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Thursday, November 10, 2016

A Period Drama Tag ~ Created By Rachel

Hello Everyone!
Rachel at A Girl's Place has tagged me with this Period Drama Tag she made!!! Thank you so much Rachel!!!

Here we go!

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Answer the question (I'm not forcing anyone)

1. What's your favourite Period Drama movie?
My favorite? How m I going to decide that! Um, I'll go with, Sense and Sensibility (1995), Pride and Prejudice (1995), Cinderella (2015). I know I'm probably missing one.
2. What's your favourite Period Drama series?
Robin Hood BBC, well, the first two seasons. But I'm just finally starting Downton Abbey so we will see how much I like that!

3. Which Period Drama do you dislike the most?
I don't dislike any! Okay, Robin Hood BBC season 3.

4. Anne of Green Gables or Little Dorrit?
Anne of Green Gables!

5. Your favourite Period Drama dresses? 


How can you not love this dress!?
Sorry, I can't think of any more!
6. Who's your favourite Period Drama character? (Okay, pick at least five)
Marion of Knightly, Ella, Colonel Brandon, Mrs. Crawley, Daisy.

7. If you could join a royal ball, which dress would you do on? (Pick a Period Drama dress)

This one. Charlotte's from Pride and Prejudice 1995.  Sorry I couldn't get a better one.
8. What's your favourite Jane Austen movie?
Oh! How can I decide? I'll go with Sense and Sensibility 1995.

9. Downton Abbey of Call the Midwife?
Downton Abbey, though I've only seen two episodes.

10. Sybil Crawley, Jenny Lee, Emma Woodhouse or Marian of Knighton?

11. Which couple of a Period Drama do you like the most? (Pick at least four)

Robin and Marian. Will and Djaq. Darcy and Elizabeth. Brandon and Marianne.
12. At least, which Period Drama villain do you like the most? 
None! Okay, I'll go with the Step-Mother.

Thank you so much Rachel!!



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