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Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Inklings // December 2020 + The 12 Delights of Christmas Tag

Greetings, and happy mid-December to all of you!

We are now officially winter, and approaching Christmas rapidly! Because of that, I thought that I should get into the spirit and join up with Inklings, again!
This is Heidi of Along the Brandywineʼs monthly link up to talk about favorite scenes from books and movies.
How it works:
1. At any time during the month, on your own blog post a scene from a book or film that matches the prompt, including a link back to the original post in your post.
2. Leave a link to your post in the comments section of the monthly post and she'll post all your links with the next prompt.

I have participated in: July 2016, August 2016September 2016July 2020August 2020September 2020October 2020, & November 2020. Check out what Heidi used for this month HERE.

December 2020ʼs prompt: A Christmas scene in book or film that makes you happy.

Time for the story of what went on in my brain when I read the prompt. Your favorite part of these posts, right?

When I saw this prompt I knew immediately that I didnʼt want to do a classic “Christmas movie” scene. Otherwise we would be here all day as I talked about Itʼs a Wonderful Life (1946). I wanted to do something surprising.

What I try to do with Inklings is alternate between a scene from a book one month, and a scene from a movie the next, and sometimes talk about both if applicable. I havenʼt done one from a book since September, so I was falling behind and considered doing something to fix that.

I originally thought of a scene that makes me tremendously happy, and would work with including a book, but then another option came into my head. Oh the suspense! Oh the decision making! What was I going to choose? I watched my second option and it filled me with joy, so I choose that one. Plus, I realized that Iʼve never used a black and white movie for this, so what kind of a classic film fan am I?

My pick for this month is from the movie The Shop Around the Corner (1940). It stars my favorite actor, Jimmy Stewart (who is also in Itʼs a Wonderful Life (1946)), but surprisingly enough, the scene that I am talking about doesnʼt include him!
SPOILER ALERT! This scene comes at the end of the movie so donʼt read any further if you havenʼt seen it! You can skip on ahead to the part where I start filling out a tag. The rest of you, letʼs enjoy this scene together!

Setting: It is Christmas Eve in Budapest. The owner of Matuschek and Company, Mr. Matuschek, has had a lot happen to him through the story, but is now alone. Being lonely, he waits outside of his store as his employees go home. He talks to both Pirovitch and Flora, but they both are spending time with their family.

He sees Pepi, and feels that he owes a lot to him, as he saved his life. His spirits lift when Pepi says that he isnʼt going to be spending Christmas Eve with his family, but Mr. Matuschekʼs luck isnʼt with him as Pepi is going out with a girl.

At this moment I get really sad because you can just feel the sadness coming from Mr. Matuschek because he is by himself.

But wait. Here comes the new worker, the delivery boy who took Pepiʼs old job. He stops to thank Mr. Matuschek for the bonus as a Christmas present. They get talking, and Mr. Matuschek learns that the boyʼs name is Rudy and heʼs seventeen. They talk about life, and with the line, “Youʼve got your whole life ahead of you! But itʼs up to you what you make of it.”, I think about how that is the same for Mr. Matuschek and how he nearly gave it all up.

Rudy is being so respectful and listening attentively. When he is told to go home safely to his family, he replies that none of them live in the city.

“You mean, youʼre all alone in Budapest on Christmas Eve?”

That makes two of them. Mr. Matuschek starts asking Rudy what he thinks of different foods, and describes a whole feast. Rudy tells him that it sounds wonderful.

“Yes? Well, youʼre going to have it, Rudy! Come on!”

This is what I love so much about this scene. Holidays are meant to be spend together, and it thrills my heart that two people who were all alone can come together, especially such a sweet pair that reminds me of father and son. If you're interested, you can watch the full scene HERE.


In addition to this, Heidi created a tag that I am now filling out! The 12 Delights of Christmas Tag.

I was officially tagged by: Heidi, Hamlette, and Miss Woodhouse. Thanks to all of you!

1. A favorite Christmas tradition?

 We always decorate our tree while listening to Bing Crosby Christmas, then after that we all sit with the house lights off and the tree lights on while listening to more Christmas music. It is quite delightful!

2. Say it snowed at your domicile, would you prefer to go out or stay curled up inside?

Go outside! One of my absolutely favorite things in the whole world is snow, and I love being in it. I love to roll in it, stuff it in my face, and wallow in it. It is marvelous! Of course, itʼs more fun when you have someone to throw snowballs at.

3. Tea or hot chocolate?

Does hot chocolate have sugar in it?

4. Favorite Christmas colors (i.e. white, blue, silver, red and green etc)?

Whenever a question with colors is asked, my immediate response is blue because it is the best color ever. In addition to that, I really like the gold and red decorations at my church.

5. Favorite kind of Christmas cookie?

The ones that I donʼt have to frost. I canʼt tell you how many times in my life Iʼve frosted Christmas sugar cookies, and while everyone always loves them I get tired of decorating after about 10. Good thing my sisters are always there to finish up.

