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Monday, August 7, 2017

Movie/Series Review: Robin Hood BBC: Season 2, Episode 12: "A Good Day to Die"

Here we are again for my Robin Hood BBC watch-along!!

(This is from this episode)
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Robin Hood BBC: Season 2, Episode 12: "A Good Day to Die" (2007):

Based on the Robin Hood legends:
"It could be anything for all I know."
It is Robin Hood's birthday and what begins as a party turns into an ambush. Robin and his gang are surrounded, what will they do?
"I'm going to die. Not because of them but because of shame."

Genre: Action, Adventure, Period Drama, Romance.
Costumes: 9, they are pretty nice.
My favorite:
Sorry, you can't really see it, but it is nice.
Script: 8, there is a place where a character takes God's name in vain, but he only says it once.
"It's just talking?"
"Yes, real talking."

Directed by: David Evans
Created by:
Fox Allan
Dominic Minghella
1. Jonas Armstrong as Robin Hood.
2. Keith Allan as Vaisey, Sheriff of Nottingham.
3. Sam Throughton as Much. "I'm not saying anything."
4. Richard Armitage as Guy of Gisbourne.

5. Joe Armstrong as Allan a Dale.
6. Anjali Jay as Djaq.
7. Harry Lloyd as Will Scarlet.
8. Gordon Kennedy as Little John.
9. Paul Usher as Ellingham.
10. Lucy Griffiths as Marian. "You underestimate me."
Music: 10!
Music by: Andy Price.
Quotes: 8, "Is this just what it is, everyone saying they love each other?"
Storyline: 6, there is death, gross things, gruesome things, kissing, fighting, and suggestive stuff.

Good For: Robin Hood fans!
Overall Score: 8!

Once again, thanks for reading! Let's talk, what do you think of this episode?



  1. It's Robin's birthday! Let's celebrate!!!

    The gang arranged a party for Robin in a barn. Actually, it was Much, who insisted to have a party for his master. As soon as they are in, they get sorrounded by soldiers, in order of the sheriff. They don't have a lot of water, nor food. They are worried that they won't live so long.

    So, they do a little game, where they tell each other what is truly in their hart. Will and Djaq find out that they love each other, John tells about his wife and son, even Robin tells something.
    Much is SO funny in this episode!!! Hilarious!

    Marian tries to kill the sheriff, which is very stupid, because she is in trouble now. The sheriff and Guy's relationship gets stronger. They are heading to the Holy Land, with Marian and Allan.
    Allan escapes and saves the gang, tells Robin about the plans of the sheriff and they also go to the Holy Land. To warn the king and to save Marian.

    1. Yes indeed!!!

      It was a very nice thought, it was very nice of Much! But, the gang blames him when he didn't know that they would be betrayed. I like that Much's first thought was that that town was not getting any food that winter. :)

      I liked that game, even if Much did think it was boring. ;) I really liked that they all said something, even Robin. And what they said was really nice and true. It makes me happy.

      I have no idea what Marian was doing, Nottingham would have been burned to the ground!!! And she could have done something else! I guess she loves Robin very much. More than Nottingham. :( But it would be the last time. Okay, now I'm making myself sad. I was really happy with Allan, after betraying the gang all season he saved them. :)
      This is one of the last happy episodes.

      Thanks, Rachel!

  2. Alright, this episode was half dislike and half like. I disliked it, because Marian was trying to kill the sherrif, got caught and they braught her to the Holy Land. And Guy is angry with her. Then to think that one episode before, he was being nice and all. On the other hand, Will and Djaq finally told eachother their true feelings, Allan came back to the gang and saved them, Robin finally said what was preventing him from talking to Much about the war. And Much was just hilarious! So funny!!!
    'I'm coming, my love.' The episode ends with those words...I wish it went different.

    1. Yes! That is exactly how to discribe it!!!
      Oh, Marian! How could you do something so stupid! I love that charcter but she had bad judgement then. How could Guy's feelings change so quickly!?
      Yes! At first I was rooting for Djaq and Allan, but Will and Djaq are so much better together!! YES!!! Allan is back!!!
      Robin said the truth which was very sweet. Much is so loyal, and he is very funny!!
      That ending.. *cries*....

      Thanks, Ruth!


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