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Monday, December 14, 2020

Guess the Drawing of the Actor Game!

Come one, come all! Itʼs time for a game!

You read that correctly, Iʼm hosting another game here on Movies Meet Their Match. This one differs from all of the others that Iʼve had because there is a prize. What exactly are you winning? Weʼll get to that in due time, but first I should explain the competition with a little history.

My younger sister Fiona and I love to make up games and challenges for each other, and in November we came up with a really fun one. We challenged ourselves to try to draw a celebrity and see if the other person could guess who it was. Naturally, we had to make it harder than that and therefore set a time limit. We had such a blast, that we now want to share the merriment with you all. This is game is to make you guess who we drew!

Sound fun? I hope it is! Letʼs see how this will work: 

Notes and Rules:
- These all are drawings of actors or singers. I will tell you if it is a singer and/or actor and with the actors I will say if he or she is know for older films or if he or she is more contemporary. To clarify, when I say “older films” I mean the 30s-70s. "Contemporary" means anywhere from the 80s-the present. Note, sometimes one of these people might be known from both times, but Iʼll put the time that he or she was the most popular.

- I am just sticking to calling these people either actors or singers, but please note that they might to other things as well. I just donʼt want to give away too much.

- Remember that we drew these very quickly, the standard being about 6 minutes. Some differed, so I will tell you the exact time for each. That being said, some of these are really hilarious because of how bad they are. I especially had a bad habit of not finishing and neglecting to give people eyes, jaws, pupils, and the like. Sorry about that, as it makes it extra difficult. 

- If the picture isnʼt the greatest, then we mean no disrespect to the person it is based on, we were just having fun!

- Sorry that some of the photos aren't the best quality. Fiona edited them, but some were a little stubborn.

- Please guess whatever comes into your mind! Donʼt be afraid that you might guess the wrong person, so even if you donʼt know, give it a try! When showing the pictures to members of our family, some of them guessed people who looked more like them, so I will highlight those when I reveal the answers. You might get featured as well if we decide that your guess is awesome!

- Comment below with your guesses and include the corresponding numbers. Donʼt worry, I have the comments on moderation so no one will steal your guesses.

- I will reveal the answers on December 19th, 10:00 PM EST, so get your guesses in before then.

Other than that there arenʼt really many rules, as it is nearly impossible to cheat in anyway. We hope that you enjoy yourselves!

Now, about the part that you are all waiting for with bated breath, what is the prize?

The winner gets to pick another famous actor or actress for my sister and I to draw in 6 minutes! I will feature our drawings here on my blog in January.

I think that covers it! Good luck guessing the following:

(1) Art by Fiona.
Modern Actor. Time to draw: approx. 20 minutes.
(The story behind this one is that Fiona drew part of it in 6 minutes, but then she liked it so much that she finished it later)

This next one is weird, because out of random choice we both unknowingly drew the same person!

(2) Art by MC.
(I know, itʼs so terrible. Note to self, donʼt attempt to draw teeth when Iʼm short on time.)

(2) Art by Fiona.
Modern Actress. Time to draw: 7 minutes.

(3) Art by Fiona.
Modern Actress. Time to draw: 7 minutes.

(4) Art by MC.
Older Actor/Singer (hence the musical note). Time to draw: 7 minutes.

(5) Art by Fiona.
Modern Actor. Time to draw: 8 minutes.

(6) Art by MC.
Modern Actress. Time to draw: 8 minutes.

(7) Art by Fiona.
Older Actress. Time to draw: 6 minutes.

(8) Art by MC.
Modern Actor. Time to draw: 6 minutes.
(Yeah, we all know that it's pretty bad.)

(9) Art by Fiona.
Modern Actor/Singer. Time to draw: 6 minutes.

(10) Art by MC.
Older and Modern Actress (sheʼs so well-known in both that if I donʼt tell you one Iʼm not giving you enough information.) Time to draw: 6 minutes.

(11) Art by Fiona.
Modern female Singer. Time to draw: 6 minutes.

(12) Art by MC.
Modern Actor. Time to draw: 6 minutes.

(13) Art by Fiona.
Older Actor. Time to draw: 6 minutes.

(14) Art by MC.
Modern Actress. Time to draw: 7 minutes.

(15) Art by Fiona.
Older Actor. Time to draw: 6 minutes.

(16) Art by MC.
Older Actress. Time to draw: 6 minutes.

(17) Art by Fiona.
Modern Actress. Time to draw: 6 minutes.

(18) Art by MC.
Modern Actor. Time to draw: 6 minutes.

(Trust me, #17 and #18 look nothing like the people who they are supposed to, so guess anyone!)

(19) Art by Fiona.
Modern Actor. Time to draw: 6 minutes.

(20) Art by MC.
Modern Actress. Time to draw: 6 minutes.
(This is by far my worst one.)

(21) Art by Fiona.
Modern Singer and sometimes Actress. Time to draw: 6 minutes.

(2) Art by MC.
Older Actor. Time to draw: 6 minutes.

How my sister and I feel right now:

Now it's up to you guys! Guess away! I'll see you on the 19th.



  1. This is such a fun idea! Love it. I don't think I know most of these, but I do have guesses for a few of them.
    5. Mark Hamill
    7. Katherine Hepburn
    10. Julie Andrews
    11. I got nothing, but I LOVE the hair. Tell Fiona good job. :)

    1. We're so glad that you thought the game was a blast, Sam! Thanks for guessing! Fiona says thanks for the compliment on #11! :)

  2. Ok, so I'm not going to guess all of them because I'm really bad at guessing things! XD

    However, I'll do a few that I might know...

    The only one I'm slightly confident on is #6, Cate Blanchett??

    Is #10 Drew Barrymore???