But, to actually answer the question, I really like those mint ones that look like a spiral. Anyone know what Iʼm talking about?

6. How soon before Christmas do you decorate (more specifically, when does your tree go up)?

Itʼs always around December 17th, and this year we put the tree in on that day, and decorated on the 18th. On Sunday, the 20th, my sisters got all kinds of other decorations up!

7. Three favorite traditional Christmas carols?

“Angels We Have Heard On High”, “Oh Come All Ye Faithful”, and “Little Drummer Boy”.

 8. A favorite Christmas song (i.e. something you might hear on the radio)?

Because I used three for the last question, Iʼm also using three here. Haha, look at the little rule breaker that I am!: “Mary, Did You Know?”, “Do You Know What I Know?”, and “Jingle Bell Rock”.

9. A favorite Christmas movie?

Itʼs A Wonderful Life (1946)! Though itʼs not my personal favorite of all time (that honor goes to Singinʼ in the Rain (1952)), I truly believe that this is the best movie ever made. Ever. It is the BEST!

10. Have you ever gone caroling?

Yes, three times, but Iʼm one of those grouchy people who donʼt like to sing. Donʼt get me wrong, I LOVE music, but I would much rather be serenaded to, than have to do all the singing.

But, I guess, “The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.”

If you ever wondered how I sound when I sing, just know that I sound like Buddy the Elf.

11. Ice skating, sledding, skiing, or snow boarding?

Downhill skiing! It is one of the most fun things that Iʼve done. I only learned how to do it in...2014? Iʼve gone at least once ever year since. It was sad last year because my dad had hurt himself previously and didnʼt come with us any times that we did. And, it wonʼt be happening this year, but donʼt feel too sorry for me, I have plans to learn to snow board whenever I get back into it. My sister loves it!

12. Favorite Christmas feast dish?

We eat different things each year, so thereʼs not something that is specifically “Christmas”. Maybe sparking apple juice? Thatʼs not a dish, but itʼs the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of “Christmas” and “food”.

I don't know who hasn't done this, so I'm just tagging whoever wants to do this! Or, if your favorite Christmas movie is It's a Wonderful Life (1946), then you're definitely tagged.

Thanks to Heidi for hosting this link-up again, and creating the tag!

I'm the next few days I'll put up a more fitting header for Christmas, so check for that. You wonʼt be seeing me until after the 25th, so Merry Christmas to all of you! And happy holidays, too!



  1. This is such a fun tag! Love the Buddy the Elf GIF. That's pretty much why I like hot chocolate, too.
    Being outside in the snow is just so much fun! I'm going to have to watch Its a Wonderful Life since you like it so much.
    Blue is really, really, really, really great. *nods*
    Jingle Bell Rock is such a fun song.
    Merry Christmas, MC (how is it almost Christmas already???).

    1. It is, isn't it? I found a lot of gifs, but that was my favorite. I guess you could drink tea with sugar, but I usually don't, so hot chocolate!
      Ack, please do watch It's a Wonderful Life!! I was able to watch it again two days ago, and it's so incredible!!! I LOVE IT and recommend it to everyone.
      Totally. *high five*
      It is a bop for sure! Merry Christmas, to you, too, McKayla!

  2. Loved reading this! I sound like Buddy the elf when I sing. XD

  3. I've never seen The Shop Around the Corner, but it does look good. I almost did It's a Wonderful Life too! It's such a great movie.

    1. Ivy, I think that you would really appreciate the sweetness of The Shop Around the Corner! The remakes are really well done, too. Ah, It's A Wonderful Life! My heart! So incredible!! <3

  4. It's been far too long since I watched Shop Around the Corner. Perhaps I'll watch it quick before the end of December :-)

    High five to another snow-lover!

    1. Hamlette, the last time I saw it was last year, and before that it was around when I was 8! Far too long. Were you able to see it again?

      Whoohoo! It's great to find us like-minded folks! ;-)

    2. Alas, no, I ran out of time. Partly because my brother's family gave me the new blu-ray of Holiday Affair and so I watched that and gloried in how crisp it is, even though I'd just watched my DVD copy a couple weeks earlier.

    3. Aw, shucks. Maybe you can treat yourself to You've Got Mail sometime this spring, then you'll be really ready for TSATC next year. Your review made me curious about Holiday Affair, so I'll add that to my list!

    4. When Spring arrives, I will try to make time for You've Got Mail :-) It always feels like a springtime movie to me.

      They just released Holiday Affair to blu-ray, and it's not hard to find on dvd either, so I hope you can find it and watch it next Christmas!

    5. Have you ever seen the other remake, In the Good Old Summertime (1948) starting Judy Garland and Van Johnson? It's set around Christmas, too (which makes its name ironic), but it's a fun little musical.

      Hey, that's nice! Sometimes when you hear about a nifty old film you can't find a copy anywhere, so I'm glad that's not the case.


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