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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Robin Hood Week: Movie Review: Robin Hood (1991)

Hello Merry Folk!

In participation with Olivia's Robin Hood Week, I am going to do a review of my least favorite Robin Hood (1991), starring Patrick Bergin (not the Kevin Costner version). Make sure to go check out the fun! And here is just a reminder of my guarantee: On ALL of my reviews there are NO spoilers unless it says so.

Robin Hood (1991):

Based on the classic tale, Sir Robert Hode gets all his lands taken away after insulting and stopping the Baron's guest, Miles. After a trial he and Will Scarlet run away. His name is changed when in a state of exhaustion, asked his name he mutters out "Robin Hood." He joins a band of outlaws in the forest.
"Maybe you shouldn't have said anything."

Genre: Adventure, Action, Romance
Costumes: 7, they are okay, nothing inappropriate, but they aren't anything special either. I do like this dress of Marian's, and she looks very nice in this scene:

Script: 5, some bad words, suggestive things. "Taxes are there to be hated by some, and to be spent by others."

Directed by: John Irvin
Produced by: 
Tim Bevan
Sarah Radclyffe
Screenplay by: John McGrath
Written by: Sam Resnick
"Let me guess, the horses have gone home?" "Yes, the horses have gone home."

Patrick Bergin as Robin Hood, "I believe Sir Robert never loses. At least he tells me."
Uma Thurman as Maid Marian
Jürgen Prochnow as Sir Miles Folcanet
Edward Fox as Prince John
Jeroen Krabbé as Baron Roger Daguerre
Owen Teale as Will Scarlett "Careful, he doesn't like being called names." "What do you do ferret face?" "I follow him burying all the people who have called him names."
David Morrissey as Little John
Alex Norton as Harry
Jeff Nuttall as Friar Tuck
Danny Webb as Much the Miller
Phelim McDermott as Jester, "Money money money money."
Caspar De La Mare as Sam Timmons the Carpenter
Music: 8, It's not too bad.
Music by: Geoffrey Burgon
Quotes: 7, "Heads, I win. Tails, John loses."
Notes: Star Wars reference, "Raise the bridge! Raise the bridge! Lower the bridge! Lower the bridge!"
Storyline: 5, There is death, kissing, gruesome sights (bugs crawling over and through people, blood, etc.) and the robbing of a church.
I am a HUGE fan of anything Robin Hood so, why don't I like this version? Here are a few reasons:
1. Marian too snobbish and tomboyish. I love Marian in other versions but in this version she is so spoiled! She gets only a bit better. "Make your mind up."
2. They don't have a shooting contest! I'm sorry, but that is one of my favorite parts. They have a few little ones amongst themselves, but not a big official one!
3. Robin is too scared of death. He ran away for his own selfish reason.
Overall, it's not a bad movie, I just am really picky about my Robin Hood's. I also really like, as Hamlette said, a merry Robin Hood. Bright colors, laughter, jokes, you don't really get that a lot here.
Good For: People who like romance.
Overall Score: 6

Also, since this was Robin Hood Week, today my sisters and I dressed up as characters from Robin Hood and were shooting bow and arrow.
This is me. I am Robin Hood.

This is my little sister. She is Maid Marian.

This is my older sister. We couldn't really decide who she was, but we finally settled on Allan a Dale. She even strummed her bow a little!

Be sure to check out Olivia's blog for all the fun! Thank you so much for hosting this awesome week Olivia!!!
Thanks for reading!



  1. David Morrissey as Little John?! That kind of makes me more interested in it, since I love him as Colonel Brandon in the 2008 miniseries of Sense & Sensibility. ;)

    Also, some of these quotes seem fun! But no, other than that it doesn't seem super.

    Ah! What fun that you and your sisters did that! Thanks for the photos! ;D

    1. Little John in here is pretty good. :)

      There are some good ones! My favorite is, "Heads I win, Tails John loses." :) I haven't seen the 2008 S&S, but it looks really good!

      It really was fun! :D And, do you know what else was fun? This week! Thank you so much for hosting it Olivia!! :D


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