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Friday, July 14, 2017

Movie/Series Review: Robin Hood BBC: Season 1, Episode 9: "A Thing or Two About Loyalty"

Hi Everybody!
Here I am for the ninth episode in my Robin Hood BBC watch-along! How can we be here already!?

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If you want to join, go ahead! All you have to do is watch the episode for the day, then if you want do a post on it, or just comment on someone Else's post about it!
In my reviews for this series, I am only going to list the top ten featured characters in that episode.

My guarantee: On ALL of my reviews there are NO spoilers unless it says so.

Robin Hood BBC: Season 1, Episode 9: "A Thing or Two About Loyalty" (2006):

Based on the Robin Hood legends:
"Well, I've got a lovely idea."
Lambert, a friend of Guy has created black powder. He was going to sell it to the Sheriff, but he didn't trust him so the Sheriff had him thrown in jail. Lambert didn't remember the ingredients, but he wrote them down on a ledger. Will he break? Will Robin Hood or Guy get there first? Robin needs someone on the inside.
"What does one have to do the get arrested?"

Genre: Action, Adventure, Period Drama, Romance.

Costumes: 9, there is a part where people are taking bathes, so not wearing clothing, but we only see from the shoulders up.
My favorite: I couldn't find a picture of my favorite, which is Much's fancy clothing, but I'll put this photo which has a quote from this episode on it:

Script: 9, not anything bad that I could hear.
"I must say it's very pleasant, as traps go."

Directed by: Graeme Harper
Created by:
Foz Allan
Dominic Minghella
1. Jonas Armstrong as Robin Hood.
2. Keith Allan as Vaisey, Sheriff of Notingham.
3. Richard Armitage as Guy of Gisbourne.

4. René Zagger as Lambert

5. Sam Throughton as Much.
6. Kelly Adams as Eve.

7. Anjali Jay as Djaq.
8. Joe Armstrong as Allan a Dale, "Nice one, Allan!"
9. Harry Lloyd as Will Scarlet.
10. Gordon Kennedy.
Music: 10! "You have a terrible voice!"
Music by: Andy Price
Quotes: 9,
"I'm not asleep."
"You are now."
Notes: I had never noticed it, but in the beginning of this episode, to get off his horse, Vaisey uses a guard as a step stool!
Storyline: 5, there is some really suggestive stuff, and a bit of it. There is also fighting, death, and kissing (mind, when I say kissing I'm not saying that it is a bad thing, I'm just saying that it is there.)

Good For: Robin Hood fans!

Overall Score: 8!

Thank you so much for reading! What do you think of this episode?



  1. Marian was so disappointed in Guy when he did not do as she proposed. But she should have expected that, because he is so influencial under sherrif's hand. I was a bit late on these last episodes, but that's because I don't go on the computer Saturday, and sometimes not even Friday. I love that Marian just goes to Robin to tell him about Lambert, and then he comforts her. And everyone walks away, giving them privacy. Well, I liked this episode, even if Lambert was killed. Much as the Lord of Bonville, though. :)
    'Glad to have you back, Much.'
    'Glad to have you back, Lord Much.'
    'Oh,this is going to be very irritating.'
    'This is going to be very irritating, milord.'

    1. That was a big disapointment from Guy. She is trying to make him good, to find good in him.
      Oh that is perfectly fine! I love seeing your comments here!
      That is such a sweet scene! That might be my favorite scene of the whole episode!
      Overall a pretty good episode. :)
      Much is so hilarious! And his costumes as Lord of Bonchurch are a little bit over the top.
      "Yes, it is irritating, but I like it." :)

  2. You could suspect that, that Guy disappointed Marian. The sheriff is a very powerful man and Guy is his righthand man. I am glad that Marian went to Robin to tell him about Lambert. And he comforts him, that is so sweet. This is an interesting episode. No one ever heard of black powder and it is new for them. The sherrif wants to use the powder in a bad way. And Robin must stop him. It was sad that they killed Lambert.
    Much as Lord of Bonville is so funny. :D I really liked him and Eve, although Eve first worked for the sherrif. I wish she came back in some episodes in the series.

    1. When Marian went to Robin it is one of my favorite scenes! They really are so sweet! It is an interesting episode, I think it would be one of my faovrites if Lambert haddn't died.
      Much really was so hilarious! And his clothing was kind of funny too! :D I, too, really liked him and Eve! They were such a nice couple! It makes me sad that she didn't come back, and Much said that when this was all over he would find her, when he had to go and like Kate. :/


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