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Friday, January 31, 2020

Heidi Read-Along: The End!

Hello, friends!

I am here one last time for Seasons of Humility's (run by Amber) Heidi Read-Along!
It has been absolutely delightful to reread this and share my thoughts as well as read everyone else's. Make sure to read Amber's final thoughts HERE as well as checking out Julie's and Carissa's blogs.

Spoiler alert! I will be talking about the ending of the book Heidi, so if you want to be surprised when you read it, don't continue reading this post any more!

Heidi - by Johanna Spyri: Chapters 19-23
Discussion format: your favorite quotes, general impressions, and three questions to answer for each week's reading

Favorite Quotes:

'Then she would run round again to the sunny space in front of the hut, and seating herself on the ground would peer closely into the short grass to see how many little flower cups were open or thinking of opening.'

'"Foresight is a virtue," responded the lady, amused, "and prevents many misfortunes."'

'The old man stood and watched the green slopes under the higher peaks gradually growing brighter with the coming day and the dark shadows lifting from the valley, until at first a rosy light filled its hollows, and then the morning gold flooded every height and depth---the sun had risen.'

'The great snowfield overhead sparkled as if set with thousands and thousands of gold and silver stars.'

General Impressions:

I'm pretty sure that when I read this the first time I thought it was boring and read it quickly to be done with, which is why I don't remember any of it. Now, with all of the books I usually read I didn't find it boring, but really relaxing!

Peter finally learns to read! Heidi at first wouldn't read because of what Peter said so it was neat that it came around and she taught him, though her way made me laugh. It is amusing how she would threaten him that he would have to go to Frankfurt and his reaction is hilarious.

Clara and Grandmamma get to visit! It was very short, but the peek into Alm-Uncle's made a lot of sense. His taking care of Clara makes my heart happy! Just delightful happenings on the mountain ensue.

Peter! I didn't believe it possible that he could be that by naughty breaking the chair. But, Clara learns to walk because of it! I love how Grandmamma put it:
"So you see, Peter, God is able to bring good out of evil for those whom you meant to injure, and you who did the evil were left to suffer the unhappy consequences of it."
And the description of a conscience as a watchman who keeps poking you is so accurate! How we are more punished by that than anything else.

Grandmamma is just so wise all around. I loved her saying this:
"Dear child, let us enjoy all of the beautiful things that we can see, and not think about those that we cannot."
The way she was also so kind and thoughtful to the other grandmother made me happy!

Surprising Grandmamma and Herr Sesemann was so sweet! Ah, happy endings are so inspiring and uplifting. To quote Cinderella (2015), "They are quite my favorite kind."

Discussion Questions:

1. What did you think of Peter's reading lessons and Heidi's teaching methods?

Her threats seemed a little out of character, but as soon as she saw that he was going to do it she comforted him which was sweet. The way he was so into it ("No! I won't go!") cracked me up. I have had to teach people to read (with not a lot of progress), so it was interesting to see the style.

2. Which scene did you find the most beautiful or memorable in these last chapters?

In years to come I will probably remember when Clara gets to see the mountain flowers for the first time by walking. Oh, and the lessons that Peter learned, especially his penny a week for life!

3. If you could step into the pages of the book, what would you be most eager to experience? (A night gazing at the stars from the loft? Waking up to the sound of the wind through the fir trees? Sitting among the flowers and goats on the mountain? Or something else?)

The goats are such a unique part of this book, and while I am known to be doubtful of goats (it's a really long story about how I never used to think that there were goats in a certain place. It's confusing, but just ask my mom and sisters and they will tell you.), I think that it would be neat to experience being with them. Oh, and I love stars, so absolutely that.

A huge thank you to Amber for hosting this! I had a blast.

Thanks to all of you for reading! What do you think of the ending of this book?



  1. I loved the ending! Loved it that grandmother was wanting to have a hymn read to her to show her gratefulness. Peter had me shaking my head on more than one occasion! He was definitely a stinker. I love the descriptions in the book. They are so vivid. A wonderfully sweet story that I enjoyed reading with y'all.

    1. It was so sweet! I was on the verge of tears, but in the best way. The grandmother's gratitude was beautiful. Oh boy, Peter is a trouble maker! I hope that he learned his lesson. It was great to read this book with you, too!

  2. So glad you had a blast with the read-along, MovieCritic! I agree that this was a relaxing read; it's neat how books for a younger audience can have so much to offer us when we're older. :)

    Love that fourth quote too! And the third one!

    Happily-ever-afters are really wonderful; I love that quote you shared from Cinderella. ♥

    It was interesting to see how determined/threatening Heidi could be when she felt strongly about something! But you're right that she was quick to comfort, and it was sweet how she didn't really want Peter to be too frightened. ;)

    The goats in this book are each so unique, aren't they? It would be kind of fun to meet them! And viewing the stars from the loft would be amazing, for sure!

    Thank you so much for participating in this and other read-alongs, MovieCritic! :)


    1. So true! I now feel like rereading all of my childhood favorites along with any that I missed! They can teach such sweet lessons in a way that is easy to understand.

      The descriptions are gorgeous x10!

      Haha, I can't resist putting movie quotes in. Now I want to rewatch that! <3

      It was surprising to come from her! But it was nice that she didn't want him to be terrified, just to have some motivation. ;)

      The brilliant parts of mountain life! :)

      Aw, thank you for hosting so many of them!


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