    #11, thanks to the ponytail, I'm thinking Ariana Grande?

    #15, Mickey Rooney

    #19, Daniel Radcliffe????

    Those are the only ones that I thought I might have a chance at! XD

    1. Mwahaha, it pleases me immensely that you were so confident with Cate Blanchett, because that's right! You did well! I can see the similarities to Daniel Radcliffe in #19, too.

      Thanks for guessing, Anna! :D

  3. First of all, I love this idea! My sister and I play a similar game where we take turns picking a Disney or other character and draw them in one or two minutes. Now, let's see if I can guess any of these.

    1. Daniel Craig. 2. No clue so we're going to randomly guess Kristen Wiig. 3. Mila Kunis. 4. Frank Sinatra. 5. Mark Hamill. 6. Kate Blanchett. 7. No clue. 8. Dwayne Johnson. 9. Billy Boyd. 10. Julie Andrews. 11. Arianna Grande. 12. Jeff Goldblum. 13. William Shatner. 14. Sandra Bullock. 15. Mickey Rooney. 16. Angela Lansbury. 17. Emilia Clark. 18. Tom Hiddleston. 19. That guy from Little Women who looks like a pointy Italian shoe. 20. Kristen Chenowith. 21. Becky G. 22. Uh, the guy from Roman Holiday.

    Whew, there's my list.

    1. "That guy from Little Women who looks like a pointy Italian shoe" Ha, that is funny. I was struggling with remembering his name too. My impression of him is fragile French boy.

    2. Thanks, Rachel! Oh, drawing Disney characters in two minutes sounds so fun! Fiona and I want to do that now.

      Thanks a million for guessing for almost all of them! I was just watching something with Jeff Goldblum last night and my drawing does look like him. #22 looks like Gregory Peck (guy from Roman Holiday), too!

      I agree with Livia, that guess was hilarious! It made my day! It's funny, he isn't my favorite version of Laurie (Christian Bale is), but I'm going to think of him like that from now on!

  4. First off for 6 mins these are all so good. Way better than I could do in that time frame. Also the one that you think is your worst I really like it.

    1. Daniel Craig
    2. Emma Thompson
    3. Ana de armas
    4.Frank Sinatra
    5. Mark Hamill
    6.Cate Blanchet
    7.Elizabeth Taylor
    8. Tom Hardy
    9. Finneas
    10. Julie Andrews
    11. Ariana Grande
    12. He looks familiar but I can't really place it.
    13. Same with this one
    14. Anne Hathway
    15. No clue
    16. Marylin Monroe
    17. Kelly Mcdonald
    18. Nick Jonas
    19. Timothee Chalamet
    20. I can't think of anyone for this one either
    21. Selena gomez
    22. Dick Van dyke ( I think I'm way off)

    1. Knowing how much you draw and seeing your art, that means a lot! Thank you! Aw, I'm glad that you liked that one!

      Wow, thank you, thank you for guessing! You actually tied for first place for getting the most correct, so before January 19th name an actor or actress for Fiona and I to try to draw!

  5. I have guesses for about 1/3 of them.

    2. Emma Thompson
    4. Frank Sinatra
    5. Rupert Grint
    6. Cate Blanchett
    11. Ariana Grande
    13. Humprey Bogart?
    15. Mickey Rooney
    19. Timothee Chalemet
    21. Rihanna

    1. You were so accurate! Your guess for Humphrey Bogart is a great one. Thank you for the guesses!

      Since you got so many correct you are one of the winners! For your prize leave me a comment with the name of an actor or actress, and Fiona and I will do our best to draw him or her!

  6. Ooh, this is so fun!! And reminds me that I need to start drawing again. xD I don't have guesses for all of these, but I'll give a few a shot!

    3. Sofia Carson
    5. Okay, this might be a stretch because it says it's a modern actor and I don't know if the picture was drawn of them currently or earlier in their career. But to me it looks like Mark Hamill in his Luke Skywalker days!
    7. This is tough because with the hairstyle I feel like it could be so many older actresses! But I'm going to go with Maureen O'Hara?
    10. I'm not sure this is right but maybe Julie Andrews?
    11. Ariana Grande!
    15. I feel like this could be Mickey Rooney?
    17. Dove Cameron maybe?
    19. I honestly don't know this guy at at all but I think this is Timothee Chalamet. xD

    Hopefully it's not required to guess on every one. xD But this was super fun! I can't wait for the reveals! :D (Also I'm looking back on all my guesses and wow I'm apparently very indecisive xD)


    1. Yay! A huge thank you for your guesses, Emily! I hadn't drawn in ages, but it is a blast so I definitely recommend you starting it again! :)

      Dove Cameron was one of my guesses for #17, too. Good job for getting Timothee Chalamet! Thank you for straightening me out on my mistake! You're right, it was Mark Hamill. My bad! Thanks again!! :D

  7. Ooh, this looks like fun. My sisters and I love making up new games, too. I'll have to think about this for a bit, so I'll comment again with my answers.

    1. Games with sisters are the best! Yeah, take your time! As long as you get it in before 10 PM EST tomorrow, your guesses will count.

  8. Honestly, some of these are pretty good!! Good job to you and your sister! I would guess #2 is Emma Thompson, #4 reminds me of Donald O Conner from singing in the rain. #6 Maybe Cate Blanchett? #10 Julie Andrews, & #19 as Tom Hiddleston. Lol What a fun idea! I'd guess #22 as Bing Crosby cause drawing kinda resembles him, but since you said actor not singer, I'm not sure ;)

    1. That's so sweet of you, Anna! Thank you! You were so close with your guess of Bing Crosby! He and Danny Kaye are both in White Christmas (1954) and when I was little I always got them confused. But still, my descriptions were not always accurate, lol. Thanks for playing!


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