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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Announcing My Fourth Blog Costume Party!

Hello, bloggers!

It is that time of the year again when it is cold and snowy (well, maybe just where I am), and my reading and movie watching multiplies. Because of that I start thinking about how much fun it would be to dress up as different fictional characters, and what better time than Halloween?

Yes, I am once again hosting my Blog Costume Party! I am very excited about this, because it is one of my few consistencies on this blog. Without further ado (wait for it, more is coming), here are the rules/guidelines/thoughts!:

1. I totally understand if you don't participate in Halloween or support it. That is why a few years ago I changed it from my "Halloween Blog Party" to "Blog Costume Party", to make sure that everyone was comfortable enough to join, if they so ever wanted to. I do this around Halloween because I can get away with dressing up. (Here is a really thought provoking post about it by the awesome Kara Lynn!)

2. This is very informal. Four years ago, in 2016, this was my first blog party. Since then it has become less official, and more of an excuse to dress up. I would absolutely love it if you would like to join!

3. All the other years I've said that by participating you had to write a review of book or movie with that fictional character. This year, if you want to put pictures of yourself, or talk about what makes that character recognizable, how to dress like them, or just talk about what you love about a certain character, go for it! Or if you do want to review a book or movie, do that, too!

4. If you are showing pictures of yourself, you don't have to show your face. I never do, I either put a book or some other prop in front of my face, or I just blur it out. I do this because I love to dress up, but I'm not comfortable with having everyone know what I look like... yet. Maybe one day.

5. I will be something either magical or scary, but you don't have to! If there is a character who has a look that everyone is familiar with, you can definitely be them, it's pretty free ranged! My only guideline here is to think of a fictional character, because that's what my blog is kind of about.

6. If you want to join, let me know and I'll link to you here. It can be a surprise if you want (mine always is), or if you have any questions, just ask away!

For a simpler run down:
What: Costume Blog Party!

Where: Hosted by me, here at Movies Meet Their Match!

When: November 7th-9th

Usually I have the buttons be clues to what my sisters and I are going to be, but I am still undecided! I have a few ideas, but I'm not sure yet. So, if you would like to guess what my options are, go for it! (I will take them as suggestions.) The images for these buttons are just random things that I thought looked cool. Please take one or two to spread the word! (Sorry that they are a little blurry!)

The participants:

MovieCritic @ Movies Meet Their Match
Anna Black @ Bookends and Bwopper-Eels

Thanks for reading!



  1. I want to do it, but I'm still unsure how to sign up or if I'm posting here or where?

    MB> keturahskorner.blogspot.com
    PB> thegirlwhodoesntexist.com

    1. Sorry about any confusion! I was tired when I wrote this. Lol. You can do a post on your blog on any of the days, or you can guest post here if you want to! Send me an email with your post if that is what you decide, but you don't have to until we get closer.

  2. Oh this is fun! I have several costumes I'll be using for a party and work -- this is going to be fun!

  3. P.S And thank you for the mention! XOXO

  4. Sounds fun! I might do it if I have time. I love to dress up!


    1. Yeah, if you have time I'd love to see what you come up with!

  5. This sounds like fun! I think I will try to join you! :)

  6. How fun!! Sadly I'm fairly awful at coordinating costumes, but I'm definitely excited to see what you all come up with. :D

    1. Thanks, Melissa! Haha, don't worry, you're not alone. I'm not the best either, I just have sisters who help advise me. :D


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