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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Inkling Explorations // September 2016

I'm here for participating in my third Inkling Explorations! Go check out Heidi's blog HERE!

This month's selection is: A picnic scene in literature or film

My selection is a scene from the movie, Nanny McPhee Returns or also known as Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang.

SPOILER ALERT!! If you have not seen the movie Nanny McPhee Returns or also known as Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang, do not read this! It will give things away.

After a big sale, with money left over, it is time to celebrate.
A game of tag and a nap starts off our fun.

    "Oh look Mr. Doherty, how thoughtful, they've put out cushions."
    "Uh, No Mrs. Doherty, I regret to inform you that is a cow pat not a cushion." 
    "Oh. Can't I sit on it anyway? It looks so comfortable."
    "Oh, uh..."
    "Can you help me down?" SQUISH, "Oh yes, very comfy. You can sit down, there we are,"

 "Would you like a bun, Nanny McPhee?" Celia asks.
    "I think I better not. Thank you."
    "Oh for Heaven's sake get away Mr. Edelweiss, you revolting bird." He flies to her shoulder "Get off. I don't want you there." Nanny McPhee says.
    "What has he done that makes you so cross with him?"
    "He eats inappropriate substances."
    "I'm so sorry."
    "Such as?"
    "Such as, window putty!"
    "Window Putty?"
    "Such as, the window putty in every single one of my window panes, Which all fell out at once."                            
    "UOO-UOO (a Burp)"
    "Oh please!"
    "That's bad."
    "I don't care how much you love it you deplorable creature, it is a nasty habit."
    "What are your medals for Nanny McPhee?"
Gives side glance, "burp.", "Courage, kindness, resolve, imagination, enthusiasm, basket work, and leaps of faith."
    "Sandwiches!" "Hooray!!"

    "In my, (cough cough,) In my capacity as warden, Mrs. Green, might I suggest that you provide the family with protective head gear, in case of bombs dropping all of a sudden. Mrs Doherty and I wear these at home."
    "I don't think bombs are going to drop in this part of the country, Mr. Doherty, We're in the middle of nowhere."
    "You may be possibly and tragically mistaken. Now picture this, an enemy plane, vroom, mreow! Carrying an enemy bomb, fi fi fiish, an enemy pilot, rurr.."
    "With a bad cold, they get them too you know, (blows nose), same as we do. He sneezes once, AAAAAACHOO, nothing occurs, He sneezes a second time, AAAAAAACHOO, and all is well,"
    "He sneezes a third time, watch very carefully now, AAAAACHOOO!"
"Ah, kettle's boiled."

    "He hits the big red button with his big red nose, and, choo!, bombs away!" (High pitched whistling.)
    "Oh, kettle's boiled."
    "BOOM,  AGH!, BOOM,  AGH, blast! Big bang."
"Oh Dear, what a thought!

"Oh dear, what a thought, we just have to hope that non of them catch the cold now don't we Mr. Doherty? Egg and crest or bloast paste?"
    "Ham." (Appropriate picnic music, hand clapping laughing headstands, clapping) "Yay!"
"Time for ginger beer!!"

There. I'm done now, there is a tiny bit more, but picnics are usually happy things, and this bit is not so happy, so I'm not going to do it.
If I need to, or if anyone wants to hear it, let me know.

Thank you so much Heidi!! Go check out her blog HERE.

Thank you so much for reading!!!



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