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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Mini Book Reviews: 1

I stole this idea from Kara at Flowers of Quiet Happiness (Okay, technically I didn't steal it, I asked, but I did ask if I could steal it. Hm...). I am really not good at writing book reviews. This is a movie blog, but I love writing book reviews too. My book reviews are usually rather short, so what if I have several in one post, like Kara! And here we are. Enjoy!

Inside Out and Back Again - by Thanhha Lai 

"No one would believe me but at times I would choose wartime in Saigon over peacetime in Alabama."
This book is about Há. A girl who lives in Saigon, Thailand when Thailand is at war. She has to escape her country and go to somewhere save. Her whole life turns inside out.
Characters: 8, I love through all of this there are kind people there. It really makes it such a special story.
My Favorites: Há, Her Mother.
Words: 5, There is a bit of blasphemy. It happens when kids are teasing her about her religion yelling, "Boo-Da!" After her so she yells back teasing their religion.
"Whoever invented English must have loved snakes."
Storyline: 9, it really is a beautiful story. I definitely recommend it.
Overall Score: 7

The Q - by Beth Brower

"Because dreams are what stretch you to find more, to be a better person, if you will."
The Q is Quincy St. Claire's life. All her hopes and plans are for The Q. Her dying great-uncle makes a list of twelve things she has to do to get The Q. Sounds easy, right? Not so, she doesn't know what is on the list. And to make things worst her "Arch Enemy", Mr. Arch, has to see her do them. Will Quincy St. Claire get The Q?
Characters: 10, each one is so different and complex, it really brings the story to life.
My Favorite: Quincy St. Claire: realistic, Crow: clever, Fisher: funny , Mr. Arch: civilized.
Words: 6, there are a few bad words.
"Most people simply get or buy a paper," Quincy said. "Why you feel it necessary to procure one is beyond me."
Storyline: 10, yes it is amazing. Go read it now.
Overall Score: 8

Storybound - by Marrisa Burt

Una Fairchild always felt invisible. She always sat in the same spot in the library, reading the same books, when one day she found herself in a different part of the library, and happened to stumble upon a very unusual book, and she opened it into a land of story, a miraculous place where they write the stories that you read, and the stories are alive.
Characters: 9, you can see their feelings, you feel it with them.
My Favorites: Una: Ready, Peter: Brave, Snow: Yes I know, "Why Snow" You need to have favorite bad guys/girls, right?
Words: 8, "Where's my villain? I need to give him a kick in the side."
Storyline: 8, It is a fun fantasy.
Overall Score: 8

Story's End - by Marrisa Burt

So, we are continuing after the end of Storybound, here where the question is, "Will everyone get a happy ending?"
Characters: 9, we had all the old along with some new.
My Favorites: I still have all the same as in Storybound, so I will just say which I like more than I did in Storybound, or ones that were just introduced. Rab: amazing, Indy: smart.
Words: 9, there are some persuasive arguments here.
Storyline: 9, A great continuation!
Overall Score: 9.
Sorry, this one is REALLY short, but I don't want to say something that will give away anything that will give away anything in Storybound.

So there you have it folks! Here is enough for you to read through February. I recommend them all! Thank you for reading through my sloppy book reviews!



  1. Can I just say, again, how much it makes me happy that you loved The Q? I'm grinning just thinking about it! :) I recommend a lot of books, because we booklovers like to do that naturally ;), but when it comes to particular stories that I LOVE, I feel a fierce protectiveness about them. I want so BADLY for someone else to read them and love them as I and I know that's not always possible. Reading is a very subjective thing after all. So when it happens? Ah, it gives me the biggest thrill! You made my day when you told me you loved it. No, actually you made my week! :D

    Also, I've had Inside Out & Back Again on my radar for a good while. I'm glad to hear that you really enjoyed it!

    1. Once again can I say how much I loved The Q? It was fabulous!! Oh yes indeed! I love getting recommedations because I run to the library and try to get it on inter-library-loan. I love making sugjestions for books! What you said is so true! I definetly feel extremly protective of books I love, I want other people to see them the way I see them, or at least read them. I made your week!!!?? How cool!!!

      It was extremly good!


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