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Saturday, October 10, 2020

Announcing My Fifth Blog Costume Party!

Good day to you, my fellow bloggers!

When you have a tradition, you have to keep going with it, right?

Well, every year I've hosted a blog costume party, and this year is no different. I'm here to announce that very thing! It is time to get ready for my Fifth Blog Costume Party! Technically at this point I could use the word "annual", but I digress. 
For those of you who are new, you must be wondering what in the world I am talking about! Have no fear, I have a rather long explanation for you. I use the same each year, but I adjust it a tiny bit if you notice some differences.

The rules/guidelines/thoughts!:
1. This whole thing started because I loved dressing up for Halloween and wanted to "show off" my costumes. I totally understand if you don't participate in Halloween or support it. That is why a few years ago I changed it from my "Halloween Blog Party" to "Blog Costume Party", to make sure that everyone was comfortable enough to join, if they so ever wanted to. I do this around Halloween because I can get away with dressing up and not just seem like the crazy person that I am. (Want some thoughts on Halloween? Here is a really thought provoking post about it by the awesome Kara Lynn!)

2. The party will take place November 12th-14th, 2020. This is very informal. Four years ago, in 2016, this was my first blog party. Since then it has become less official, and more of an excuse to dress up. I would absolutely love it if you would like to join!

3. How to join: Find a book or film character who is very recognizable by how they look and dress. Once you've found that person, write about them! There are several ways:
  • Dress up like them and share your pictures (you don't have to include a picture of your face, if you don't want to. I never do. You can just blur that part of the picture if it makes you more comfortable).
  • Write a review of the book or movie containing that character (Pst, that's my favorite thing to do).
  • If you don't want to dress up yourself, you can tell us how to dress like them. 
  • What makes their look so iconic? Why are they immediately recognized? 
  • Or, just talk about what you love about a certain character!
Additionally, you can combine any of these into one post. It is up to you!

4. "But MC, there are so many characters, I can't pick!" I will be something either magical, scary, or a villain, but you don't have to! If there is a character who has a look that everyone is familiar with, you can definitely be them, it's pretty free ranged! My only guideline here is to think of a fictional character, because that's what my blog is kind of about. Here are the entries from the previous years to get you thinking (check out each of the posts for the photos!): 
Thing 1 and Thing 2 (The Cat in the Hat) [Kara Lynn and her sister]

5. If you want to join, let me know and I'll link to you here. It can be a surprise if you want (mine always is), or if you have any questions, just ask away!

6. Want to join, but by doing a guest post here? That is an option! Just let me know in the comments then email me at:  queen13movies(at)gmail(dot)com
Make sure that you send me your post with any images that you want to use at least three days before the party starts.

7. The main purpose of this is to have fun! I know that I have a great time figuring out what I'm going to do and putting it together, and I hope that you do, too!

For a simpler run down:
What: Costume Blog Party!

Where: Hosted by me, here at Movies Meet Their Match!

When: November 12th-14th, 2020

Button time! Please take one to spread the word so we can make this a big party! I made a mix of  characters on the buttons for inspiration and, additionally, one of the buttons is a clue to what I'm going to be... Sorry that they are a bit blurry! I don't think that they'll appear that way on the sidebar.

The participants:

MovieCritic @ Movies Meet Their Match
McKayla @ Tales of a Triple Threat
Rachel @ R's Loft
Guest post from ThunderbirdQueen @ The Winchester North Star
Rakayle @ A Story Detective

Thanks for reading! I hope that you find time to join!



  1. This looks so fun. I definitely want to do it. I have one question: do you post every day on November 12th-14th or just once?

    1. Awesome! I'll look forward to seeing what you come up with! You don't have to do a post every day, just one on whichever day works for you. I chose three days so that if someone couldn't do one of them, maybe they could do another.

    2. Okay, thanks. I'm not busy or anything, so I may be able to do multiple days.
      Ahhh, that makes sense.

    3. Yay! I'm so excited! Thanks for your enthusiasm in it!

  2. Ooh, sounds super fun! I'll have to try and join in. I love dressing up.

    1. Whether you're able to join or not, I'm so happy that you think it sounds fun! Dressing up is one of my favorite things to do when I have the time!

  3. I always love your costumes, not sure if I'll be able to join.
    I want to though.

    1. Thanks, Skye! I always love your comments! I love your interest in it.

  4. Oh, this sounds like so much fun! I don't celebrate Halloween (Reformation Day, anybody?), but I am SO DOWN for this. I will definitely plan on joining!

    1. Eeep! I'm really looking forward to your guest post, ThunderbirdQueen! I like to think of Halloween just as the eve before All Saints Day. It's a little party before one of my favorite months, November!

  5. I'll join! I can just do a post on my blog right?


    1. Hey, Rakayle! Yep, you can absolutely do a post on your own blog then I'll put a link to it here so everyone can find it.


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