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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Book vs. Movie Review: The Jungle Book

Hello Everybody!
Today 50 years ago the Disney movie The Jungle Book came out! (Not the 2016 version, the 1967 cartoon!) Because of that I will do a review of both the book and the movie!

My guarantee: On ALL of my reviews there are NO spoilers unless it says so. 

The Jungle Book - by Rudyard Kipling
"We be of one blood, ye and I."
A man cub is found in the jungle, and the animals decide to take care of him instead of eating it. Mowgli and his friends come upon many, many adventures in the jungle of India.
"What is has been. What will be is no more than a forgotten year striking backwards."
Genre: Adventure.
Characters: 8, there are quite a few good ones!
My favorite: Bagerra, Kaa.
"The English, they had been told, were a perfectly mad people, who would not let honest farmers kill witches in peace."
Words: 8, Very good! But, there are a few places were there is name calling.
"Last year's nuts are this year's black earth."
Storyline: 5, there is death, gruesome things, people mentioned as being nude, smoking, and blood.
"My heart is heavy with the things that I do not understand."
Good For: Animal lovers, People who feel they are different.
Overall Score: 7!
"He turned on his heel and walked away with the Lone Wolf, and as he looked up at the stars he felt happy."


The Jungle Book (1967):
Based on the book by Rudyard Kipling:
"Many strange legends are told about the jungles of India..."
Being abandoned in the forest, Mowgli grows up with the animals, learning the animal ways. All is well until Shere Khan comes, and wants Mowgli to be no more.
Length: 78 minutes.
Genre: Adventure
Costumes: 6, nothing great, and Mowgli doesn't wear much. But, I do like this:
Script: 8,
"Don't spend your time lookin' around for something that can't be found."
Directed by: Wolfgang Reitherman
Produced by: Walt Disney
Screenplay by:
Larry Clemmons
Ralph Wright
Ken Anderson
Vance Gerry
Floyd Norman
Bill Peet
Bruce Reitherman as Mowgli.
Phil Harris as Baloo.
Sterling Holloway as Kaa.
George Sanders as Shere Khan.
Sebastian Cabot as Bagheera/Narrator.
Louis Prima as King Louie.
J. Pat O'Malley as Colonel Hathi/Buzzie the Vulture.
Verna Felton as Winifred.
Clint Howard as Junior.
Chad Stuart as Flaps the Vulture.
Lord Tim Hudson as Dizzie the Vulture.
John Abbott as Akela the Indian wolf.
Ben Wright as Rama the Father Wolf.
This really is a 5-star cast!
But, wow, the characters are quite mixed up. The thing with Walt Disney films, is that they are so great you love them, all the characters are classics. Even though Baloo should be like Bagheera, and Bagheera should be like Baloo, and Kaa is a good guy.
Music: 10! Who doesn't love "The Bare Necessities"!? And, "I want to be like you"?!
Music by:
George Bruns
Terry Gilkyson
Richard M. Sherman
Robert B. Sherman
Quotes: 9, So, my favorite quote is so long that I am just going to put a video of it:
Notes: This has some recycled scenes from Winnie the Pooh!
Storyline: 5, the storyline has nothing bad in it, it just is really not a lot like the book. But as I said, you can't say anything bad about it because it is a classic!
Good For: Anybody who feels different, Anybody who has to do a hard thing.
Overall Score: 7!

It's a tie!

I read The Jungle Book, for Heidi's Adventure of Reading Challenge! Go check it out! One done so far on my list! I have read others, but I haven't gotten to review them yet!

Thanks for reading!



  1. My sister just finished reading this book. I haven't read it...yet. It's on my list, but, well, you know, the list is long!:)

    I do like both the movies. I don't know which I prefer... I mean, the new one was fantastic with its effects and everything, but I like the music better in the animated version. (The music, as in the singing, because the score for the 2016 one was epic--I just don't care for Christopher Walkin's singing.)

    1. I just read this for the first time in July. I had started it before, but not finished it. I was good but it was a hard for me to get through for some reason. I know all about long lists. :/ We'll read them all one day. :)

      I haven't seen the 2016 one yet, even though everyone tells me it's so good. I have seen the 1994 version, which really was more of a sequel then the actual thing. :)

      Thanks for your comment! :)

  2. Ahh that good old movie! I remember staying up on Christmas' eve as kids and one of the movies we watched was this... :) Great review Clare!

    1. It's an oldie, but a goodie! Traditions and memories are so wonderful. :) Aw, thank you so much Anna! :)

  3. Bagheera is my favorite in both of the books and in the movie, but you're right, he's very different from one to the other!

    1. Who wouldn't want an awesome, friendly, black panther as their guardian!? Bagheera is very cool in both versions!


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