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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Movie/Series Review: Robin Hood BBC: Season 2, Episode 13: "We are Robin Hood!"

Here we are for the season 2 finale in my Robin Hood BBC watch-along!!

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Robin Hood BBC: Season 2, Episode 13: "We are Robin Hood!" (2007):

Based on the Robin Hood legends:
"Sometimes peace requires more bravery than war."
Robin Hood needs to save the king, then England.
"Your heart must be the coldest place on earth."
Genre: Action, Adventure, Period Drama, Romance.
Costumes: 9, there are some good ones.
Script: 9,
"You speak our language!"
"You speak mine, it's only fair."
Directed by: David Evans
Created by:
Fox Allan
Dominic Minghella
1. Jonas Armstrong as Robin Hood.
2. Lucy Griffiths as Marian.
3. Richard Armitage as Guy of Gisborne.
4. Keith Allan as Vaisey, Sheriff of Nottingham.
5. Anjali Jay as Djaq.
6. Harry Lloyd as Will Scarlet.
7. Nadim Sawalha as Bassam.
8. Joseph Kennedy as Carter.
9. Steven Waddington as King Richard.
10. Gordon Kennedy as Little John.
Music: 10!
Music by: Andy Price.
Quotes: 9,
"I admire Aristotle."
"I prefer Plato."
Storyline: 6, there is death, kissing, and where people say not so nice things to do with religion.
Overall Score 7.

Thank you so much for reading! Please tell me what you think about this episode!!



  1. (Oh yes, this is the last one in this season, okay. So now I can explain more.) I refused to watch any more after this episode, because once you kill off and leave behind my three favourite characters, what's the point?! Come ON. I've also heard that they try to, like, replace? Marian which is, um, less than okay. And I ADORE Will and Djaq, both individually and together so like--without them?? Ugh.
    Hahaha. There you go. :p

    1. (Oh yes, I would love to talk about this episode and cry on someone's shoulder about it.) Let me tell you, it isn't really worth it, the beginning episode is nice and cry worthy, and the ending episode is okay, but still. Yes, how terrible is that? They try to replace the loved characters!!!! Marian is amazing, and I really like Will and Djaq. :'C
      If you do decide to watch more, let me know.
      Thanks for talking!!!

  2. Oooohhh, this episode. It made me cry, laugh and it was quite exciting. It's not my favorite, maybe a tiny bit. Because there is happening a lot, some things are great, other things are NOT fun.

    Will and Djaq leave the gang and stay in the Holy Land. Didn't liked that either. Robin isn't himself anymore, the rest is just the same.
    Marian is gone, which is SO sad, I didn't cry, almost. I am a weird person I know, I don't cry when people are dying in movies or series.
    You will always be in my heart Marian, I don't forget you. Marian is one of my favorite characters.

    Season 3 isn't so fun as season 1 and 2. But I am looking forward to talk with you about the third season. :)

    1. Oh yes, I cry so much in this episode everytime I watch it. It is one of my least favorite because, well, you know. I am surprised at how much they fit into this episode! I always think of it as two episodes, where it is actually one!

      That was sad, they were very good characters and I miss not having them in the show. Robin is a wreck, and I would be mad at him if he wasn't.
      YES!!!!!!! That is one of the good things about this episode!!! :)
      I can understand about not crying, the first time I saw the show Marian was the only time I cried, but I have been crying more this time through.
      Beautifully said, Rachel!! :)

      Yes, I argee, but I am hoping I won't be so prejudiced this time through. :) I am very excited to talk!!!

      Thanks for commenting all through this season!!

  3. No. No, no, no, NO!!!! This shouldn't be happening! It's not fair! Even though this is the saddest episode in the entire series, I liked it. How is that? I liked it. Seriously? Well, yes. Allan was BACK! Robin and Marian were getting married! But that's all. For the rest of it, it's totally awful. Marian dying was the worst thing they could do to the series!! I don't know what was the saddest, the first, second or third time. The first time I didn't expect it at ALL, so that was a punch in the face. But the second time, I knew it was going to happen, so I was starting to get emotional even before Marian was actually dying. The third time, I tried to not look nor listen, because maybe that would help. Well, it did, for a while. Then I made the mistake to look a bit, and just at the part where Robin walks down the hill with Marian in his arms and all those memories of her go flashing by! I think the second time was the worst though. And then Will and Djaq stayed. They STAYED! That is an 'almost as big as the previous mistake' mistake. Because two other great characters are taken away from you. I hated that! :'(

    1. I agree!! Why in the world did the writter have to do that!!! It is so sad!!! :C Well, yes it is so happy that Robin and Marian got married, but they weren't for long. :C And it was all so beautiful and sad, very sad, but it was beautiful. I think it was saddest the second time, because I was in so much shock the first time I didn't believe it, but I did believe it the second time. And it was true. :( Oh yes!! That is so sad, the first time I watched this episode I had to look at pictures of happy things to cheer myself up I was so sad.
      ALLAN!! Now you are finally back!!!
      How could Will and Djaq do that!!?? I mean, they should be together, but why not in England!!?? It was sad. I did not like it at all!! :C

      Thanks for commiserating with me!!


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