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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Halloween Blog Party: 101 Dalmatians

Hello Everybody!
Welcome to my last day of my Post Halloween Blog Party!

I am introducing Older vs. Newer. I will be reviewing the 1961 version of 101 Dalmatians, then I will be reviewing the 1996 version, then I will be doing thoughts on Cruella de Vil. I am so sorry I couldn't do a review of the book as well, but I was getting it on inter-library loan, but I got the wrong one, not the original by Dodie Smith! Then I ordered it, but it hasn't come! Why this button? This one is probably the hardest, but it is supposed to be fur.

101 Dalmatians (1961):
A dog, Pongo, falls in love with another dalmatian, Perdita, then there owners fall in love and get married. Pongo and Perdita have 15 puppies, which in a few weeks are stolen! Using the starlight barking system, all the dogs in London are on the look out. Finally they are found along with 84 more! They are all going to be killed for there fur! Pongo and Perdita have to find a way to get them all home!

Costumes: 7, we all know Cruella has the best costumes, but we will see that later. So I choose this one of Anita's. Sorry, I could only find a picture of this outfit with Roger in the picture.

Script: 9
Directed by:
Wolfgang Reitherman
Hamilton Luske
Clyde Geronimi
Produced by: Walt Disney
Story by: Bill Peet
Based on: The Hundred and One Dalmatians by Dodie Smith
Starring the Voice talents of:
Rod Taylor as Pongo
Cate Bauer as Perdita
Betty Lou Gerson as Cruella DeVil
Ben Wright as Roger
Lisa Davis as Anita
Martha Wentworth as Nanny
This is just too cute.
Music: 9, we've all heard it.
Music by: George Burns
Quotes: 8, "My toes are froze."
Storyline: 8, I don't know how close this is to the book, so I'll give it an 8 to be safe.
Overall score: 8


101 Dalmatians (1996):
When a clothing designer and a video game designer meet, they and there dogs, dalmatians, fall in love. The dalmatians have puppies who are then stolen a few weeks later! They bark the news through out London and a dog spots them. (Ha, ha, I didn't even mean to do that.) It's up to all the country animals to help them!
Costumes: 7, I was disappointed because we never really see the classic Cruella de Vil, but she is still extremely stylish here.

Script: 9,
Directed by: Stephen Herek
Produced by: 
John Hughes
Ricardo Mestres
Screenplay by: John Hughes
Based on: The Hundred and One Dalmatians by Dodie Smith
Glenn Close as Cruella DeVil
Jeff Daniels as Roger
Joely Richardson as Anita
Joan Plowright as Nanny
Hugh Laurie as Jasper
Mark Williams as Horace
Music: 6, another disappointment, no classic song!
Music by: Michael Karmen
Quotes: 8,
"What do have in there? Rocks?"
"No, bricks."
Storyline: 7, Once again I can't say, but this one doesn't have any talking dogs. But it does have some hilarious scenes!
Overall Score: 7.

Older Wins!

"Just like a spider waiting for a kill..."

(Sorry, It's kind of blurry.)

Thoughts on Cruella, Cruella de Vil.

Oh Boy! Cruella de Vil is probably the wickedest of the bunch! Taking little puppies to make into a fur coat! And unlike the others I have done, she has no love of anything exept fur. "It's my only love." I have looked up and down and I can't find a single good part of her! Can any of you? In the 1961 version, it says that she is a school mate of Anita. In the 1996 version, it says she was her boss. Does anyone know which one it is?
The 1961 version,   And the 1996 version

How did we do? This is the end of my Post Halloween Blog Pary! There will be a poll up for you to vote on how we did with our costumes vs. theirs. Thank you for reading this!


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