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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Four Fictional Characters Tag

Hello Everyone!

Cordy has tagged me with the Four Fictional Characters Tag! Thank you so much Cordy!

The Rules:
1. Link back to the person who tagged you, and link to The Storybook Journal (Amaris created the tag)
2. List four fictional characters (use pictures if you want! They can be from movies or books) and, if you like, describe what they're like and why you believe they relate to you
3. Tag a few other blog people! Three, or four, or even twenty. :) Share the fun!
Be sure to let them know you've tagged them!

1. Grace (From Home on the Range (2004))

Grace is a peacemaker. She is super friendly and thinks well of everyone (not quite me there, but I try!).
She is calm and tries to keep the peace between Maggie and Mrs. Caloway.
Sometimes to make things go faster, she just needs to sing a song, which makes everyone think she is dying.
She is loyal and when something needs to be done, she stands up, encourages others, and shows them, "We can do it!"
She never will be distracted, or hypnotised. She is focased and kind!

2. Nancy Drew (From the Nancy Drew series)
Nancy loves a good mystery.
She loves to help people.
Her best way of helping is to solve their mysteries.
She always gets it right (Once again, not quite me there.)!
She is super kind to everyone, no matter who they are, she will help them.
She is extremely smart (not me)!
Her friends love that she always includes them. No one is left out.
She is a super sleuth!

3. Mary Bennet (From Pride & Prejudice)
Mary, is sort of the odd one.
She reads books all the time.
"for you are a young lady of deep reflection I know, and read great books, and make extracts."
She doesn't like going into public unless she has too.
She is pretty good at playing the piano and pretty bad at singing.
At the oddest times she will say the strangest things.
"I admire the activity of your benevolence," observed Mary, "but every impulse of feeling should be guided by reason; and, in my opinion, exertion shoud always be in preportion to what is requires."
She seems to be sort of this dull person, but she has a hidden romantic side. (What!? You have a romantic side, MovieCritic!?)

4. The Tin Woodsman (From the Wizard of Oz series)
The Tin Woodsman is kind.
Even if he doesn't have a heart, he strives to be a kind person.
He loves to have friends.
He will go any distance for his friends.
He loves animals and will help them.

Honorable Mentions:
Luna Lovegood (From Harry Potter)
Emile (From Ratatoulie)

And I tag:
Erudessa Aranduriel
Anyone else who wants to do it!

Also, I have been reading The Lord of the Rings and I am finding that I am a lot like Faramir.
Thank you again for tagging me Cordy!
Thank you for reading!



  1. You've made a fun list here. I knew three but I've never seen Home on the Range.

    Cool! Being Nancy Drew must be so nice. :)

    I've never looked at Mary that way but it's so true! Sweet!

    The Tin Man, it's amazing how kind he is even without his heart. :)

    Fun answers, MovieCritic!

    1. Home on the Range is a really good movie! You should try it some time!

      Yep! I feel even more in the mood when I'm wearing my Nancy Drew sweatshirt. :)

      All my sisters say I'm Jane, but I have always related to Mary more. :)

      I know! He is just kind through and though!!!

      Thank you! Thank you so much for the tag!!!! :)

  2. Lovely list MovieCritic!

    Thank you for tagging me! Will do it soon. :)

    1. Thank you Rachel!

      I can't wait to see your answers!!!!

  3. This is a fun one! Thanks for the tag :-) Now I just have to narrow down which characters to talk about!

    1. Sure thing! I had a ton of ideas and my sisters were very helpful with the narrowing down process. ("You are nothing like them MC!") :)

  4. You included Mary Bennet! I think that's so cool. Because honestly she seems to be kind of overlooked, but when you really stop to think about her she's actually a very intriguing character. :)

    Great post all around. I really enjoyed reading it!

    1. She definitely is overlooked! (I'm still sort of mad that she and Mr. Collins didn't end up together.)

      Thank you Miss March for your sweet comment!! :)

    2. Yes! She and Mr. Collins totally should have gotten married! Mary would have actually been happy with him, unlike Charlotte. But Mr. Collins is so silly. He didn't even consider her. :(

    3. Mary would have been way happier than Charlotte! Mr. Collins, you should have seen that the perfect Mrs. Collins is right there! But, maybe Jane Austen thought it would be too cruel to have Kitty be the only unmarried one.

    4. Oh, that's true. Poor Kitty would have been the only one left at home then. That is sad. :(

      Perhaps in the end it was all for the best. True, Mary did seem to like Mr. Collins and probably would have been happy with him, but on the other hand there was probably someone even better for her. So I'll comfort myself with that thought. ;)

    5. But then maybe at the last Jane Austen could have thrown in maybe a suitor? Sort of a promise for Kitty? I don't know. :(

      Yeah, now we just need to imagine better people for Kitty and Mary. We can do it, there is bound to be someone better! But it's hard to think of that when all you can see is Mr. Collins chessy grin. :)

    6. Yeah, she totally could have done that. Too bad she didn't. :(

      Oh yes, his cheesy grin. Haha. Well, I suppose we can't rewrite it and make Mary end up with Mr. Collins so we'll just have to settle for plan B and imagine her with someone better. It's the best we can do. :)

    7. Yes, I guess that is where we have to imagine Mr. Bennet letting Kitty do anything.

      I am a bit spoiled by the '95 version, I can't think of the characters any other way. :) Who else could be for Mary? Do you think we can find someone already in the story, or do we have to make a whole person up to Jane Austen standards? That would be hard. :)

  5. Thanks so much; I've never been tagged before!!!!!! ( jumps around for joy)

    I love your answers, they are so you!!!!!

    Great post thanks again!

  6. Hello! I really enjoyed reading your answers! I just found your blog, but it looks really interesting. :D
    I hope you have a good day!

    1. Hello Amaris!
      Thank you so much, it was a fun tag to do! Thank you! That is really sweet of you! :D
      Thank you, same to you!


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