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Thursday, April 4, 2019

Emily of New Moon Read-Along: The End!

Hello, again!

It is time for the last discussion on Emily of New Moon for the Read-Along Amber at Seasons of Humility hosted! I am a little late to the party, but I enjoyed it all the same!
For Amber's post click HERE, and for Julie's click HERE.

Watch out, Spoilers are about! If you haven't read Emily of New Moon - by L. M. Montgomery, read no more of this post!

Emily of New Moon ~ Chapters 25-31
Discussion Format: your favorite quotes, general impressions, and five questions to answer for each week's reading

Favorite Quotes:

'Great-Aunt Nancy and Caroline Priest were wont to colour their grey days with the remembered crimsons of old...'

"And I can pray in my mind--I'm sure God can hear thoughts as well as words. It is nice to think that He can hear me if nobody else can."
(Oh, this is so true!)

'The light on the water began to turn warm gold and rose.'

'"I don't think it would hurt you to be as polite to me as you are to other people."
"I'm telling you your faults so you may correct them," said Aunt Ruth frigidly.
"It isn't my fault that my face is pale and my hair black," protested Emily. " I can't correct them."
"If you were a different girl," said Aunt Ruth, "I would--"
"But I don't want to be a different girl," said Emily decidedly. She has no intention of lowering the Starr flag to Aunt Ruth. "I wouldn't want to be anybody but myself even if I am plain."'
(Yes! I love this!)

'There was on line in it she tasted two or three times:
The haunting elfin music of the air.
"I think that line is very good," said Emily. "I wonder now how I happened to think of it."'

'Life was delightful, growing richer every hour, like an unfolding rose.'

"'Dreams that seem too bright to die.'"

General Impressions:

We start off still at Wyther Grange. Things have turned to being the same each day until Emily's incident! There we meet Dean Priest. Oh, he is so great! I love how he is like a second father to Emily. He, unlike many others, understands her! I think he is incredibly sweet. And Tweed, I love his dog!
'"I believe," thought Emily, "that a dog is better than a cat when you're in trouble."'

I love different perspective and trying to understand people, but it is hard. For Emily, few people understand her: Her father and Dean. Others understand parts of her: Aunt Laura, Cousin Jimmy, Grea-Aunt Nancy, etc. We have to think about how many people might understand parts of us, and if we understand parts of others.
'To love is easy and therefore common--but to understand--how rare it is!'

Whoohoo! Miss Brownell is gone! It took long enough. Mr. Carpenter... I'm not sure what I think of him. I feel like I would take him too seriously on everything.

About Aunt Elizabeth. I can totally understand why she read Emily's letters to her father. Growing up with siblings you read their diaries, letters, etc., it's just what you do. My excuse was always, like Elizabeth, "I have a right to know what they are thinking." or "I'll know them better." One day, like Elizabeth, you realize that you were wrong, and you stop, as easy as that.
'"No matter. I'll keep my word to the child," said Aunt Elizabeth stubbornly.'
I'm glad that I can finally like her! But part of that makes me so, so, sad! I'm glad that Aunt Elizabeth loves Emily, it really makes me happy, but I'll miss the letters to her father.

These last chapters are all about growing up. Now, when it comes to that subject, either the author can do a great job, and I'll love and accept it, or the opposite. With this... I'm not sure yet. I want to read more in the series, so I'm not completely hating it, but I feel like L. M. Montgomery got some things incorrect. Like writing to her father. That was so sweet and special, and if it were the case with me I would never grow out of it. It just isn't possible.

That being said, I can see her getting rid of her old writings. It makes me so sad, because I know that if her mother was there then Juliet would save every last one.
'Every time she read her little hoard of manuscripts over she found some of which the fairy gold had unaccountably turned to withered leaves, fit only for burning. Emily burned them,---but it hurt her a little. Outgrowing things we love is never a pleasant process.'

