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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Christy Read-Along: Chapters 1-11


Right now, Amber who blogs at Seasons of Humility is hosting a Christy Read-Along! I had only heard of it once before, and I didn't know anything about it so I decided this would be the opportunity to do just that!
She is having a discussion every Friday, but as you can see I'm a little late. I had to place a hold at our library and I only just got it the other day, therefore I am combining two of the posts into one! Check out Amber's discussions for Chapters 1-4 HERE, and 5-11 HERE.

Also, I will be saying everything that comes into my mind, so SPOILER ALERT! Please don't read any further unless you have read this book.

Christy: Chapters 1-11
Discussion format: your favorite quotes, general impressions, and three questions to answer for each week's reading (so six questions for two weeks)

Favorite Quotes:

'But there was something different about this sound. It was not a single note, but many notes playing up and down the scale harmonizing at one moment, discord at the next, retreating, advancing.'

'Then the sun was sinking and every prismatic color was reflecting back from this ice-encased world. The valley had become like Ali Baba's Treasure Cove that I had read about as a child. I found my eyes and throat aching with the beauty that blazed ouside the train windows."

"One of our tasks here is to show folks a God who wants to give them joy."

General Impressions:
Chapters 1-4:
I can tell you this right out, so far Ben Pentland is my favorite character. I love how he was described as looking like one of Robin Hood's yeomen (because, as you all know, that is one of my obsessions). He seems like someone who is gruff on the outside, but really loveable on the inside.
'There was a natural dignity and an innate courtesy about this man that I instictively liked.'

Other characters:
I love the name Fairlight and I can't wait to read more about her!

If nothing else, I am curious to meet Alice Henderson. Everything that anybody says about her seems to be contradicting, so I wonder if that is her character: contradicting.

I've been really observant of how authors describe characters lately, so far I am enjoying the descriptions for the most part.

I am some one who is lucky enough to have never been afraid of heights, but both my sisters are. Because of that the whole log bridge scene seemed too dramatic, but I'm trying to be empathetic.

The writing has been a little hard to get into, but I hope it will get easier as we go along.

Chapters 5-11:
I was right, Miss Alice is one of my favorites. I'm still confused about a few things concerning her, but she is so nice and has the best advice!

I'm sad that I we didn't see anything of Ben Pentland in these chapters because, as I said, he was my favorite, but I hope to see more of him in the future.

Ruby Mae is hilarious! I love this bit:
'It was delightful to see Miss Alice through Ruby Mae's eyes.'
I cannot say it enough, but perspective is one of my favorite things! Christy is a little annoying and "stuck up", but I love seeing her grow by knowing other people's thoughts.

Why am I reading this book if I am tired of Christy? There are things I like about her and I am looking forward to seeing how she grows. One of her struggles is really relateable to pretty much everyone, it is:
"What was I born for, after all? I have to know."
We all want to know that we have a purpose, and we want to find it. I know that I struggle with this, so it is inspiring to see Christy having the courage to try to find her place in the world.

I have taught or babysat kids before, so I liked reading the bits where Christy had been teaching! Kids are so cute, but they also can be a lot of trouble! I'm interested in picking up tips on how Christy will straighted out the most obnoxious ones.

Discussion Questions:
Chapters 1-4:
1. What do you think of the narrator/perspective for the prologue? Would you prefer to jump right into the story, or do you think the prologue is effective in piquing your interest?

To tell the truth, I almost skipped the prologue! Which is weird because I never do that, and I reminded myself of that. As I was going along I was a little worried that it might contain a spoiler, but I liked the way of introducing the story.

2. What are your first impressions of Christy and her goals?

It takes a lot of courage to leave your comfort zone and volunteer to go teach in the wilderness, so I am impressed with that. And especially to walk a distance in the snow that you have never done before.

Though, I did give her a look when she asked Mr. Pentland if David Grantland was married.

3. If you were in the cabin when Bob Allen is brought in, how would you react? Would you lend the doctor a hand? Watch the surgery in fascination? Step out the door as fast as you could?

If I was just someone who happened to be there I would try to help in someway and if I couldn't then I would watch. Health and Medice are subjects that are very interesting to me.

If I was in Christy's position where he had been hurt trying to meet me, I would feel absolutely terrible and after trying to help I would probably go outside and cry. I am not good at being calm in difficult situations, but I'm getting better.

Chapters 5-11:
1. Despite all the sad revelations in this section, what moment or scene stood out to you as either really funny or really uplifting?

