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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Movie Review: Thoroughly Modern Millie (1967)

Hello Everybody!
This movie that I am going to review today is a pretty fun movie! I hope you like my review.
My guarantee: On ALL of my reviews there are NO spoilers unless it says so.

Thoroughly Modern Millie (1967):
Millie Dillmount is a Modern. She has tossed her "cares and curls away",  gotten the most modern clothing, can type 40 words a minute, and she is going to marry her boss. As she would put it, she is "thoroughly" modern. As she makes friends with Miss Dorothy, an orphan who is moving into the apartment building Millie is living in, and Jimmy Smith, her world is turning out differently than she thought it would be. But something is happening that is wrong.
"In the Ritz elevator you only go up and down."
Genre: Musical, Comedy, Romance
Costumes: 8, they are very nice, only in one section are there some that people aren't wearing appropriate clothing, but you only see it for a few seconds. I'd have to say that this is my favorite dress:
Script: 7, there are some pretty bad words that Miss Dorothy says. Surprising I know!
"Moderns don't cry!"
Directed by: George Roy Hill
Produced by: Ross Hunter
Written by: Richard Morris
Julie Andrews as Millie Dillmount
James Fox as Jimmy
Mary Tyler Moore as Miss Dorothy
Carol Channing as Muzzy
John Gavin as Trevor Grayden
Beartice Lillie as Mrs. Meers
Jack Soo as Ching Ho (Credited as Oriental No. 1)
Pat Morita as Bun Foo (Credited as Oriental No. 2)
Philip Ahn as Tea
Music: 9, the music is very good, the only song that isn't really good is "Baby Face". My favorite is "The Tapioca."
Music by: Elmer Bernstein
Quotes: 9, "He's like fresh paint!" "Oh, he's just full of applesauce." (Such a Julie Andrews line!)
Notes: In the scene for "Jazz Baby", Muzzy puts the strap for a saxophone around her neck then after she is done playing it she just hands the saxophone to somebody without taking the strap off and it's fine! They must have filmed it in two parts. Also, in one part Mrs. Meers falls asleep on the floor, in the next scene she is on the bed, how did she get there?
Storyline: 5, The storyline is okay, but the movie has some: kidnapping, talk about body parts, paintings and statues of people in the nude, a lot of kissing, fighting, smoking (at first they sort of encourage it, but not at all later on), drunkenness, and suggestive stuff. The 'movie people' rate this movie G, but I would rate it more along the lines of between PG and PG-13.
"You can't be happy go lucky all the time, you have to buckle down and make something of yourself!"
Good For: Families, People who love Musicals, People who are "All alone in the world".
Overall Score: 7!

I'll leave you with something to think about. Have a good day evening! Oh, and tomorrow Hamlette's The Great Gatsby read-along starts! Go check it out!


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