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Friday, September 27, 2019

2019 Tolkien Blog Party: Would You Rather Tag!

Hello, fellow Tolkien fans!

This week Hamlette who blogs at The Edge of the Precipice is celebrating all things Tolkien with her Tolkien Blog Party! There is a giveaway, two different games, and lots of blog posts, so be sure to check it out!
Isn't this button great? These are what my book covers look like.
This is her seventh year hosting this! Three years ago I participated for the first time, and it was the very first blog party I ever joined! Ever since then I've made sure to participate in one way or another. Last year I was in a different country and therefore very late in my answers, so this year I made sure to be on time!

Here are my posts from past years: 2016, 2017, 2018.

For the tag this year Hamlette has switched it up and made it a would you rather tag, and I am very excited to answer! I hope you enjoy!

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven't read The Hobbit or The Lord of the Rings then spoilers are ahead, so please don't read any further.

And just to be clear, I'll be answering these based on the fact that I've read:
The Hobbit, The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, & The Return of the King.
And I've watched:
The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies, & The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring.

Would You Rather...

1.  ...join Thorin's Company or the Fellowship?

Oh man, just when I thought that the would you rather questions would be easier...

I'm going to have to choose Thorin's Company. I love The Hobbit to bits, and I feel like the Fellowship is perfect the way it is and I'd only get in the way.

2.  ...ride Shadowfax or an eagle?

I've ridden a horse before, but I've never ridden an eagle, so definitely that.

3.  ...travel through Moria or Mirkwood?

Mirkwood, 100%. I wouldn't want to be trapped underground, I'd rather be able to breathe fresh air. Though Moria is a very friendly place, right? (hahahahaha NO.) At least you just speak friend to enter...

4.  ...learn to make elvish rope or mithril chainmail?

Does it seem like I have enough patience to make chainmail? A clue: no. I have a very short attention span, but I think I could make rope.

5.  ...try to outwit Smaug or Saruman?

Outwit? I would never outwit either of them, but if I had to try it would be Smaug. I would hope to just be funny enough that he thinks I'm entertaining to watch and doesn't want to eat me.

6.  ...spend an hour with Grima Wormtongue or Denethor?

When I was little and saw part of The Return of the King movie, I was absolutely freaked out by Denethor. The guy is a total creep and I don't want to be anywhere near him. I feel like I could be in the same room with Wormtongue for an hour and just ignore him.

7.  ...attend Faramir's wedding or Samwise's wedding?

This is not fair because Sam and Faramir are two of my favorite characters in the whole trilogy. I'll have to pick Sam, just because I feel it would be nicer. And also because I don't really like Eowyn. Sorry! Maybe when I see the movies I'll like her more.

8.  ...have to care for the One Ring or the Arkenstone for a day?

Now, I don't think that I would be tempted to ever put the One Ring on, but just the strain of carrying it around for even an hour would kill me. I get super stressed really easily and it would be too much for me to handle, it would tear me apart. To that end, the Arkenstone for sure. A lot of people want it, but it doesn't mess with your mind, right?

9.  ...have tea with Bilbo or Frodo?

Definitely tea with Bilbo. I'd do something else with Frodo, but I would love to hear Bilbo's stories while drinking hot tea.

10.  ...fight alongside Boromir or Eomer?

Not going to lie, Eomer is another one of my favorites. But, I'd rather fight along side Legolas, if I had the choice. Sadly, he's not part of the question, so Eomer.

Thank you so much to Hamlette for hosting this again! It is a treat each year to participate! Everyone, please go make sure that you read all of the other posts HERE!

Thanks for reading!



  1. "This is not fair because Sam and Faramir are two of my favorite characters in the whole trilogy"
    YES. I AGREE WHOLE-HEARTEDLY. that was NOT a fair question xD

    Great answers! It was really fun reading them!

    AND NUMBER TEN. ME. SAME. *fangirls*

    1. NOT FAIR. I was painful to answer! Why make choose between my favorites?? XD

      Thanks, I'm glad that you enjoyed it! :)


  2. How did I not think of fighting alongside Legolas? Archery for the win! Fun answers.

    1. I'm glad to find someone else who likes archery! I'm a little obsessed with it. Thanks!

  3. Great answers!! And yes, #7 was soooo tough! But did I see you say that you don't really like Eowyn? We can no longer be friends. :D Just kidding!

    1. Thank you! It was the hardest question! Haha! I would definitely be open to being talked into liking her! :D I'm sure that you can convince me!

  4. *gasp* yOu DoN't LiKe EoWyN?! I'm actually curious why you say that! I thought she was good in the movie. I don't really remember anything in particular about her in the book... you've got to watch the rest of the movies!! P.S. I loved your answers ;)

    1. *hides* Yeah, I really can't tell you why, because I don't know! Maybe because my sister told me that I was like her and when I read the books I didn't think so? I'm sure that she's a great character, and in time I'll probably like her. :) Thanks!

  5. I would want to fight with Legolas too! Great answers.


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