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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Book Review: Johnny Treimain

I'm sorry, I don't usually do posts two days in a row, but I have this weird thing that I always have to do a post on the 19th of the month because that is the day I started my blog, but I forgot yesterday and I did a post so here I am doing one today. Enjoy! I just finished this and thought I would share it with all of you! I didn't really want to read it but I had read at a lot of places that it was really good, so I tried it, and I loved it! Here it is, Esther Forbes Newbery Honor Award winning novel:

Johnny Tremain, by Esther Forbes:

Johnny Tremain is a young boy who is a blacksmith's apprentice at the time of the American revolution. He helps out with lots of famous happening such as the Boston tea party.
Characters: 9, there really are some fun people here!
My favorites: 
Johnny: he mopes around sometime like we all do and he sometimes is bossy, but I love how much effort he puts into doing things.
Cilla: I love how willing she is to help everyone.
Rab: I love how committed he is in everything he does.
Words: 9, if there are bad words there are only one or two.
Quotes:  7, ''The British soldiers went about their business as though oblivious of the many hostile, curious eyes watching them.''
Storyline: 7, it really is a great story, but there are some disturbing things and death.
Good For: Orphans, Families, Some one with injuries, Anyone.
Overall Score: 8.

This really is a fun book I hope you will try it!



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