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Friday, October 25, 2019

Christy Read-Along: Chapters 12-25

Hello, everyone!

It is time again that I join in Amber's, who blogs at Seasons of Humility, Christy Read-Along!
I missed last week because I was traveling and away from my computer, so once again I'm putting two of the discussions together to keep up. Check out Amber's thoughts on chapters 12-18 HERE, and chapters 19-25 HERE.

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven't read Chrisy - by Catherine Marshall, don't read any more because this post is a mine field of spoilers.

Christy: Chapters 12-25
Discussion format: your favorite quotes, general impressions, and three questions to answer for each week's reading (six questions for two weeks of discussion)

Favorite Quotes:
'It was rather that as I came to know the children and to think of them as persons rather than names in my grade book, I forgot my reactions and began to love them.'

'Here with the silent gaze of the mountains upon us, trivialities and pettiness and meanness faded and dropped out of sight.'

'And her stance toward life seemed to say: God is -- and that is enough.'

"Christianity is a life and contains the germ of life in itself."

General Impressions:
Chapters 12-18:
 I loved chapter 12! Being able to see more in the classroom was so great. Mountie is adorable, and the way Christy talked to Creed about his dog was so sweet! Oh, and of course, Little Burl. His little bit made me SO HAPPY! I can be very grumpy and tired of people and the world, but I am always trying to look for the good in everyone. When Christy was thinking how she didn't have to like everyone I thought: "No! Don't do that!". Little Burl put it better then I could have:

'It was Little Burl, of all people, who helped me to understand that rather it was my privilege to try to like everyone, at least to make an effort to see the good in each individual.'....
...."Teacher, Teacher, hain't it true, Teacher, that if God loves ever'body, then we'uns got to love ever'body too?"

We got to see more of Fairlight! She is so kind and lovely and sweet, definitely one of my favorites. I love her how she wanted to learn, and how she sees beauty in everything.

Aunt Polly's story was really beautiful, I really am glad that it is in the book.

We saw Ben Pentland again! He was only there for about two pages, but I'm keeping track of my favorites.

I both admire and am annoyed by the way Christy went to see Mr. Smith. I didn't know it was possible to be both. I'm not really sure what to say about it except that I agree with Miss Alice, because everything Miss Alice says is the best.

A quick note, based on the way we have known David so far, I cannot picture him playing a ukulele! I'm familiar with how it sounds because my sister plays it, so that's nice because all of the other instruments mentioned so far I've had a hard time imagining how they sound. But I just can't picture David playing! It's funny.

I was so happy when they got the new books! Then I was so sad when Christy found that they had been slashed and destroyed! I hope that she can find out who did it and get an explanation of why.

Chapters 19-25:
Wow! Up to now we've been seeing life at the mission, but in these chapters there is some action! Finding whiskey under the school, having the people turn against David, an operation, sabotage, and someone being shot! These chapters really have me worried about what is going to happen next.

Ruby Mae describing Bird's-Eye as "He be fractious." made me laugh. At first I thought that he was going to be actually nice and that gossip had just taken wing. Well, I was wrong. I couldn't believe the situation with the still! And bringing kids into it, too! I can see Tom McHone's reason, and while I don't support it or think that it is a good reason, I feel sorry for him.

I feel that all around the world when there are problems and we are given a chance to ask for forgiveness we ask:
"Why me? He's the one who went wrong."
Having sisters I know how this is. We tend to blame problems on other people and think that we were just victims. Sometimes that's true, but sometimes even if it isn't it is good to say sorry. Even if it doesn't solve things, it makes you feel better because you had the courage to acknowledge your wrong doing. I love how they said "strength of forgiveness."

Miss Alice once again has the wise words of the day:
'"It's our place to demonstrate reconciliation -- not judgment or revenge or retaliation. That's God's business, not ours." Her voice grew softer. "Beware the chasms in thy life, David. Sooner or later thee will fall down in the chasm thyself."'
So often people think that Christians are so judging and won't accept people. That isn't true, or if it is in some places it shouldn't. Church is a place of healing for everyone.

David is a little impulsive, but I was disgusted at all of the people being mean or rude to him. He is trying to help even if he's doing it in the wrong way.

Through these chapters I have really come to like Christy! She is becoming really relatable. I absolutely loved her preparation to helping Little Burl's surgery by thinking about God and her thought of how he is: "I am greater than any problem."
I also found her relatable in the last chapter when talking to Doc. The way she was struggling with words to convey her feeling without using someone else's words was just like me sometimes.

