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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Robin Hood Week Tag!

As you probably know, Olivia at Meanwhile in Rivendell is hosting a Robin Hood Week!! Yes!! I am an obsessed fan of Robin Hood!

I know this is my fifth tag this month, but for this week Olivia has put out a tag, and to quote her, "Because one does not simply host a blog party without a tag.  It's just not done." Here are my answers to it!

Oh, um, I don't think there will be any spoilers, maybe just a picture or two?

The Tag:

What was your first exposure to Robin Hood?

The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938), starring Errol Flynn and Olivia DeHaviland!
On a scale of 1 to 10, how big a fan are you?


How many versions and spin-offs of the legend have you experienced?

4. I know, you are now thinking, "And she claims being 10?"

What is your favorite version of Robin Hood (can be book, movie, TV series, anything)?

The 1938 version. Ever since I saw it I have loved Robin Hood. But here is my list from most favorite to least favorite:
The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938)

Robin Hood [BBC] (2009-2011)

Robin Hood [Disney] (1973)

Robin Hood (1991) [This version is terrible!!!!]

Are you one of the lads? (Meaning, have you watched/are you a fan of the BBC show?)

Oh yeah I am!!!

Who is your favorite Merry Man?

I agree with Olivia's answer, I'm not sure, because they keep changing it!
1938 - Friar Tuck
2009-2011 - Djaq, Much, Allan
1973 - Little John
1991 - Will Scarlet
And of course in all of these my favorite is Robin.

Do you have a favorite portrayal of Lady Marian?

Either Olivia DeHaviland in the 1938 version,

or Lucy Griffiths in the BBC version.

Do you have any interest in or aptitude at archery?

I have a lot of interest! My sister has this target range set up and I love to go try it! I am not good at it, but I do it all the same!

Fact or fiction -- which do you think?

I agree with Olivia, I like to think fact. :)

Do you think Robin Hood has been "done to death," or are there still new twists that can be found?

Tons of new twists can still be found, as long as they don't ruin it like the 1991 version.

Also, here is my favorite song.

Thank you so much for hosting this week Olivia! This is going to be so much fun!!

What do you all think of my header? Usually my little sister makes my headers for me but I made this one. I turned out pretty good! I was hoping to have all the arrows pointing in the same direction, but I had to work with what I could find. Oh, and all the pictures are from the four versions I have seen.

Thank you all for reading, and be sure to check out Olivia's blog for all the fun!



  1. YOU MADE A HEADER AHHHH *tackles you* That makes me so happy!! :D

    BBC and Disney forever!!!!

    Haha, is that 1991 version the one with Patrick Bergin that you mentioned? There's another 1991 version with Kevin Costner, but it doesn't look like it's the same one, hehe. XD

    Thanks for doing the tag, dear!

    P.S. "Oo-de-lally, oo-de-lally, golly, what a day." :) <3

    1. I am so glad that it made you happy! I only do it for special occasions and how more special can you get! :D

      Oh yeah!

      Yes, the 1991 version that I have seen is the one that stars Patrick Bergin. The Kevin Costner one was more famous so the Patrick Bergin version didn't really get a lot of attention, and it really is not that good. I think I have only seen part of the Kevin Costner version.

      Sure thing! Thank you for dong this week!!! :)

      :D :D :D

  2. Great answers, MovieCritic! This was a really fun post to read. And that song from the Disney version...awwww. <3

    P.S. I think that's so cool that you've actually tried archery. You're a real fan!! :D

    1. Oh! And your header is really cool! You did a great job on it! :D

    2. Thank you Miss March! You are making me blush!! My little sister told me that I had to put that song there, and I agreed. :)

      I am super bad at it, I almost lost one of my sister's arrows once. :/ But, practice makes perfect! :) You think so? That makes me so happy!

      Thank you so much!! I was hoping that all the arrows would be pointing at the words, but I love that Errol Flynn picture so I had to use it. :D

  3. Cool post! I like robin hood but I'm not really a fan. I do love the disney version! :D Love the header and the song! (who couldn't?)

    1. Thank you! I always forget how much I love the Disney cartoon version. :) Thank you, someone metioned I should put the song there. ;)


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