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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Reading Goals for March 2019 ~ The Results


Back on February 28th, I posted a list of all the books I wanted to read in March 2019. As it is now past the middle of April, it is time that I posted the results!

Now, there were several obstacles. I was away from home for the whole last week of March (24th-30th), and because it was so sudden I didn't have time to bring any books. For that reason, I gave myself the first week of April to make up for that missed week.

Another one was that one of my books that I had ordered didn't arrive until April 1st, so I couldn't have possible read it in March. Because of that I gave myself additional days.

Okay, I'm done with all the specifics, so let's see how I did.

Dune - by Frank Herbert. ✓
Yes, I actually finished it! On March 13th to be exact. Let me get this straight: I did not like it.
The whole world and technology was really cool, but the story was terrible. I definitely will not be rereading this. I did take notes, so a review is coming one day.

Emily of New Moon - by L. M. Montgomery. ✓
This was for Amber's (Seasons of Humility) Emily of New Moon Read-Along. To know what I thought of it, read the following posts:
Chapters 1-10
Chapters 11-17
Chapters 18-24
Chapters 25-31

Five Poisoned Apples - by Various Authors. ✓
Yes, I loved it! I entered this contest, so it was so much fun to be able to read the winners! I will do a review on it (one day), but for now I'm just going to list a few quick thoughts:
Falling Snow - by Skye Hoffert.
AAAAAHHH!!!! I have heard so much about it and it was so good!! I loved Snow and Chayse. Oh, and her descriptions are pure gold, I felt like I was living and breathing in the circus. Note: I am usually terrified of anything to do with a circus (clowns, man. Yikes!), but Skye did this so well, I was only scared when I was supposed to be.
Raven's Heir - by Jenelle Hovde.
This one was so fun! I love how Rachel pointed out the Robin Hood theme.
The Fairest One - by Cortney Manning.
WHOA! This one was AMAZING. It took every thing that ever bothered me about the fairytale and fixed it. I love the whole setting and premise.
Red as Blood - by Maddie Morrow.
It is "A Tale so Dark and Lovely", and this one really is. I was pretty creeped out. I liked some of the elements, though. But, I did not like Zaig. He was so annoying.
Snowbird and the Red Slippers - by Rachel Wallen.
This was so unique! I gobbled it down as fast as I could. Very sweet.

North & South - by Elizabeth Gaskell. ✓
Okay, this is my favorite book of 2019 (so far). It is so, so, so, so, so good!!! I love how (as my friend who recommended it to me said) "It is a mix of Jane Austen and Charles Dickens". That is it perfectly! Any book that can make my laugh, cry, and make me squeal with joy is automatically my favorite.

Some religious reading for Lent.

This is the only one I cannot check off, because I actually did bring it on my trip, but didn't read it. I picked Reflections on the Psalms - by C. S. Lewis (because he is one of my favorites). I am liking reading his thoughts so far, and I hope to finish this up this week.

So, I got 4/5! I also read an ARC book that you will be reading my review of in a few weeks.

Oh! Also, I am now on Goodreads! I haven't posted any reviews on there yet, but I will in the near future, so check it out HERE.

Which books did you read in March, and what did you think of them?

Thanks for reading!



  1. Ooo, yay, you’re on Goodreads! *goes and follows*

    Admittedly, I haven’t read any of these. XD But I want to, especially Five Poisoned Apples! (Skye’s story sounds AMAZING!)

    1. Yay! I just saw your request and am now following you, too!

      I'm the only one in my family to read any of them. XD YES! FPA is awesome! Skye's is incredible!! It is the perfect opening!

  2. Omigoodness you read it!!! *incoherent screeching*
    I'm so glad you liked it! To be honest I hate clowns too. XD
    Thanks for all your kind words and for reading it!

    1. Yes!!! *joins you in screeching* It seems like it took me forever to get ahold of a copy, but I am so glad that I finally did! Oh, I didn't like it, I loved it. Yes, clowns are so creepy. XD
      It was my pleasure! I'm so glad I was able to! <333

  3. NORTH AND SOUTH IS BEAUTIFUL! I haven't read it in quite a few years and need to add it to my TBR list again. <3 <3 <3

    1. I AGREE! IT IS, IT IS!!! <3 <3 <3 You definitely should, I just finished it and now I want to read it all over again!

  4. I want to get around to reading Five Poisoned Apples! I did not get that many books done in March. ;)
    Welcome to Goodreads, I just started in January.


    1. It is so good! I think you would especially like how mysterious they are. Oh, I totally get you! Maybe April will be better. :)
      Thanks, Rakayle! I accepted your friend request. :)

  5. YAY! I'm so pleased you read and loved N&S. Time to add more Elizabeth Gaskell to your TBR, right? ;D

    1. Me too! I'm so glad that you recommended it. Reading more Elizabeth Gaskell is a definite "yes"! ;D

  6. Ooh ooh I've almost picked up North and South before...next time I have a chance I'll have to try it. :)

    1. There is one chapter that is a little hard to read, but once you get into it, you can't stop! And it is definitely all worth it because it is a great story. :)


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