One last thing, I feel so sorry for Prince! I'm glad that they didn't hurt him, though, and it's neat that they were able to profit from it to get a new saddle.

Discussion Questions:
Chapters 12-18:
1. Of Christy's students, which one has left the biggest impression on you so far, whether positive or negative?

Mountie O'Teale. I've had the same problem as her with talking and stuttering, so seeing her go through that was relatable, and I was so happy to see her grow. Her reaction to the buttons was priceless!

2. What are your thoughts on the Sewing Circle? If you were in attendance, how might you contribute to the gathering (hosting, providing snacks, reading Scripture, sharing ideas)? How might you interact with the women of the Cove?

Okay, so I am bad at all of those things. I love to read, but with what I mentioned above, I will not read out loud. I would try to step out of my introverted self and maybe host? That means that I would get the pick all of the readings but not have to do it myself. Heehee.

3. Which character's attitude and perspective has inspired you the most so far in the book?

Miss Alice, Fairlight, and Little Burl. I loved reading their positive thoughts!

Chapters 19-25:
1. Did this section make you want to read faster (because of the suspense) or slow down (because of the heavy topics)?

Definitely read faster!

2. Imagine yourself in one of these tense situations: hearing Uncle Bogg's story at the working, listening to David's sermon, or coming upon Prince in his sad condition. How would you respond?

Oh, those are all tough scenes. Uncle Bogg's story reminded me of an Arabian Nights story, so maybe I would mention that? I usually like him, but I was frustrated with everyone treated David like that. I think if I had seen Prince I would have run up to him and gotten him to calm down, but wouldn't have been sure what to do next.

3. If you could help the McHones in even a small way, what would you do?

Yes, but I'm not sure how I could help. Maybe get the little ones to eat more food while at school, or just spent time with Opal just so she wouldn't be lonely.

Thank you so much Amber for hosting this!

Have any of you read this? What do you think? Thanks for reading!



  1. Great thoughts! I love your combined posts and that you catch up! I'm also glad that you are enjoying the book. I too was frustrated with how the people turned on David. It definitely showed though that they are very clannish and are loyal to each other and outsiders might always be outsiders no matter how much they like them. I too can relate to Christy in trying to express my opinions when the doctor was questioning her about what she believes. I would think that any 19 year old would have a hard time with that. But unless you have someone asking hard questions you may continue on following other people's opinions and not forming your own. At 19 my husband was always asking for MY opinion rather than whoever was the hot opinionated person of the time. ha! It made me think for myself instead of accepting others' opinions just because I admired them. Poor Prince! Isn't it funny how we always feel for the abused animals in stories? I think people can think and care for themselves, but animals are at our mercy and we are to protect them not abuse them so I definitely would have felt awful for the poor guy! I too was glad that they didn't hurt him physically, just surface and hair grows back right? Great post and so glad that you caught up again!

    Julie @ My Favorite Pastime

    1. Thank you so much, Julie! I am glad to be reading a book that I've heard is a favorite for others! That is true. I thought that they had already accepted David, but he will still need to do some work to join their idea of their clan. I love your insight into this, because once again, that is so true! As Miss Alice said in the book, some people always go along with what they've been taught and never really understand what it is! That's neat that you had a chance to form an opinion when you were so young! Now that you say that, I agree with you, it's funny that we always are sad about the animals. It reminds me of a scene in the movie Peter Pan (1953) where we are sometimes more worried about the animals than the people! It was a big relief for aure. Thanks, Julie! I can't wait to read your posts!

  2. I'd like to read it.

  3. Love all the quotes you chose! So many things to love in chapters 12-18, for sure. And I totally know what you mean about both admiring and being annoyed with Christy when she approached Mr. Smith about money. Great way to put it!

    Your thoughts about forgiveness and Christianity and the church are lovely. ♥ And I like your idea about hosting, picking out the readings while letting someone else read aloud. :)

    So happy you're enjoying the book and relating to Christy! Looking forward to discussing more with you!


    1. Yes, chapter 12 is one of my favorites so far! The kids are so sweet. Whew, I was worried that I was being too vague because I couldn't figure out how to put it, but I'm glad that you understood! :)

      Thanks, Amber! <3 Haha, thanks again! That way I can think about what to listen to and show favorite passages without having to do it myself. :)

      It is great how many lovely bits are in this, and I can't wait to see where it goes! As I always say, thanks for hosting!


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