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Sunday, June 16, 2019

Movie Review: R.V. (2006)

Hello, people!

Happy Father's Day! We owe a lot to our fathers, they teach us so much, and love us no matter what.

Because of this, I am going to review a movie that is all about a father and his family! This is a good movie to watch together with your father today, or any day.

My guarantee: On ALL of my reviews there are NO spoilers unless I give you warning.

R.V. (2006):
(Also known as Runaway Vacation)
"I'm the father, I'm evil. I forgot."
When Bob Munro's job is at stake he has to cancel his family's trip to Hawaii, but knows that he won't have any time to spend with his kids for the rest of the summer. He has to be in Boulder, Colorado for a meeting, but thinks that the family will be mad at him if he cancels their trip just to do more work. He comes up with a solution: rent an R.V. and go to Colorado for their vacation, all the while keeping the motive secret. They encounter animals, mishaps, and an overly friendly family. His kids meanwhile hate that they aren't in Hawaii. Will the continue to hate this road trip, or will finally bond?
'"You're just determined to have a bad time, aren't you?"
"We all are, daddy."'
Genre: Comedy.
Length: approx. 99 minutes.
Costumes: 6, some of them are a little low or tight.
Script: 6, there is using the Lord's name in vain, a lot. And one or two other bad words.
"Anything else you want to hit?"
Directed by: Barry Sonnenfeld
Written by: Geoff Rodkey
Robin Williams as Bob Munro.
Cheryl Hines as Jamie Munro. "Honey, try to remember: we're not friendly."
Joanna Levesque as Cassie Munro.
Josh Hutcherson as Carl Munro.
Jeff Daniels as Travis Gornicke.
Kristin Chenoweth as Mary Jo Gornicke.
Hunter Parrish as Earl Gornicke.
Chloe Sonnenfeld as Moon Gornicke.
Alex Ferris as Billy Gornicke
Will Arnett as Todd Mallory.
Rob LaBelle as Larry Moiphine.
Brian Markinson as Garry Moiphine.
Barry Sonnenfeld as Irv.
Richard Ian Cox as Laird.
Cinematography: 7, nothing exciting.
Cinematography by: Fred Murphy.
Music: 8, I do like the songs they chose to play throughout!
Music by: James Newton Howard.
Quotes: 8, "What do they even like about us? We're not even that appealing!"
Storyline: 5, oh dear. Okay, so there are some really suggestive things, some really, really gross things, and crude humor. 
Good For: Families. As I said, today would be a good day to watch it!
Age Range: I was introduced to it by an 7 year old who loves it.  
Overall Score: 6.5.
Bonus thoughts:
This isn't a bad movie! It has its funny moments, and it has got a good message about family. Sometimes we can under appreciate all that people do for us, so it is a good reminder.
This movie has a lot of stereotypes, especially about the homeschooled family, the Gornickes, that the Munros meet. Being homeschooled myself, some of it is definitely not true to reality, but one of my favorite parts is when Cassie Munro is talking to them and suddenly says, "So, you guys are smart." Just because we are homeschooled doesn't mean that we are learning less!
As I said, there is some crude humor, and things that are supposed to be funny but aren't, but it is a fun family movie.
"Is he being funny? I can never tell."

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Thanks for reading, and happy Father's day!



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