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Friday, July 29, 2022

The Legends of Western Cinema Week 2022 Tag: Two Lies and a Truth

Saddle up for some fun!

If you guys didn't know, this week was Legends of Western Cinema Week! It is just wrapping up, so I'm trying to get in just in time. This event is hosted by Hamlette, Heidi, and Olivia (click on their names for the links!) every year and is quite the celebration of all your favorite fictional cowpokes, outlaws, and wranglers. I had big plans for reviewing some things, but manual labor got in the way. Thankfully, I was in the shade so I didn't feel like I was out on the prairie, but I can only participate in the tag this year.

Also, I have only seen 34 westerns (give or take). Which, compared to any other genre, sounds like a lot, but, as far as the participants of this party go, I'm on the light side. I often just stick to the same ten over and over again anyway. I'm quite predictable! And I am so boring. Because of that, I'm putting my own spin on the tag this year. You've all heard of "Two Truths and a Lie"? Well, for each answer I will have "Two Lies and a Truth". I may have seen some of the movies in each question, but there may be red herrings that I've only heard of. Or some I detest. 

There are two wild card answers here, though: For one, I haven't seen any of them (in their entirely, only parts), and for another there is no lie.

Pay no mind to the gifs and pictures. They aren't clues, I'm just trying to spice the look of the post up.

 What are you readers supposed to do? Nothing, actually! You can just smile smugly if you can easily spot the truth. These questions are fabulous, but my answers are just another plate of cold beans. This is quite wild, I'm sorry, but it's what I come up with when I'm digging holes for hours... No more dillydallying, let's get to dishing out some tall tales!

The Legends of Western Cinema Week 2022 Tag:

1) Favorite western focused on a lone hero? 

Destry Rides Again (1938), The Man From Laramie (1955), The Man Without a Star (1955).

2) Favorite western focused on a group of compadres? 

The Magnificent Seven (1960), Rango (2011), The Sons of Katie Elder (1965).

3) Favorite western with a female main character? 

The Angel and the Badman (1947)
, The Cowboy and the Lady (1938)The Proud Rebel (1958).

4) Favorite western with a POC main character? 

Duel at Diablo (1966), The Magnificent 7 (2016), Wild Wild West (1999).

5) Favorite western with kids in it? 

Albuquerque (1948), Big Jake (1971)True Grit (1969).

6) Favorite western set somewhere other than the United States? 

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1966), The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly (1966), The Man From Snowy River (1985).

7) Favorite "western" that doesn't fit the genre's dictionary definition? 

Back to the Future Part III (1990), Home on the Range (2004), Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron (2002)

8) Favorite funny western? 

Shanghai Noon (2000), Support Your Local Sheriff (1969), Support Your Local Gunfighter (1971).

9) Favorite tragic/sad western? 

Dancing with Wolves (1990), Night Passage (1957), Whispering Smith (1948).

10) Favorite western TV show?

Gunsmoke, Have Gun--Will Travel, The Wild Wild West.

Some of those are right, some are wrong. The world will never know (unless you ask nicely for the answers. Then, of course, I'll tell you immediately).

Thank you so much to the three wonderful hosts! This is always a treat! My dear partners (aka readers), you must read all of the other posts for this event as soon as possible! Links are above.

Is this too easy? How well do you guys know me? What would lies to these questions be for you guys?

Thanks for reading!

Chloe the MovieCritic


  1. Haha, fun stuff! The gifs were particularly amusing, especially the Mag7 ones. 😉

    Thanks for joining!

  2. HAAA you are so creative even in the midst of manual labor. The Mag7 gifs made me so happy. :D

  3. Okay, nobody else said "Back to the Future III" for question 7 and that is a crying shame, so I'm glad you did!

    I'm going to guess at what you have NOT seen, for each of these. Make sense?

    1 The Man Without a Star
    2 The Sons of Katie Elder
    3 The Cowboy and the Lady
    4 Duel at Diablo
    5 True Grit
    6 The Man from Snowy River
    7 Home on the Range
    8 Support Your Local Gunfighter (which is not actually all that funny, imho, so I'm hoping that's the one you haven't seen)
    9 Dances with Wolves
    10 Wild Wild West


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