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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Movie/Series Review: Robin Hood BBC: Season 1, Episode 8: "Tattoo? What Tattoo?"

Okay, just to let you know, this is not one of my favorite titles to the episode, but they do say how tattoos are not good: "Maybe in the future you'll think twice before painting your arm." He adds "like a girl" which I think is a little offensive, but it is showing that that is not cool at all.
Anyway, now that I am done with that, Welcome back to my Robin Hood watch-along!

How it works:
If you want to join, go ahead! All you have to do is watch the episode for the day, then if you want do a post on it, or just comment on someone Else's post about it!
In my reviews for this series, I am only going to list the top ten featured characters in that episode.

My guarantee: On ALL of my reviews there are NO spoilers unless it says so.

Robin Hood BBC: Season 1, Episode 8: "Tattoo? What Tattoo?" (2006):

Based on the legends of Robin Hood:
"Since when has a man needed an invitation to his own house?"
It is the King's birthday and Guy of Gisbourne is holding a celebration in Locksley Manor. A few outlaws decide to crash that celebration and end up with a prisoner, and the Sheriff ends up with a prisoner.
"So, you could say it was my doing."

Genre: Action, Adventure, Period Drama, Romance.

Costumes: 8, they are all pretty good.
My favorite:

Script: 6, There is a part where Guy is asking Robin who he thinks he is, and it really isn't nice.
"Do any of you understand what treason is?"

Directed by: Declan O'Dwye
Created by:
Foz Allan
Dominic Minghella
1. Jonas Armstrong as Robin Hood.

2. Richard Armitage as Guy of Gisbourne.
3. Keith Allan as Vaisey, the Sheriff of Notingham.
4. Anjali Jay as Djaq.
5. Sam Thourghton as Much.
6. Harry Lloyd as Will Scarlet.
7. Joe Armstrong as Allan a Dale.
8. Gordon Kennedy as Little John.
9. Mark Phoenix as Jailer.
10. Lucy Griffiths as Maid Marian.

Music: 10!
Music by: Andy Price.
Quotes: 8, "There's something wrong with you." "Yes."

Storyline: 6, there is quite a bit of fighting, some suggestive stuff (cut it out Vaisey!), tattoos, but as I mentioned above it is not encouraging it.
"Irritating, isn't it?"

Good For: Robin Hood fans!

Overall Score: 7!

Thank you so much for reading! What do you think of this episode?



  1. These sound so good! I need to buy an app on my phone so I can watch them..

    1. They are! You can also watch them here:
      You start with 1x1 then continue! I hope that helps!

  2. Awesome blog!

    I would sincerely appreciate it if you checked out my book reviews blog at https://elsbookreviews.blogspot.ca/ and possibly give it a follow as well! Excited to read more of your posts!

    - El

    1. Thank you for checking out my blog, El!

  3. Oh, this episode. Where Will says he thinks he loves Djaq. And where they think they're saving Djaq, while she saves them.
    'True, but it's Djaq.'
    'What does that even mean, ''true, but it's Djaq''? It's not even an answer.' Much again. :)
    I always thought bad of Guy(him I do not like ;)), but even more when it came out that he tried to kill the king. Yeah, cut it out Vaisey! Sometimes it is irritating, you know? Anyway, loved to read this episode review again!

    1. Yes. It all comes out. And it is sort of funny that at the same time Allan says, "I like her." And Much really does have some hilarious lines!
      Guy is pretty annoying! (;)) The most annoying thing in this episode is where he is tied to the tree and he keeps making that face that is really a mocking face.
      Very. :)
      Thank you so much Ruth!

  4. The episode where Djaq is being captured by the sherrif and when Will says he loves her and Allan says he likes her. So, Robin doesn't want to rescue her because she is a GIRL, and the others trying to save her. But actually Djaq saves them.

    And then we have that tattoo of Guy. Didn't liked it when I first discovered he was trying to kill the king. I didn't liked Robin either in the episode, he was only thinking about himself and Guy, not thinking about his gang. He wanted a confession of Guy, telling him that he tried to kill the king. That is quite annoying. Especially when he is tied to the tree and he makes his mocking face.

    1. Djaq is so great! It really annoyed me that Robin didn't want to rescue her because she was a girl, but, if it was Marian he would! I do think that Allan loves her too, but he just said "I like her."

      Robin was being so selfish in this episode!
      "It took all my power to calm him....and hers. But, I got her so you could say it was all me." Much! He is so funny! Robin was saying it was treason and more important than Djaq, but she had saved him in Locksley! And, he could have saved her and at the same kept Guy tied to the tree.

      Thanks for participating!


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