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Friday, June 21, 2019

I Saw it in the Movies Tag

Hello, everyone!!

It has been awhile since I did a tag, and back in April I was tagged, so it's about time that I got around to it!

Rakayle (who blogs at A Story Detective) made this tag, and passed it on to me! I am excited about it because I have often thought about how I am influenced by movies.

Saw it in the Movies Tag:
The rules:
Pick at least 3 things that you have done from a movie.
It can be any movie, anything you did. Tell how the event worked out.
Link back to the creator and the person who tagged you.
Have fun (Thank you, I plan to).
Tag 4 people.
Use the header.

Rakayle said: "I know they say 'don't do what you saw in the movies...' but it doesn't have to be something dangerous."

Being the overachiever that I am, I've decided to list 6 things, and it took me a surprisingly long time to think of them all! When my sisters and I were younger we loved to act out movies (Especially The Wizard of Oz, The Lion, the Witch, and The Wardrobe, and Scooby Doo [TV shows, too]). As you will notice, there are not enough parts for girls in all of those movies (at least the story would go nowhere), so guess who always had to play the boys. That's right, yours truly. We middle kids just roll with the punches. But anyway, I thought that acting out the entire movie probably wasn't what Rakayle meant, so here are 6 things besides that.

(Don't worry, there are no spoilers!)

What I've done:

Tried to be Sherlock Holmes - Sherlock Holmes (books, movies, TV series).
Anyone who has watched or read any version of Sherlock Holmes knows that he can figure out so much by just observing. I tend to have to wait for my family in areas where there are other people and so I have tried to figure out what people do, etc.. Let's just say that I'm an amateur.

Fast hands - The Count of Monte Cristo (2002)
(I can't tell you how much trouble I went through to get this video. Enjoy!)
In the movie The Count of Monte Cristo (2002) there is a point when a priest is trying to train the main character, Edmond. He wants Edmond to learn how to be quick, so he makes him put his hand under a drip and pull it out without getting wet. Ever since I saw that, every single time that I see a drip I have to try it. I'm really slow and pretty much always get wet.

Blowing dandelions - Beauty and the Beast (1991)
In the song...(hold on, I'm blanking out on what it's called. Just give me a minute) (Oh, yeah) "Provincial Life" Belle takes a dandelion that has gone to seed and just pulls all the seeds off letting them spin into the air in one smooth motion. I'm pretty sure that everyone who has seen that movie has tried it at some point. Let me tell you, it doesn't work because all of the seeds clump together and are too heavy to blow away.

Holding bubbles - Cinderella (1950)
In the movie, Cinderella looks at her reflection in a bubble while holding it. Being a dishwasher, of course I have tried it. Just so you know, Disney animation gives you false expectations. It does not work. First off, no bubbles ever get that big, and second, you just see through them. Oh well, I guess it is just something that only Cinderella can do.

Sung in the rain - Singin' in the Rain (1952)
It is my favorite movie ever, so of course I have copied it! The most famous scene in the movie is famous for a reason, and while I'm no where as good as Gene Kelly, I still have so much fun. I also have made up my very own lyrics for winter:
"I'm singin' in the snow,
Just singin' in the snow,
I am free of all worries,
I've nowhere to go."
What do you think?

Archery - The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938)
It is no secret that I am obsessed with the story of Robin Hood. Ever since I first saw the 1938 version, I have also loved archery! As I tell everyone, I have terrible aim, but I love it. It has effected me so much, that I have favorite movies (Brave) and favorite characters (Legolas [Lord of the Rings], Hawkeye [MCU]) based on it.

I tag:


(You guys don't have to do it if you don't want to, I just thought that it would be fun to see your answers).

Thanks for tagging me, Rakayle! I had a great time.

Thanks to all of you for reading! Have you tried any of these things? Did you have more success than I did?



  1. All your answers are great! I have tried to be like Sherlock Holmes a little...
    Haaa I have not tried to move my hand before a drip dropped, I might have to try it. :D
    I like the singing in the snow version, lol!
    Oh, yes I have done some archery. Can't say I did it because of a movie though. Not sure. It could be though. :)


    1. Thanks, Rakayle! I had fun answering. :) It's fun to try to be him, isn't it? You should try it! It can be very frustrating at times, though. XD
      Aw, thanks! ;)
      Yeah, my sisters just do it for fun, but I always imagine I'm one of my favorite characters. :) Thanks again for tagging me!

  2. Ooohh fun tag. I love Scooby Doo and so many other movies you mentioned. You should watch/ review Newsies starring Christian Bale if you haven't already ;)


    1. Ah, yes. I love solving mysteries with the gang. So much fun. :) Oh! Newsies! I've only seen a local theater perform it, but I loved it and really want to see the movie. Plus, I like every movie I've seen with Christian Bale. ;) Thanks for the request! I'll review it as soon as I get the chance to see it!

  3. I think I'm going to skip this one, MC. I'm literally blanking as to what I could use for this tag. I'm sorry, it looked like such a fun tag!

    1. That's totally fine! :D I know that you have a ton of other tags to answer, and yeah, this one is hard!


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