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Monday, December 9, 2019

Movie Review: WALL-E (2008)

H-ELLO everyone!

Today I will be reviewing a movie far out of this world about an adorable robot! Enjoy!

My guarantee: On ALL of my reviews there are NO spoilers unless I give you warning.

WALL•E (2008):
"We are celebrating the 700th anniversary of our five year cruise."
The planet has become too filthy for humans to live on, so the plan was that they would go on a cruise in space while robots cleaned up earth. That was hundreds of years ago, and now WALL-E is the only robot still working. He is happy with his life and his job. One day a strange ship lands and WALL-E forms a crush on the robot that came with the ship. When he shows her his treasures she shuts down and he follows her on a wild ride into space and around a cruise ship there. WALL-E doesn't know how to communicate his feelings for her, and he wonders, when can they go home?
"I don't want to survive, I want to live!"
Genre: Science Fiction, Adventure, Family, Animated.
Length: approx. 98 minutes.
Script: 10, there are no bad words, but there also aren't a lot of words as all. That's not bad, in fact the opposite! It is amazing that they can tell such a detailed story with such little script!
"Space is the final fun-tier!"
Directed by: Andrew Stanton.
Written by: Andrew Stanton, Pete Docter, Andrew Stanton, & Jim Reardon.
Starring the voices of:
Ben Burtt as WALL·E and as M-O and as other robots.
Elissa Knight as EVE.
Jeff Garlin as Captain.
Fred Willard as Shelby Forthright.
MacInTalk as AUTO.
John Ratzenberger as John.
Kathy Najimy as Mary. "I didn't know we had a pool."
Sigourney Weaver as Ship's Computer. (Note: this is really hilarious because it is a reference to the movie Galaxy Quest)
Teddy Newton as Steward Bots.
Pete Docter as Lifeguard Bot.
Lori Richardson as PR-T robot.
Jim Ward as Billboard Announcer.
Animation: 10! Ah, I could scream about this for such a long time!!! Pixar does such an incredible job with animation, and this film is no exception! The colors are gorgeous and the differences between space and earth are so vivid! Love it!
Isn't this so gorgeous and magical??
Animation by: Pixar Studios.
Music: 10! Eeep! Once again, I love it! It is so happy and cheery and sounds like robots at the same time! They also use a lot of music from the musical Hello Dolly.
Music by: Thomas Newman.
Notes: As I already said, Hello Dolly is a big part of this movie (which is so awesome, by the way), and Galaxy Quest is in there, too. We also have a lot of references to 2001: A Space Odyssey and a few to Star Wars. Knowing that it is Pixar there are probably Easter eggs, but I haven't really spotted any.
Quotes: 9, as I said, there aren't a lot of words to be able to quote, but there's nothing wrong with that! Even besides that there are so many things to quote, especially imitating WALL-E trying to say his name!
"I know that song! They're, uh, uh, dancing!"
Oscars won: 1: Best Animated Feature Film.
Content: 10, this movie is 100% clean! Some robots get badly hurt and so explosions but that's it.
Originality: 10! I love it! Who would ever have thought of a cruise in space while robots cleaned the earth? WALL-E is the sweetest robot ever!
Good For: Families, everyone!
Age Range: This movie's official rating is G, so it is perfect for everyone! It is so sweet that all ages would find something to love about it, namely WALL-E.
"Come and get it blinky!"
Overall Score: 9.5!
Bonus thoughts:
Ah, I love this movie so much! I'm going to try not to repeat anything that I've already said before, but when I get excited about one of my favorite movies I can't stop saying "I love it!". WALL-E is such a precious robot. I love the character that the creators gave him, and how all of the other characters are so "fleshed out", too! The animation and music are gorgeous, and they use live-action movie clips, too, which is so awesome! It is so funny and heartfelt, definitely one of my favorite Pixar movies. Go watch it if you haven't!

Have any of you seen this movie? Do you love it as much as I do? If not, do you want to see it now? Thank you so much for reading!



  1. Okay, I'll go watch it now since I haven't. It does look like a really good movie. And I'll watch pretty much anything sci-fi.
    Wait, you've seen Galaxy Quest too? It's such a funny movie.

    1. Oh yay! It is so sweet and is a fun way to spend so time. I hope that you like it!
      Yes! It is so rare to find people who like that movie, but it is so hilarious! My family and I watch it whenever we can.

    2. Cool.
      Yes, it's very underrated.
      And, yes, absolutely hilarious.

    3. The actors all do such a great job! We quote it all the time. What is your favorite part?

  2. Hello there, glad to find another fan of this adorable and sweet film! I enjoyed reading your thoughts on it. I agree that adding Dolly was awesome! So unexpected considering the setting, but it totally works and adds that special touch to the finished product.

    1. Hey, Classic Movie Muse! I feel like this is one of Pixar's less well known movies, so it's always great to find others who have seen it! Right? Such a different idea to include clips from a live-action musical in an animated sci-fi movie, but it works perfectly!

  3. This movie is just the best *hugs it*

  4. I haven't seen this movie in a while. I always thought it was kinda strange. I didn't like the captain at all.


    1. I can totally understand that, Rakayle! I didn't like the captain for a long time, either, and this movie could be hard to get into if you're not in the mood for it.

  5. I loved this movie as a kid!! It was one of the go to movies that we could all agree on. Although, I always hated the ending! So sad!! Wall-e's innocence and kindness was great to see. So many times movies aimed at kids, get cruded up with potty jokes.

    1. Same! Whenever we couldn't decide what to watch it seems like we chose this one. Wall-e is the sweetest little robot ever! I know what you mean. So many times I feel that I can't recommend a movie because of all of the crude jokes are are supposed to be funny, but are actually disgusting.


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