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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Movie/Series Review: Robin Hood BBC: Season 3, Episode 13: "Something Worth Fighting For ~ Part 2"

This is the last episode in my Robin Hood BBC watch-along!!!
How it works:
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In my reviews for this series, I am only going to list the top ten featured characters in that episode.

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Robin Hood BBC: Season 3, Episode 12, The Last Episode: "Something Worth Fighting For ~ Part 2" (2009):
Based on the legends of Robin Hood:
"The people need you, Robin."
With an army surrounding the castle it is all the people can do to hold them off.
"Nock, Draw, Loose!"
For some it will be the last battle.
"Is that not something worth fighting for? Together, FOR ENGLAND!!!!"
Genre: Action, Adventure, Period Drama, Romance.
Costumes: 7, nothing bad but nothing really exciting.
Script: 7, a few bad words.
"Sticks and stones, Hood."
Directed by: Matthew Evans.
Created by:
Fox Allan,
Dominic Minghella.
1. Jonas Armstrong as Robin Hood. "You're so predictable, Hood!"
2. Richard Armitage as Guy of Gisborne. "There is too much blood on my hands already."
3. David Harewood as Friar Tuck.
4. Sam Throughton as Much.
5. Clive Standen as Archer.
6. Joanne Froggat as Kate.
7. Gordon Kennedy as Little John.
8. Lara Pulver as Isabella.
9. Joe Armstrong as Allan a Dale.
10. Fraser James as Blamire.
"I saved your ungrateful lives."
Music: 10!
Music by: Andy Price.
Quotes: 7,
"I'm sorry, Robin!"
"Not as sorry as she's going to be."
Notes: Now, the ending is pretty good, but if you have seen the show (and only then because it is chock full of spoilers), then here is Olivia's ending. I like it better.
Storyline: 7, there is death, fighting, suggestive stuff, and gruesome stuff.
Good For: Robin Hood fans!
Overall Score: 7!
"I never knew how beautiful sunsets can be."

Thank you all so much for reading! What do you think of the last episode, which ending do you like better?



  1. This one is also so sad! See, I said those last two were so sad. Guy dying, Robin dying. Why?! It is beautiful how he came back to Marian, though. And why didn't they make a fourth season? They made a fourth season, they did. But it wasn't published. Such a shame! I am so curious what it would have been about. Isabella looked as if she was sorry when she saw Guy dead. And all the members of the gang were really sad when they saw Allan dead. Except for Kate, she only looked confused.

    1. This is one of the saddest. You were right. I had come to like Guy, and I was mad at Robin for awhile, but the ending was so nice. A fourth season would have been so great! They could have made at least a shorter season. It would have been great to see them carry on. She should have been, she killed her own brother! Every member except Kate was so sad, Kate should have been sad too! Allan loved her!

      Thank you so much for doing this watch-along with me, Ruth!

  2. The saddest part of the whole season. :(

    Guy died, Allan died and our hero Robin died. Why must this happen!*cries*

    Isabella and the sherrif died too.

    The scene where Robin finally meets Marian again is so beautiful! I loved that part. They are finally together again! :)

    Why didn't they published the fourth season of Robin Hood, I am so curious how that one would be. Why, why, why!

    And now the seasons are all over. Sadly.

    1. Oh yes. :C

      That is so so sad! And Guy had just become a hero! I knew it was coming, but that doesn't make it less sad!

      I was still hoping that they would become better people.

      It was the happiest part of this episode! It was lovely, I thought he didnt' care any more, but I was wrong! :)

      It would have been cool to see the gang carrying on without him! And maybe we would have seen some other characters that weren't in season 3!

      Yes, but we can always rewatch.

      Thank you so much for doing this with me, Rachel!!!

  3. Okay so I have so much to get caught up on here, but AAAGGGHHH THE HEADER AND THE REVIEW AND THEN YOU LINKED TO MY ENDING *hugs you* AND THAT LAST QUOTE GAAAAAHHHH NO.

    Ahem. Anyway. :-P

    1. :D You did a fabulous job on the header. Thank you for allowing me to steal it! Thank you, I had fun doing the review, and this episode is good but, YOU ENDING IS THE BEST EVER!!!! *hugs* I'm sorry, I knew you would yell at me for doing that.

      :D Thanks for your comment!


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