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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Imaginary Review: a later Wizard Of Oz (1941)

Hello Everyone!
Today I will be "reviewing" a rewritten version of the movie The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. The original Wizard of  Oz was made in 1939.

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (1941):
Shirley Temple as Dorothy
This movie, surprisingly enough never got famous, even with it's all-star cast! The original was just too great! But, this is pretty good.

Based on the book by L. Frank Baum. Dorothy Gale's house gets stuck in a cyclone with her inside, and whisks her off to the land of Oz. The only way to get back is to go to the wizard Oz, the great and powerful. Along the way she picks up friends who want something that maybe Oz can give to them. But then it is just the original story.

Costumes: 6, they aren't as good as the original, they are a little boxy and copying the original a bit too much.
Ginger Rogers as Glinda

Script: 5, once again, it isn't as good as the original, you can see why it never caught on.
"I can not understand you ever Sir Lion."
Directed by:  Leo McCarey
Produced by: Frank Capra
Shirley Temple as Dorothy Gale*
Fred Astaire as Hickory/Scarecrow
Donald O'Connor as Hunk/the Cowardly Lion
Ginger Rogers as Ginda
Charles Ruggles as the great Oz.
Music: 7, it's good, it has a song called "The Jitterbug"*, but the rest were weird jazzy tunes.
Music by: George Gershwin
Quotes: 8, "Oh! How I want to go to my homeland!"
Fred Astaire as the Scarecrow
Storyline: 9, it is closer to the book in some ways, for instance, it has the field mice. But it doesn' have the same feeling the original gives you.
Overall score: 7.
Charles Ruggles as Oz.
Just kidding! I am participating in Diana and Connie's Imaginary Film Blogathon!
You could probably tell because some of the photos are in color, and some aren't. I based it off of the fact that they were going to have Shirley Temple as Dorothy Gales, and that they filmed a musical number called "The Jitterbug" but they didn't put it in, it is a fun thing! (Check it out HERE! It isn't the best video, but you can get the idea.) Then I put in a bunch of "big time" stars. I hope
that this is an okay entry, I had a lot of fun! The pictures I, once again, did on Tate Kids Dot Shop.
Don't get me wrong, I'm a true blue Judy Garland Wizard of Oz fan, but I wanted to play to try out what it would be with Shirley Temple!

Thank you so much for reading! Thank you so much Diana and Connie!



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