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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

The Anne Experiences Tag

Hello, all!

July has been a rather busy month for me, but I putting up one last post in honor of my favorite book, Anne of Green Gables! Why am I doing this now? Well, Grace and Katherine, The Maidens of Green Gables, having been hosting an Anne of Green Gables Blog Party, and I can't not join in!
For this they created The Anne Experiences Tag. In THIS POST, they put out some prompts that show that we all have experiences like Anne. Make sure to read their post to read the book snippets that inspired these questions (unless you haven't read the books, then spoiler alert!) Onward!

1. What is your most embarrassing moment?

I have too many to name. I am so used to being embarrassed, that I don't remember certain times. As you can tell, usually I just laugh about it then forget it.

Here's one, probably not the worst, but here you are: My name is a very common name (no, it isn't MovieCritic), and being an introvert I don't usually talk to people, so I when I hear my name I just think that people are talking to someone else and ignore it. One time I had been criticizing someone (I'm a critic, it's what I do) for not paying attention, then had "zoned out". I heard people yelling my name, and it took until a friend had to grab me to get my attention because we were going to work on something, then I of course messed up. Whoops. This was in front of an entire class who have since thought that I am extremely weird.

2. What is your worst cooking disaster? 

I don't usually cook, but every time I do it is a disaster. This is a warning to you all, don't make me cook.

3. Do you own a dress with puffed sleeves?

I actually do. It was my mom's, but I've never worn it because it does not look good on me at all. Puffed sleeves are overrated.

4. What is a hasty purchase you made that you regret?

I once bought a lot of porcelain birds. I thought they were really cool, but I have no clue what to do with them. I still am trying to figure it out.

5. What do you get teased about?

My teeth. They are crooked and bumpy and weird. I think it they are just a part of me, but people keep telling me that I should get them fixed. It is really frustrating because I love to smile, but no one else likes it when I do. I mean, I've grown up in a really nice place, so I don't get teased.

6. Have you ever "play acted"?

Yes, indeed. My sisters and I act out things all the time!

7. Has your imagination ever run away from you?

Oh boy. Yes. I get carried away with my imagination a lot, a few times I don't know if things actually happened, or if I just made them up. It is really funny because they are always just silly things and never come true, but one did a few weeks ago and I then I couldn't believe it!

8. What is a dessert you most recently tried?

Berry bunt cake. It was AMAZING.

9. Where did you get your first set of pearls?

I think my grandma gave my sister and me a plastic set when we were little. We were very cute.

10. Have you ever had a lisp?

Nope, I do tend to talk too quickly and slur my words together, though.

11. Have you ever recited in public?

No, and I don't want to. I am very conscious about my voice, and as I said above, talking isn't my thing.

12. Have you ever had a Jonah Day?

I usually try to be as positive as I can, but some days (mostly when I am dehydrated) everything seems to go wrong.

13. Have you ever discovered a place, that has always been there, but you never noticed?

Hm, I like in a pretty small town, so I think I've been pretty much everywhere. I could be surprised one of these days, though.

14. What crazy thing have you heard a child say?

This little boy I babysit was trying to explain the movie Despicable Me 3 (2017) to me. He told me that they minions were going to go to jail and I would know that they were in jail when they were snapping. I was really confused, and thought that he was making it up, but we watched it and it actually happened. My sister and I couldn't believe it.

Thank you so much for reading! Thanks to Grace and Katherine for hosting!



  1. What a fun tag!!
    I'm sorry people make fun of you for smiling. Smiling should never be stopped.
    Haha, does anyone actually like puffed sleeves? I have to agree with you.
    And the porcelain birds is too funny ;D


    1. Isn't it? Grace and Katherine had such a cool idea!
      Thanks, Keturah! Usually when people comment on my smiling I just laugh at them and keep doing it. :)
      Glad you think so! Do you have any ideas of what to do with them? I can't think of anything! ;D

  2. My grandmother has porcelain birds and she used them to decorate her bathroom in her old house. She now has them as decor on a bookshelf. Maybe do that?

    My siblings and I also play-acted!

    Oh my gosh, I slur too. It drives me crazy sometimes.

    Awesome post, MC!

    1. Good idea! My sister has decorated our main bookshelf, but there are plenty of others to try. ;) Thanks for the suggestion!

      You are the only girl, right? I'm sure you had a lot of parts to play! :)

      Ugh, yes. I have to tell myself to calm down and try it again, slowly.

      Thanks, Catherine!

  3. Fun, all these are cool! I haven't read the books but have seen the movies. :)
    I like puffed sleeves.


    1. Yeah! That's the reverse for me, I've only read the books! :) You should try them sometime!
      All of your outfits are so cool, I'm sure puffed sleeves look great on you, but they look terrible on me. :)

  4. Great tag! It's so fitting that you have a dress with puffed sleeves. XD

    1. Isn't it? I couldn't believe it when my grandma gave it to me. XD

  5. How fun! I'll have to do this tag sometime. I love Anne of Green Gables and it seems like such fun! Haha, I'm not the best at cooking either and I zone out a lot too XD although I like slightly puffed sleeves. Just depends on my mood and the dress!

    P.S. I finally completed the "I Saw It In The Movies" tag! I hope you enjoy reading it!

    1. You totally should! I would love to read your answers. XD It's nice to know that I'm not the only one. *high five* I've seen some puffed sleeves that are lovely, but marroon with blue dots doesn't go with my blond hair. Lol.

      Yay! It was so much fun to read! All of your answers were awesome!


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