The beginning of chapter 7 really frustrated me, because of Christy's reaction to the O'Teale's. I mean, I understand being surprised at the way of life, but her response seemed extreme. But, the second half of that chapter had some really inspiring things (pages 104-105 in my book). I could just type up all of those pages, but I'll just say this bit. In response to Christy's question of why God lets people do bad things, Miss Alive said:
"He would have to, if He'd given us men and women a genuine choice of freedom."

2. Now that we've gotten to know David and Dr. MacNeill a bit better, what are your impressions of them? How do you feel about their characters, their attitudes, and their interactions with others?

I still feel like I don't know them? Uh, I do like David. He's nice and funny. I don't understand why Christy doesn't like Dr. MacNeill, because he does so much and is such a good doctor.

3. What are your thoughts about Christy's requests for donations from friends and various companies? Do you think she was foisting a cause upon others inappropriately? (To reference a conversation in chapter 11.) Or do you think such letters could be a blessing to both giver and receiver? Would you have approached things differently?

*groans* It was a nice idea, it did seem a little like begging, but Christy's letters were very well worded, and I'm glad that they got things that they needed. A few things like the wagon seemed a little much, but then the piano?? What?? It was so completely useless! I was so frustrated with Christy, why would she even ask for that? And telephone wire? Ugh, why didn't she consult anyone first? She over did it.

Thank you to Amber for hosting this! Even though my complaining sounds otherwise, I'm enjoying it so far!

Thanks to all of you for reading! Do you agree with my thoughts?



  1. Hi, MovieCritic! I'm impressed that you've already caught up on the discussions! I love how you put together your post. :)

    The second quote on your list of favorites is SO vivid and lovely! I love the descriptions like that.

    Mr. Pentland really is a great character. It's great whenever he shows up on the scene, and I hope that he appears some more later on!

    I really appreciate your honest thoughts, both the positive and the critical. It's interesting to hear what stands out to you in both good and frustrating ways! I'm glad you ended up liking the prologue. :) And you and Carissa (another of the read-along participants) are so brave for being willing to help or watch the surgery! I'm glad there are people like you guys, because we need people who aren't afraid of a little blood and are willing to help others. :)

    LOL about the piano and the telephone wire! Yeah, she obviously got a little carried away with her requests...and I feel bad for the poor people (David and the men of the Cove) who had to deal with transporting or installing those "gifts."

    Happy to hear you're enjoying the book overall, and I look forward to your next post!


    1. Hey, Amber! Yeah, I caught up for the moment, but since I've been traveling a lot I have some more to do now. Thanks!

      I love descriptions, and the ones in here are so fabulous! Especially when they are about one of my favorite things, snow! :)

      He is so nice! We share the same hope of seeing him more. I know that he doesn't live up in Cutter Gap, but I'm sure he will be mentioned again.

      Haha, I'm glad that my little rants weren't too much. :) I love joining your read-alongs because I get to see what everyone else thinks, too! Prolgues are such an interesting way to set up a story. We each have different things that we are able to deal with. It's kind of funny because, for an example, I can help other people when they are hurt, but whenever I cut myself or something like that I think, "Ahhh!! I'm dying!!" Lol. :)

      Exactly! They had a crazy time getting all of those supplies up there and it was a lot of work. It was nice of them to help, but frustrating thatball that work were for such things! Oh well.

      Thanks! I'm looking forward to the chapters to come! :D And thanks again for hosting this!

  2. I love your post! And I too am impressed that you caught up so quickly! I too shake my head sometimes at Christy's behavior. But I think too that we have to take into account how young she really is. She is only 19 and teaching 67 students in one room and never having taught school before! Ack! But sometimes I too want to say really? Really did you just say that? Or did you really just do that?! ha! And so true that we don't really know much about David or Dr. McNeill, but I think that more is revealed in the chapters that we read this past week. I'll look forward to reading your post on those :) If you would like to see my thoughts so far here is this weeks post: https://myfavoritepastime.blogspot.com/2019/10/christy-by-catherine-marshall-read_18.html

    1. Thanks, Julie! It has pulled me in, I had trouble stopping where I was supposed to stop to write this post! That's true, she is very young, I hadn't really thought of that. Other people her age would still be being taught how to teach in a college, and here she is trying to handle all of those students! It is impressive. Somethings she does you laugh at, while at other things you groan. Good to know that more about them is coming! Ack, yes I am behind on reading everyone else's posts! I will definitely catch up today. :)


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