than that the movies are my favorites)

(I wrote this all before I learned that Megan Chappie feels the same way yet she beat me to publishing her post. You should check out hers HERE)

2. What is the most underrated Narnia book?

The Last Battle.

The first time I read it I hated it like so many others do. What?? This is how it all ends?

When I reread it in May of 2018 I went in without remembering a single thing that happened. I had read it so quickly and didn’t like it that I completely forgot what happened. I love that because it gave me a new chance to see it a different way.

I do protest what happens to Susan, but that is my only problem with the book. It is profoundly beautiful and majestic and a perfect ending to a brilliant series.

Shift is so horribly manipulative yet REAL. I hardcore relate to Puzzle which probably isn’t good. C. S. Lewis gave us A UNICORN. Allllllllllllllll of it is fantastic and makes me weep with joy and sadness.

3. Who is your favorite Narnian king?

Frank the cabby! His reverence at Aslan and awe of the newly created world sparks wonder in me. He makes me cry. I mean, all of the books make me cry in someway, but it doesn’t make it any less special. I know that he and his wife, Helen, were the best first king and queen of Narnia that anyone could ask for.


4. Who is your favorite Narnian queen?

I can’t pick between Susan and Lucy so I will stubbornly say both of them.


5. Which non-human Narnian do you like best?

Like best? Who came up with this painful question??

Aslan is the given so we aren’t even going to include him. Of all the others, I have to say...Mr. Tumnus.

Once again, the deep nostalgia for the movies is coming through. I remember watching this movie about a war and not knowing what was going to come then suddenly Lucy was in a new world with a new friend. Mr. Tumnus brings a whole new level of happiness to my life.

AND (I can’t possibly narrow it down to a single creature) Puddleglum. He is my favorite wet blanket in the whole universe. I can’t hope to say anything original about him, but I’ll say this: His loyalty never fails to make me doubt less.

6. Which book deserves a movie?

I know that a lot of people don’t want to see them as movies but it was my introduction to the world so I really, really, really do. I have been wanting to see a movie of The Silver Chair ever since The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (2010) came out. If they make that one (even though the actors are too old now) then they have to continue with the rest of the series!

What is the one thing you did as a Narnia fan that you do not regret?

No regrets! My birthday theme was Narnia a few years ago, I’ve hidden in closets millions of times and don’t think any of it is a waste of time.

Especially for all of the times that I’ve started at a painting of the ocean in my grandma’s basement hoping that it would move. I swore that it did once, just ever so slightly.

That’s it! A lot of people have done this tag already so I won’t nominate anyone new, but if you want to fill it out then please do! Thanks again to the ladies who tagged me!

Thanks to all of you for reading! Anyone shocked by my favorite Pevensie? Does anyone else love the movies like I do? How did you get into the Chronicles of Narnia?



  1. I love Narnia, so so much. Although you should watch the BBC version because they're pretty good and they made the Silver Chair. It has Tom Baker as Puddleglum and he does a fantastic job.

    1. Narnia forever! Goodness, the BBC version sound so excellent! Just the thought of seeing my beloved Puddleglum come to life makes me so happy. I need to check that out! Where were you able to see it?

  2. I am so doing this tag. Because Narnia. :) This was a fun post to read! I also really enjoyed the movies, even if they didn't completely follow the books.

    1. Your tag answers were so fun to read! I'm so happy that you decided to do it. :) The movies are different, but still great and capture the excellent aesthetic that I get from reading the books.

  3. PETER. <3 <3 <3 I love and agree with everything you said about him. You have done the High King justice, MC. (And I, too, utterly DETEST what the movies did to him and Caspian. It was a terrible and blatant case of Missing the Point.)

    I love The Last Battle, too! It contains the best imagination of Heaven I've ever seen, I think...one that makes me /long/ for Heaven.

    And despite the cynical Hollywood-mistrusting side of me...I would really like to see the rest of the books made into movies, too. Silver Chair included.

    1. MY MAGNIFICENT BOY!!! <3 <3 <3 Megan, you're making me blush! Thank you for not overlooking him either. :D (I really adore the relationship that he has with Lucy in the movies, but the weird protectiveness around Susan about Caspian was a shame!)

      Yes! The last time I read it (when I had completely forgotten what it was about...) was when I was going through a tough spot and it granted me so much peace. It shows Heaven as a final destination that is worth fighting for!

      XD Though I tend to complain about movie adaptations, I still want to see them for almost every book that I read (except Anne of Green Gables. That is the ONE AND ONLY one that I will forever just see in my head). I'm sure that they could give the movies such brilliant casting and visuals!

