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Monday, November 7, 2016

A Celebration of Classic Hollywood Movie Review: An American in Paris

Hello again!

Once again I am here to show you a review for Rose at An Old Fashioned Girl's Celebration of Classic Hollywood. I know, I'm sorry I'm doing this on the last day. I got busy. Anyway:

An American in Paris:

This is a 1951 musical, about an artist, Jerry Mulligan, who served in in the army for WWII in Paris, France, and now is living in Paris and is an artist for a living, well sort of, he doesn't like to sell them because he won't see them again. One day, Milo Roberts, a wealthy daughter of a suntan lotion salesman, takes an interest in him and wants to sponsor him. They go out to dinner and Jerry meets Lisa, and falls in love with her, but someone else is. There is a 17 minute ballet session preformed by The American in Paris Ballet, which can be a little much the first time you watch it, but the second time it is great! So it's a tale of mixed love in the "City of Love" Paris.
Genre: Musical, Romance.

Costumes: 6, there are a few skimpy costumes in the number, "I'll Build A Stairway to Paradise" but besides that, they are mostly good. My favorite is this one:
I'm so sorry I couldn't find a better picture!
Script: 6, there are a few references to things, but it is okay. "Back in America, they said I have no talent, they might be saying the same thing here, but it sounds better in French."
Directed by: Vincente Minnelli
Produced by: Arthur Freed
Written by: Alan Jay Lerner
Gene Kelly as Jerry Mulligan
Leslie Caron as Lisa
Oscar Levant as Adam
Georges Guétary as Henri "Hank" Baurel
Nina Foch as Milo Roberts

Music: 9, this has great music that will get you singin'! My favorite is "I Got Rhythm."
Music by: George Gershwin
Music Lyrics by: Ira Gershwin
Musical Direction by: 
Johnny Green
Saul Chaplin
Quotes: "Oh Adam! You always call at the wrong moment."
Notes: If you see it in colour, Milo's car keeps changing from green to teal to both.
Storyline: 8, There is a bit of smoking, but the storyline is pretty good!
Overall Score: 7!

Thank you so much Rose for hosting this! It has been so fun!! Go check it out Here!!



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