Discussion Questions:

1. What did you think of Emily's first meeting with Dean Priest (and the near-death experience that brought it about)?

Honestly, that is the sort of thing that I would do. I'm kind of frustrated that it all happened just for some flowers, but I'm also glad of that because if those flowers hadn't been there Dean wouldn't have found her. Oh well.

2. How would you feel about having Mr. Carpenter as a teacher? Do you agree with his teaching methods and how he critiques Emily's works?

I love how he has the students act things out! Being homeschooled, that's what my mom would have us do and it is so much fun. You definitely remember things better! So yes, I guess I would have to agree with his teaching methods.

3. Were you surprised by the truth about what happened to Ilse's mother? How did this chapter ("When the Curtain Lifted") make you feel?

There were so many emotions in this chapter. Oh, what a relief about her! I mean, I am so, so, so sad that that is what happened, that my fears about the well came true, but it removed the tainted picture they had all painted of her. It is amazing how Emily thought of when she was delirious, without knowing the truth she spoke! And I am so happy that Dr. Burnley is now a better man.

4. Which scene in this book was the most adorable (or romantic) to you?

In the whole book? There are too many to count or decide!

5. What was your favorite part of Emily's story? What are you hopes or predictions for what will happen to her in the rest of the series?

One of my favorite parts was how she always writes, through everything that happens she writes. I can't wait to see where she goes with that! And, the romantic in me can't wait to see where the love triangles go! I know this will probably be wrong, but my prediction is that Perry will end up with Ilse, and Teddy will end up with Emily. Who knows?

Thank you so much for hosting this read-along, Amber! I thoroughly enjoyed it!

And thank you to all who read this! Do you have a favorite scene in this book?



  1. It was sad to come to the end of the read-along and the end of Emily of New Moon. But I've started reading Emily Climbs and am enjoying it. It's interesting to me that you thought Dean was a father figure. I took him as a bit creepy and in love with Emily and hoping that someday there would be a romance between them. Yuck! Both Amber and I chose this quote as well to share,

    "And I can pray in my mind--I'm sure God can hear thoughts as well as words. It is nice to think that He can hear me if nobody else can."

    I've enjoyed reading your thoughts during the read-along! It's always fun to see what others think about a book. Hopefully we can enjoy another read-along together!

    1. It was! I hope to start Emily Climbs, soon and after that Emily's Quest. Have you started that one yet? Ms. Montgomery may have been hinting at what you said with Dean, but I chose to ignore it. :) I tend to jump to conclusions, but I decided to try not to this time, you know?

      I think that is the first time all three of us have listed the same quote! It is so great. :)

      Yes, I enjoyed your thoughts, too! I look forward to the next one to discuss with you! :)

    2. I just finished reading Emily's Quest. When you get around to reading them you will have to email me and we can discuss! Or you can comment on my Goodreads reviews of the books. I hope you do read them, I'll be interested in seeing what you think!

    3. I'm going to read them as soon as I have the chance. Oh, I'll definitely be in touch so we can talk about them!

  2. As Julie pointed out, I love that we all chose to feature that quote about prayer! Such a great reminder. :)

    I also love quotes #4 and #5. The former is definitely one to cheer! And the latter is so true about the writing process!

    Dean's dog is a sweetheart, for sure. :) And aww, that's so bittersweet to think of Emily's mom saving all of her writing if she were alive to do so. ♥

    I really like the idea of using acting as a way to teach; something to keep in mind if I ever homeschool (or even with raising children in general!).

    So fun to read your predictions for the rest of the series! Thank you so much for participating in the read-along; always a pleasure to talk books with you, friend!


    1. It is! I love reading things like that in books, especially where I wasn't expecting it. :)

      Yes, we tend to be so concerned about our looks that we forget things. I love Emily's attitude towards it! And the second is true! XD

      :) I always come up with things that make me sad, why do I do such things? It is sort of sweet though. Thank you. <3

      Yes! With babysitting I've found that everything is more fun for them when it is a game, especially cleaning!

      Ah, yes! Thank you so much for hosting! I had such a great time, and I look forward to your next read-along!


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