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Sunday, January 26, 2020

Heidi Read-Along: Chapters 9-18

Greetings, everyone!

I am here today continuing my participation in Amber's, who blogs at Seasons of Humility, Heidi Read-Along!
I am combining two week's discussions because I had so much that I wanted to blog about this month that I want to get as much in as possible. Make sure check out Amber's thoughts both HERE (chapters 9-13) and HERE (chapters 14-18).

Spoiler alert! If you have not read the book Heidi then read no further because that is all that I will be talking about in this post!

Heidi - by Johanna Spyri: Chapters 9-18
Discussion format: your favorite quotes, general impressions, and three questions to answer for each week's reading (six for two weeks)

Favorite Quotes:

'She entered into the lives of all the people she read about so that they became like dear friends to her, and it delighted her more and more to be with them.'

'The fresh bright morning sun lay on mountain and valley. The sound of a few early bells rang up from the valley, and the birds were singing their morning song in the fir trees.'

'As the old man at last stood alone with the child, watching their retreating figures, there was a light upon his face as if reflected from some inner sunshine of heart.'

"The happiest of all things is when an old friend comes and greets us as in former times; the heart is comforted with the assurance that some day everything that we have loved will be given back to us."

'The early light of morning lay rosy red upon the mountains, and a fresh breeze rustled through the fir trees and set their ancient branches waving to and fro.'

I realized that we see the same things described again, and again, but I love it every time and always take note of it.

General Impressions:
Chapters 9-13:

We get to meet Herr Sesemann! I always have thought that he is so reasonable and keeps his head when everyone else is panicking. He is so kind to Heidi and the love he shows Clara is so sweet.

We also met the other Grandmamma. This lady has so much wisdom. I was sad to see her leave. I love how she takes care of Heidi and advises her in the best ways, like this:
"Then, dear child, let me tell you what to do: you know that when we are in great trouble, and cannot speak about it to anybody, we must turn to God and pray to Him to help, for He can deliver us from every care that oppresses us."
I also love the use of the story the Prodigal Son! It works so perfectly.

Poor Heidi! She has such a big heart and just misses her home and family so much.

I realized that I haven't said anything about Tinette, but what can I say? She is annoying.

A big part of this section is the "mysterious ghost" that everyone is afraid of. This is not a plot twist or a surprise for me, because for as long as I can remember I have known that this is Heidi. It's just a fact of life in literature. Because I knew what was going on the staff's reactions are pretty comical. Can I say how much I love Herr Sesemann and the doctor? They rock, especially when the doctor helps her when no one else has by prescribing her to go back home in the mountain air to get well again.

Going home! Heidi leaves Herr Sesemann's house accompanied by Sebastian who is called a coward (about the whole ghost section).I think that he was the best choice to bring her home, but I was rather peeved with him because he didn't want to walk all the way up the mountain!

Chapters 14-18:

Even though this is a reread for me, these four chapters are new because I didn't remember them. They are so cute, though! I'm glad that I have picked this up again.

Once again, the Prodigal Son is used beautifully. I love how Heidi shares all that she has learned with her grandfather. It just makes my heart so, so, so, so happy! She also shares her reading with the grandmother, and her joy with the doctor.

Remember what I said about Clara in my last post? How I thought that she was a side character with not a lot of personality? Well, I was wrong. In this section it struck me of how strong (in character) and kind and thoughtful she is. When her father tells her that she can't make the trip because of her health, she doesn't scream, yell, or make a fuss. She holds back her tears of disappointment, but she doesn't complain because she knows that the doctor and her father only wish the best for her.

All of the gifts are so thoughtful! And the doctor coming with them was the perfect touch. This book is so peaceful and happy, I love having it be a part of my days.

Oh, Peter. He is not mischievous, but he is reluctant to do things that he thinks will be hard. I love how both Heidi and the Alm-Uncle encourage him to grow.

Discussion Questions:
Chapters 9-13:

1. What struck you most from the grandmamma's (Frau Sesemann's) interactions with Heidi?

Besides what I mentioned earlier, I love how she convinced Heidi to be willing to learn. Peter has made such a big impression on her, especially his stubbornness, so I was so glad the the grandmamma was able to work around that with this:
"Peter must be a very odd boy then! But listen, Heidi, we must not always go by what Peter says, we must try for ourselves."

2. Do you think Heidi could have learned to thrive in the Sesemann house over time, or do you think she truly needed to go back to the Alm in order to be healthy and happy again?

I don't think she would have gotten any better. I know that whenever I leave home I have the hope of returning, but Rottenmeier took away all of that from Heidi. She is a bright little soul, but she thought that she wasn't going to see the people she loves again, or that she would be too late. I think that she could be happy at the Sesemann house if she really could go back anytime she wanted, but now that she is home she will never leave. Which I get, because my home is my happy place, too.

3. What was your favorite part about Heidi's return home?

All of the reunions! The Grandmother, Peter, and the Alm-Uncle's reactions are so precious and it shows how much she lights up each of their lives!

Chapters 14-18:

1. Which scene in this section made you the most happy when you read it?

I don't think I can pin point an exact spot. Probably when Heidi and her grandfather went to church! Or when she told the doctor that she would go with him back to Frankfurt if it would make him happy.

2. In what way has one of the characters inspired you?

Heidi's faith is so inspiring to me. Her beautiful trust and helping those she loves is amazing.

3. How would you feel about living in the "mansion" in Dörfli where Heidi and her grandfather spend the winter?

It seems like a such a cozy place for the winter! So yes, I would like that.

Thank you to Amber for hosting and thanks to all of you for reading! What do you think of this book?



  1. Another lovely group of quotes and thoughts, MovieCritic!

    I love that you note how perfect the story of the Prodigal Son is for both encouraging Heidi and speaking to her grandfather. So true!

    And that is such a great point about Clara's character. I agree that she didn't really stand out all that much in the first part of the book, but her reaction to being told she'd have to wait to visit Heidi is inspiring and quite mature. And her gifts for Heidi and all those Heidi loves were so thoughtful and generous, as you said!

    I love the way you answered question #2 (chapters 9-13); I think you're so right that in order for Heidi to really thrive at the Sesemann house, she needed the hope of home and being with her loved ones again, and she didn't have that hope. I'm glad she's back home to stay too. :)

    Regarding your answer to question #1 (chapters 14-18), those scenes are both so incredibly sweet!

    I agree that this is such a sweet book to brighten a day. :) So happy you're enjoying it and the read-along!


    1. Thank you, Amber! I can't believe that I missed so much of these sweet scenes and quotes the first time around!

      I love how Heidi shares her faith and experiences with others! <3

      Exactly! She is so mature as well as being hopeful, definitely a character who I can look up to.

      Usually characters in books are looking for adventures in other places that they look past their own home and I love that Heidi sees the beauty of her home!

      Absolutely. <3

      Thanks again for hosting! I enjoyed being part of it. :) Sorry that I'm late getting around to commenting!

  2. I too liked what you said about Heidi not being able to thrive if she had no hope of going home. Good observation! I too love the influence of grandmama on Heidi. She was a very wise woman for sure! Great post MC and so hard to believe that we are coming up on the end of this sweet story! I've loved re-visiting it!

    1. Thank you! I know that I wouldn't have lasted a day if I thought I couldn't go home! The grandmamma is such a wonderful character, I love her additions to the story. I can't believe that we are finished!


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