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Thursday, October 5, 2017

Flower Book Tag

Hello Everyone!
Sorry it's been awhile since you've seen me, I have been pretty busy.
Anyway, the lovely Amber at The Hearts Spring has this tag going, it is The Heart's Spring Book Tag, and I have decided that it looks pretty fun, so I am going to fill it out!

Note: The prompts are based on book titles/flower names and themes in The Heart's Spring series.

The Flowers:

Bellflower: Name a book with beautiful writing or a profound plot that made you immediately fall in love.

This is hard, I am going to have to say Pride & Prejudice, by Jane Austen. I had seen the 1995 series, but the book was just so excellent it was unbelievable!
Also, Amber is hosting a Pride & Prejudice read-along on her blog Seasons of Humility.

Forget Me Not: Name a book you adored in your childhood and can't forget even now.

There are so many! But, I'll have to say The Wizard of Oz, by L. Frank Baum. I love the whole series so much, but the first one will always be the most remembered.

Bleeding Heart: Name a book that made you cry with deep compassion for a character.

Wow, this will have to be Hattie Big Sky, by Kirby Larson.

Fairy Slippers: Name a fantasy book or fairy tale that utterly charmed you.

There are too many to count! I'll say Five Glass Slippers, by Elisabeth Brown, Emma Clifton, Rachel Heffington, Stephanie Ricker, and Clara Diane Thompson, because, I get five different stories and it has the word slippers in the title.

Morning Glory: Name a book that has not yet released but you just know you'll love.

Well, when Five Poisoned Apples comes out I'm pretty sure I'm going to like it, and I'm also looking forward to Cahira & the Ghosts, by Abby Lennah.

Thank you so much, Amber for the fun tag!!!



  1. I'm excited about Five Poisoned Apples, too... ;)

    1. There is always the hope that one of us will have a story in it... ;D

  2. I'm super excited about those two books as well! :D

  3. Aww, great responses! I love that you included Five Glass Slippers. (An awesome collection!) I originally wrote Fairy Slippers for that contest, then ended up self-publishing it later on. :) I bet Five Poisoned Apples will be fabulous! I read Five Enchanted Roses but still need to read Five Magic Spindles, which is on my Kindle.

    Also, yay for Pride & Prejudice! I'm really enjoying it so far and love understanding more of this story beyond the movie adaptation I've seen. Great choice!

    Thank you so much for participating in the tag!


    1. Thank you! I just read FGS this summer and it was amazing! Really!? That is so cool! Then it was turned into a series? Wow!! :) Oh yes, I think FPA will be! I have FER but I haven't read it yet, and I also haven't read FMS but I can't wait to. :)

      I'm so glad you are enjoying it! I will do my post later in the week, I still have some catching up to do. :)

      Thank you so much for creating it!

    2. So glad you enjoyed FGS! You'll love FER. :)

      And actually Fairy Slippers came after FMN and BH...a little sequel written later. ;) But still, I'm glad the contest prompted me to write it! And I self-published it with Bellflower, my Beauty & the Beast retelling and a belated prequel to the series. The Rooglewood contests definitely inspired those two short stories!

      Anyway, looking forward to your P&P post! Thank you for all your encouragement!


    3. Yay!! I'm so excited!

      Oh, I see! How cool! And the Beauty & the Beast contest inspired you too!? Wow! Are you going to join to FPA? They are very good writing prompts, even if you don't get in the contest, you can publish them on your own!! ;) And you're walking proof of this!

      Thank you, I hope mine will be okay. :) Sure thing!!

    4. Definitely great writing prompts! It's been awesome to see all the creativity they've inspired in so many writers. :) I'm not sure I'll join the FPA contest... Probably not, although the cover and prompt are exciting! Are you entering?

      Oh, and I'm sure your read-along post will be fab! :)


    5. It is sad that this is their last one, though I'm not sure why, shouldn't there be five...? ;) The cover is what got my attention, how cool would it be to be in a book with that cover!! I am going to try, I'm doing a really weird style but I think it will turn out okay. :)

      Thank you, Amber!! :)

  4. The Wizard of Oz!!! One of my favorite childhood books and movies <3

    1. It is so good! So much happiness and wonderful things in it! <3 It is one of the first movies I remember watching.

    2. Me too! That one, Disney's animated Cinderella, and Nadia were my favorite movies EVER as a young child and I watched them again and again. :)

    3. The Disney princesses were my older sisters favorite movies. I always had Cinderella as one of my top favorites. I haven't seen Nadia, but I looked it up and it sounds good! :)

  5. Oh what a fun tag! I've read the first three answers. I don't remember Hattie Big Sky much, but The Wizard of Oz series was a huge favourite for a large part of my childhood. Pride and Prejudice...hmmm, not sure what I think of that one. JUST KIDDING, obviously. I'm just pretty sure you know what I think of the greatest book ever written (well, now you do). :D
    Fun post!!

    1. It really was a lot of fun to do! Hattie Big Sky is pretty good, except for the part where you cry your eyes out. The Wizard of Oz is so wonderful! It really is so good!!! Haha! Yes, Pride & Prejudice is truely excellent. I'm pretty sure anyone who has read it thinks that. :D
      Thank you!


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