  4. I feel like such a hack, I haven't actually read through all the books. I think I've read most of them but I know for sure that I haven't read the last one yet. I remember watching the Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe in theatres when it came out and sitting in awe but that was about it the extent of what I knew about it for quite a long time.

    1. Hey, there's still time! I still have to convince my little sister to read the rest of them because she's only read the first book. I tend to get tentative when it comes to the end of something that I really love, but it's so worth it! Elizabeth, you are so lucky to have see the first movie in a theater! I saw the sequels but not the original.

  5. I desperately want The Silver Chair as a movie. I adore Puddleglum and all your answers!!

    1. Can't you just see how cool it would be to watch the giants and all of the underground travels? Aww, thank you so much, Skye!

  6. Ahh, Peter. He's so awesome. :)

    I need to reread the whole series, but specifically TLB, because I was so very sad about how mean Shift was to Puzzle that it ruined the rest of the book, when I read it the last time. Which must have been when I was like, ten. XD

    A Narnia birthday theme sounds amazing!

    1. PETER. <3 He is so humble and his leadership is beyond this world. :) I could talk about him for ages...

      That was my story! I didn't like it so I repressed it but when I read it again I loved it. You should totally give it a try again! Sometimes I don't like rereading books when there are so many new ones to explore, but that is never the case for Narnia. :D

      It was fabulous. I recommend having one yourself!

  7. I too looked for Narnia in closets and wardrobes. I truly believed it existed until I was maybe 11? I’d like to think we were both on to something ;) also, mr. Tumnus is a gem. Though I’m glad my impression of him was of the cinematic version first because C.S.’s “middle aged squirrely professor” Tumnus creeps me out haha. I enjoyed reading your favorites!

    1. I remember wandering through the woods near the neighborhood where a friend lived and finding a light post. I low-key freaked out and thought that I had actually made it in! We were definitely on the right track. ;) Agreed! James McAvoy presented such a friendly and kind Mr. Tumnus that I'm so happy was the first version I saw. Thank you, miranda!

  8. Hurrah!!!! I was looking forward to you posting this and it did not disappoint! I love all your thoughts. (Also May is VERY Narnia-ish, I like that.)

    What you said about Peter!!! For whatever reason he's never been my favorite - I've never even really thought about him much - but I was noticing some of what you said here on my recent Narnia reread and realizing that Peter is actually pretty awesome and deserves a lot more love. You just said it very well. I love his humility and maturity.

    Shift is AWFUL. He's so awful because he's so real. *agrees* Puzzle's a darling, though I always want to shake him, haha. That's partly because I know a lot of people like him, too, though. Because he's so humble and sweet and it's wonderful, but at the same time he just...doesn't stand up for himself? And not only that, he doesn't stand up for what he knows is right? Because he's so lacking in self-confidence that he's afraid he can't possibly know what's really right? It's just so real, and so frustrating. I love him, though.

    Frank the cabby is such a good answer for favorite Narnian king. I LOVE how when they're all in pre-first-dawn Narnia, he's like "I think we should sing a hymn" and then he DOES and his voice is so nice and just...yes. He's the best.

    I love the story about the ocean painting at your grandma's house. xD

    1. I hoped that I would live up to the honor of being tagged! Your comment made me so happy when I got it and I'm sorry that it has taken me so long to reply to it! *growls at old computer while stroking new one* (Maybe I've started a tradition with this...)

      It's weird what perspective does to you, isn't it? I never realized how much I love Peter until I realized that no one else liked him as much! He's so afraid of messing up but just shoulders the responsibility and takes care of his siblings and ACK. I AM WAY TOO HAPPY JUST THINKING ABOUT HIM. I'm also really happy that you've come to appreciate him, too.

      Just thinking about Shift gives me shudders! His manipulation is so accurate and life like that it makes me sick! Yes to all you said about Puzzle! That's one of the reasons why I'm a little embarrassed to be SO SIMILAR to him. I used to be exactly like him with his thinking that he can't possibly be right. (I still think I'm like him, sadly, but my mom says that isn't the case because I've gotten "mouthy" in my old age. XD). There's a difference between being respectful to others and not having any respect or confidence for yourself. It makes me so sad and frustrated that he didn't stand up more!

      Oh my goodness, yes! The first time I read that I was too shocked to react, but then I started crying because it's the sweetest thing. He is very much the best.

      XD Yeah, it's become quite a habit whenever I am in that room where the painting is...

      Thank you so much for the tag and your lovely comment, Sarah dear! :D


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