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Friday, April 20, 2018

Movie Review: Home on the Range (2004)

Hello, everyone!
Sorry, I meant to post yesterday, but when I realized that it was the 19th, it was really late and I was exhausted.

This movie I have watched and loved ever since it I can remember. I actually compared myself to Grace in THIS POST. I like it, so it must be good, right? "Even you can't argue with that kind of logic." Well, let's see...

My guarantee: On ALL of my reviews there are NO spoilers unless it says so.

Home on the Range (2004):
"This is going to be messy!"
When Patch of Heaven, a dairy farm, is threatened to be sold for auction, three cows set off to find a way to stop it. They see a reward poster for Alameda Sam, the worst outlaw of them all, they decide they need to catch him so they will get enough money to save their home.
"Well, no matter how bad things get, someone is worse off."
Genre: Comedy, Adventure, Animated.
Length: 76 minutes.
Costumes: 7, Well, there aren't a lot of costumes, because they are mostly animals, but there are some okay ones.
Script: 10, there are no bad words.
"Wow! Free cows, what a great country!......No wonder they were free."

Directed by:
Will Finn
John Sanford
Produced by: Alice Dewey Goldstone
Story by:
Micheal LaBash
Sam Levine
Mark Kennedy
Robert Lence

Roseanne Barr as Maggie. "It's green, it's leafy, it's free."
Judi Dench as Mrs. Caloway. "'What's her specialty?' 'Sour cream.'"
Jennifer Tilly as Grace. "As strange as this sounds, Grace is actually making sense."
Cuba Gooding Jr. as Buck. "Buck, have you gone crazy?"
Charles Haid as Lucky Jack. "Come on Jack, focus!"
Randy Quaid as Alameda Slim.
Charles Dennis as Rico.
Sam J. Levine as the Willie Brothers.
Carole Cook as Pearl.
Richard Riehle as Sam the Sheriff.
Joe Flaherty as Jeb the Goat. "Jeb, don't you have enough cans?"
Lance LeGault as Junior the Buffalo.
(On the right.)
G.W. Bailey as Rusty.
Estelle Harris as Audrey the Chicken, "But who would eat a chicken?"
Music: 10, my favorite song is, "Will the Sun Ever Shine Again?"

Music by: Alan Menken
Cinematography/Animation: 10, look at how amzing the animation is! I love it!
Quotes: 9, "I'm sensing a lot of negative energy."
Storyline: 7, There is some drinking, mention of cow parts, making fun of people, and a suggestive thing. But those are not too noticeable, I am just very picky... Over all it is really good!
"Teaching pigs to throw food, if they weren't sloppy enough..."
Overall Score: 8.5!
"Flushed out like yesterday's oatmeal."

There you have it. There was no special occasion, but I just hadn't done a review for over a month, so I thought it was time.

Also, even though I really liked my other header, I decided to change it! Morgan LuaAnne at Turning the Page made this header free for anyone to use, and since I love archery, I decide it would look good! What do you think?

Thanks for reading! Have you seen this movie?



  1. MY CHILDHOOD. One of my fondest memories is sitting on my grandma's lap, sick with a cold and eating tomato soup. This movie cheered me up and brings back so much good stuff.
    It deserves a rewatch from me I think. <3

    1. Yes! Oh, that is so awesome, I am glad this movie cheered you up! It was probably my favorite movie. The last time I watched it was with my nephew, and he loved it! It made me happy to pass on the tradition.
      Yes indeed! You need to! <3

  2. I watched this movie online once when I was having a bad day, and it did cheer me up :). Great review, MC!


    1. I'm so glad to hear that! It definitely makes me happier whenever I watch it! Thanks!

      Thanks for commenting, Catherine!


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