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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Movie/Series Review: Robin Hood BBC - Season 3

Hello all you readers of my blog!
This is a review of the last season, 3, of my Robin Hood BBC watch-along!
How it works:
If you want to join, go ahead! All you have to do is watch the episode for the day, then if you want do a post on it, or just comment on someone Else's post about it!

My guarantee: On ALL of my reviews there are NO spoilers unless it says so. But the comments will have spoilers.

Robin Hood BBC: Season 3 (2009):
Based on the legends of Robin Hood:
Returned from the Holy Land, Robin Hood strives to bring justice to England! (For more detail go to each episode)
Favorite Episode(s):
"Total Eclipse",
"A Dangerous Deal".
Least Favorite Episode(s):
"Bad Blood"
"Let the Games Commence"
Genre: Action, Adventure, Period Drama, Romance.
Costumes: 8.
Script: 7.
Directed by:
Douglas Mackinnon.
Alex Pillai.
Patrick Lau.
John Greening.
Graeme Harper.
Roger Goldby.
Matthew Evans.
Created by:
Fox Allan
Dominic Minghella
Starring: (I'm just putting them in a random order.)
Jonas Armstrong as Robin Hood.
Richard Armitage as Guy of Gisborne.
Keith Allan as Vaisey, Sheriff of Nottingham.
David Harewood as Friar Tuck.
Sam Throughton as Much.
Joe Armstrong as Allan a Dale.
Gordon Kennedy as Little John.
Joanne Froggatt as Kate.
Lee Ross as Sir Jasper.
Ellie Darcey-Alden as Mary.
Alexis Latham as Abel.
William Houston as Finn.
Martin Delaney as Tiernan.
Matthew Forbes as Matthew.
Teresa Banham as Rebecca.
Matt Devere as Tar Seller.
Matt Devere as Jack. (Two different roles, two different episodes.)
David Hayman as the Abbott.
Bill Ward as Rufus.
Liam Boyle as Edmund.
Kevin Eldon as Scrope.
Lara Pulver as Isabella. 
Denise Black as Bertha.
James Buckley as Walt.
Toby Stephens as Prince John.
Elliot Levey as Benjamin.
Rebecca Callard as Eleanor.
Lucy Griffiths as Marian.
Robert Pugh as Lord Sheridan.
Ian Gelder as Archbishop Walter.
Nicholas Gleaves as Thornton.
Holiday Granger as Meg.
Charlie Rowe as Young Robin.
Tommy Bastow as Young Guy.
Dean Lennox Kelly as Malcom.
Paul Hilton as Sir Roger.
Sophie Winkleman as Ghislaine.
Ian Reddington as Bailey Longthorn.
Ian Hughes as Swain.
Laura Hegyi as Young Isabella.
Clive Standen as Archer.
Anthony O'Donnell as the Sheriff of York.
Tracy Ann Oberman as Gweneth.
Chook Sibtain as Isabella's Guard.
David Sterne as the Old Man.
Fraser James as Blamire.
Music: 10!
Music by: Andy Price.
Quotes: 8.
Storyline: 6.
Overall Score: 7!

Thanks for reading and watching this season with me? Which season is your favorite?



  1. And it is over. :( It is such a good show!!
    I loved talking about every season, and every episode. My favourite episodes were: Total Eclipse, and well, A Dangerous Deal too, same as you :)!
    Least favourites were: Let The Games Commence, Bad Blood, and The King Is Dead, Long Live The King.

    1. Yes, it is my favorite show I have seen so far!
      It was awesome talking with you! I loved hearing your views! Those are some good episodes! :)
      Those episodes weren't the best. :/
      Thanks so much for talking with me through out this season!!! :D

  2. And it's over. All the seasons. It was such a lovely show to watch.

    Thank you MovieCritic, for hosting this Robin Hood bbc watch-along week. I enjoyed it a lot.

    I loved chatting with you about every episode and serie! Thank you for that.

    1. It was a very enjoyable series!

      You are welcome! Thank you so much for commenting on all of the posts!

      I, too, loved chatting! And chatting over Robin Hood BBC was so much fun! Thank you for reading!!!!!!!!!!


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