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Friday, August 18, 2017

Movie/Series Review: Robin Hood BBC: Season 3, Episode 8: "The King is Dead, Long Live the King..."

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Here we are for another Robin Hood BBC episode! Season 3, episode 8 to be more specific.
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Robin Hood BBC: Season 3, Episode 8: "The King is Dead, Long Live the King..." (2009):
Based on the legends of Robin Hood:
"Please tell us you have a better plan than this one."
Lord Sheridan comes to Nottingham with King Richard's body. But Robin is sure that it can't be. Prince John will become king and the gang must stop him.
"Then we stop him from becoming king."
"Well, for a coronation you need a crown..."
Genre: Action, Adventure, Period Drama, Romance.
Costumes: 8, there are some low collars.
My favorite:
Script: 8, taking the Lord's name in vain.
"Alright, I'll compromise. I'll use rubies instead of diamonds."
Directed by: John Greening.
Created by:
Fox Allan
Dominic Minghella
1. Jonas Armstrong as Robin Hood.
2. Toby Stephens as Prince John, "It's good to see he has his finger on the political issue of the day."
3. Robert Pugh as Lord Sheridan.
4. Ian Gelder as Archbishop Walter.
5. Lara Pulver as Isabella. "Arrest her if I am disfigured for my coronation."
6. Joe Armstrong as Allan a Dale.
7. Joanne Froggat as Kate.
8. David Harewood as Friar Tuck.
9. Sam Throughton as Much.
10. Richard Armitage as Guy of Gisborne.
Music: 10!
Music by: Andy Price.
Quotes: 7, "Out of the darkness and into the light!"
Notes: Notice the shape of the Abbey.
Storyline: 6, there is using medicine to make people fall asleep, kissing, injuries, suggestive, and corpses.
"There are bodies down here!"
"That's the idea, Much."

Good For: Robin Hood fans!
Overall Score: 8!

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  1. I really like this episode!

    We all know the king isn't dead for real, of course Robin, the gang and the rest of the people didn't know that. But, Robin and his gang doesn't really believe he is dead, so the investigate the whole situation. They find out that it is a wax doll.
    Robin, Much and Kate go to a basement full with dead bodies and search for the king's body. They find it and find out it is made out of wax. But then people are coming, I think it was the sheriff and Guy, and they must hide. Much alone and Kate and Robin together. DID NOT LIKED THAT. KATE. BE AWARE OF ME. :)

    The coronation approaches. But of course Robin prevents it that prince John gets king. There is a fight, but eventually prince John doesn't get the crown at all. There was one man, did not remember his name, who believed everything. Eventually he refuses to crown John. Which makes John angry.

    This episode was fun, although Kate is in it, and Isabella, was she in this episode?. It isn't one of my favorites, but I liked it.

    1. It was one that I was not expecting!

      If the king actually was dead, they would have brought the news to London first. But, as you say, we know that the king isn't dead, and Robin guessed it too.
      Robin and Much were sad but it was Kate who did figure it out. That's one for you Kate. But then Kate and Robin hid in the same coffin! That's one against you Kate. It was Prince John and Lord Sheridan who came down, Vaisey and Guy were already out of power by that point. Haha, yes Kate should definitely watch out!

      Robin does impersonate the king, but he did do it so that the king remains "the king"! The Archbishop Walter is who didn't believe him, then later Robin gives the crown to him for safe keeping. "I think this is the first time we have ever stopped a carriage to give back gold." That was great!

      This episode was a fun one, except Kate and Isabella were in it. Yes, there was the whole deal with catching Guy in this episode.

      Thanks for chatting with me, Rachel!

  2. Hmmm...this episode. I liked it, but not as much as some others. Again, a trick to try and make Prince John the king.
    'King John.' Ugh, Isabella. Why was she in the series? I wish she wasn't. But then, Isabella reminds you of how much better Marian was, as with Kate. The thing that I though was foolish of Kate, was jump around and scream:
    'I have the crown! I got it!' That's stupid. All the attention is then focused on her and taking the crown away from her. Kate and Robin hiding together, why? Couldn't Robin had just searched for another hiding place? But there was no time.

    1. This one was good, but there are better ones. Prince John, would you just stop trying!?
      Isabella you are annoying enough without that, don't make us dislike you more. I wish she wasn't in, too, but I hadn't thought of that, I guess we will never forget Marian.
      I guess she was letting the gang know that they could leave, but it still was just so...irriatating. She could have done it quieter.
      Why!!!?? Kate thanks Robin for tellling Isabella that he can't be in love again, but then Kate jumps on him! Weren't you listening, Kate!? No one can replace Marian!

      Thanks for your comment, Ruth!


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