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Sunday, December 31, 2017

A Memorial for Actors and Authors~2017

2017 was a great year in some ways, but a lot of great people died. This post is as memorial for some of my favorite actors and authors that are close to my heart.

Mary Tyler Moore: Actress
December 29th, 1936 - January 25th, 2017
Though she is most famous for her television show, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, the only movie I have seen her in is Thoroughly Modern Millie. She plays the sweet, gullible Miss Dorothy. She had me laughing. She really was a great actress, I look forward to watching more of her movies.

Robert Osborne: TCM Television Host
May 3rd, 1932 - March 6th, 2017
I know that all the others on here are actors and authors, but I do want to write a word or two about Robert Osborne. For as long as I can remember I have been watching Turner Classic Movies. And for as long as I can remember, Robert Osborne's voice has introduced each movie. I will miss hearing his voice, and hearing his thoughts.

Peter Sallis: Voice Actor
February 1st, 1921 - June 2nd, 2017
We all have cartoons that we love. Ones that we have watched since we were tiny and still enjoy watching today. Mine are the Wallace and Gromet cartoons. The amazing claymation tells the story of Wallace, and his dog Gromet. Peter Sallis played the unmistakable voice of the cheese loving Wallace.

Michael Bond: Author
January 23rd, 1926 - June 27th, 2017
Michael Bond is the creator of one of the most lovable bears: Paddington. Though I have never read the books, I love the character, and I cannot wait to read the books. The movie is excellent, and there is a number two coming out in 2018. Thank you, Michael Bond.

June Foray: Voice Actress
September 18th, 1917 - July 26th, 2017. (She was almost 100!)
Talk about a voice! The movies I heard her in are: Cinderella as Lucifer the Cat, Peter Pan as Squaw, The Snow Queen as Court Raven/Old robber/Old Fairy, Thumbelina as Queen Tabitha, Mulan as Grandmother Fa, and Dr. Seuss's How the Grinch Stole Christmas as Cindy Lou Who. She was also the known voices of: Witch Hazel, Granny in Tweety Bird Cartoons, and Rocky J. Squirrel. We will miss her.

Glen Campbell: Actor and Singer
April 22nd, 1936 - August 8th, 2017
I know your thinking, "Wait, he was a singer. Why is he on a movie blog?" Well, to tell the truth, I don't know his songs, but I do know that he played Le Boeuf in the 1969 version of True Grit. I really do like that character and I think he did an excellent job.

Jerry Lewis: Actor and Comedian
March 16th, 1926 - August 20th, 2017
I have actually only seen him in one movie: 3 Ring Circus. Everyone always loves Dean Martin, which is good, but Jerry Lewis deserves some love too. It's hard always playing the one who gets laughed at, but he was marvelous at it. I cannot wait to see more of his movies.

There you have it. Do you miss these actors as much as I do?

I hope you all had a fabulous 2017, and are ready for an even greater 2018!!!!



  1. We lost a lot of classic actors/actresses within the last couple of years. May all their souls rest in peace.


    1. We did. But they are in a better place now.

      Thank you, Catherine.


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