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Friday, September 29, 2017

Book Review: Cloaked

Hello Everyone!
Today Rachel Kovaciny's book Cloaked, is available for purchase! I was given permission to read it before hand, and I must say, it is one of the most enjoyable books I've this year! Many thanks to Rachel for letting me read it as an advanced reader, and congrats for writing such a fabulous book!

My guarantee: On ALL of my reviews there are NO spoilers unless it says so. 

Cloaked - by Rachel Kovaciny:
Little Red Riding Hood retold:
Mary Rose is on her way to the Wyoming territory to meet her grandmother for the first time when she meets Mr. Linden. Her is very gentlemanly but something about his too smooth ways, and slippery smile makes Mary Rose nervious around him. He hasn't done anything wrong, and her grandmother seems to enjoy his company so she doesn't want to mess anything up. After all, she has other things to distract her, but how long will this last?
"When they reached the pasture on the other side of the trees, Mary Rose again felt as bright and happy as the sunshine that greeted her."
Genre: Western, Fairytale retelling.
Characters: 10, they are all so detailed you love getting to know them!
My favorites: 
Mary Rose, I love her! A very relatable heroine with a true love of God.
Jubilee, as soon as I read this I loved her: "Afternoon sunlight transmuted the dust cloud to shimmering gold, and through it Mary Rose could see the figure of a woman, small but erect, as proud of bearing as Queen Victoria of England."
Hauer, you can't help but admire him.
Words: 10, no bad words, very clean, and descriptions that are gold! I love how Pride & Prejudice is mentioned, and Jane Austen. Very good taste!
"He was looking at Hauer as if he had announced he was partial to keeping porcupines for pets."
Storyline: 8, there is smoking, kissing, injury, and death, but it is all very mild. A truely excellent retelling!
"They continued on without speaking until they reached the trees, tall pines that ranged from spindly saplings to tall, broad trees with branches stretching far above Mary Rose’s head."
Good For: Anyone who loves retellings!
Overall Score: 9.5!

Avalible starting today. To Buy on Amazon, click here!

Again, thank you so much for letting me be an advanced reader, Rachel!

Go try this book, everyone, it is so good!



  1. It sounds like a lovely book! I'd be very interested to see how the Western theme ties in with the fairy-tale retelling. :D

    1. It is lovely! She did such a good job at combining the two, it's like they were meant to be like that! :D

  2. I hope I get the chance to read it someday!!

    1. I hope you do, too! Let me know what you think of it!!

  3. Thanks so much for being an ARC reader, MC! I'm happy you enjoyed it :-) And the lines you highlighted are some of my favorites too!

    1. You're welcome! Thank you again for letting me be one! As I say, you are a fabulous writer! :-) Congrats!!!!


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